How to Manage Your Time Better

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Pallabi Sree Puja Sarker says:

you say like its easy, but it the hardest thing everrrr!

Grizzie MG says:

My time waster #1 is commuting [between 3 cities]!!!! Time I spent on a
car/bus/etc: 14hrs a week!!!!! If I take 2 hours away it means paying more
on fare tickets… What could I do… I wish I could change

Smart_Pancakes says:


celine7home says:

Love ur drawings n love ur always straight to the point. You even have free
worksheets for us. How thoughtful! The ideas that u shared r also good. Im
gonna start following it from today:-)

Assia Luna says:


Michal Kravec says:

but what if i cannot have strict to-do list? because i dont know how long
tasks will least. i have to finish them. 

Said Baher Dadger says:

Very well done

Dumb Fuq says:

1;55 clock with dick

WhiteKube says:

Managing Human Resources and Time: what hurts the most?

Managing your time is as important as managing your work or your company.
How to Manage Your Time Better

Sadia Yusuf says:

Thank you very much for this video it has changed my life

funnyguy12361 says:

I’m supposed to be doing my homework…

Ellie Cottingham says:



thank you for the information…..

Greg Poole says:

I love this channel you work with me so well on videos.


me tooo

mat treur says:

Thanks seems like great tips hope they work!

Zen B says:

I love your videos and worksheets. They get right to the point and do so
in an easy to digest manner. I’m using these as personal refreshers as
well as with my clients. Thank you!

Flexprofinance says:

Time mangement; time to get into control”;How to Manage Your Time Better

Jay Maritim says:

ive saved alot of time thx well watch cast!-

suckkerr07 says:

she sounds so freaking annoying 

Halle Miller says:

i relly like the pictures Willam Douglas and Vannick make!!!!

Azusa Granger says:

thanks, I’ll try it

Jeff Johnson says:

Good time management is what help make successful days!!

Munir Elmahdy says:

what a nice episode…. but is there any schedule format

Mehnaz Shreya says:

thank you so much!! this is helpful.

Shannon Walsh says:

Omg this helped so much I was wasting 6 and 20 mins or more on social
networks playin computer games and I pad games and watching youtube vds

Andrea ccs Smith says:

The website is not working. 🙁
Do a video on managing deadlines?

Micheal Evans says:

That was informative, but I know it will be harder than it sounded.
Thank you
Mike Evans

Jillian Kenitzki says:

I can never productively manage my time because I go to school and I will
never have the time to stop doing my work! That will just waist more time

Kapil Hasija says:

very good ….

Raphael Cheng says:

Nothing changed LOL

Sahar Almowallad says:

This is your life

summer40001 says:

Short summary (if you don’t want to waste time watching this :P)
RAC method:
Record – daily mundane activities and time wasted for each
Analyse – At the end of the say which times weren’t used productively –
pick biggest 5 time wasters
Change – become a better time manager by prioritizing (with using to do
lists of 5 items). Declutter to save time.
and schedule your activities during points in the day. 

Chloe Guymer says:

I know it’s bad but I waist 5 hours a day at least

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