How to Manage Time, Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness

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The Penguin Prof’s College Success Series: Time Management. How to reduce stress and make time for the things you WANT and NEED to do. Like watch penguins! O…




Julianne Boyle says:

Thank you!

Najwa Alsayed says:

Thank you so much. That’s really really precious.

NinoNumber1 says:

I wanted to make a time journal anyway, gal to know they exist. just need
to figure out a format now

Paññābhoga Herngseng says:

Being successful doesn’t make you manage your time well,
Managing your time well will make you successful.

Titizaza says:

Thanks for this video. You pointed every single problem I have… But every
time I tell me to do this or that, I have like an hour for the first thing
and an hour for the second too, and it always take me much more time to do
it, I can’t.. I worke very slowly and everything comes at the same time…
🙁 I’ll try to be more effective thé next time. 🙂 it just the fact that I
listened this I’m sur I’ll be able to retake control over my school work
Thank you :)

Stacey Williamson says:

Agreed this video has given me some great tips for managing my time and I
will get on that straight away 🙂 

Nhan Nguyen says:

Randy Pausch 

Cristhian Ortiz says:

I’m really fan of you. You are doing a perfectly work.I study Psychology so
every single word that you’ve said it’s truly interesting.

Hawkar Ata says:

if you came from auis thumbs up

K. Safi ullahkhan says:

Thanks a lot for this video! Very useful one…. Helped me alot!

Deepak Singh says:

Thanks for the presentation!

Karla Ibara says:

very good video really helped me out

Brad Walker says:

Very helpful!

VeraciousAmI says:

Thanks for this! I did watch Randy’s lecture before finding this video, but
since I took handwritten notes I couldn’t read some of the things (doctor
handwriting type of premed student, here) and I might lose them in the
future. Evernote is fixing that for me, haha. This is a great summary of
his lecture! It helps for me, personally, to see words rather than hear
them. Great video! Also glad that you gave credit because some people

Mohamed Banow says:

Very helpful…thank you

xoo7oox says:

Thanks, just what I need, 

tabitha herring says:

Really great video

N.R Dewi Nurmayani says:

The Penguin Prof’s College Success Series: Time Management. How to reduce
stress and make time for the things you WANT and NEED to do. Like watch
penguins! Or whatever.

LovelyxElizabeth says:

Thank you for this video! I am awful at time management and am failing
college as a result. I really hope to use these tips to pass my next

roshan krishna says:

i found this video very useful,thank u very much…..

amal emran says:

tanks u how can i know when im effective

Sheila Kaur says:

yikes – I think I may be doing some of the stuff wrong. Thanks for this
wake up call ! Great post Prof! Hugs from Singapore…. ok back to my To Do
List and Timesheets

Phatie Phat says:

great video!!

himynameiseugene1234 says:

@skittleslove13 google calender works really good for this purpose try it

bluebird1851y1 says:

I wish my professors were like you:(;)

afiyaghauk18 says:

very helpful, clear with good tips 🙂

Criminal Law says:

One of my weakness in school is “Organization” I can’t seem to focus. It be
organized would only last for a couple of days of the first week of school,
but after that, I get so lost. My goals in life is to become a straight A
student in everything I do, not just in school but in my profession as
well. I would like to become a Lawyer, so with that said, time management
plays a big part in becoming one. On the other hand, YOUR video had helped
me break some of these blocks down, SO THANK YOU!

faisal2k2039 says:


Haven Van Brunt says:

WooWoo. I just learned so much in exactly 9 minutes and 55 seconds.

kolamashine says:

this really helped me. i’m writing my time log and journal right now.
thanks so much!

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