How To Make A Vision Board.

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An Online process to manifest your goals, dreams and desires. Check out the latest hype that gives you the “WOW” experience online. Vision Boards are proven …


Kronix500 says:


yayamankapinoy says:

you are only as good as you think yourself to be… THINK BIG! DREAM BIG!
and pay it forward, share the opportunity and riches: yayamankapinoy . com

Robert Edwards says:

God help anyone who can believe this garbage

conundrum11 says:

Or you can take a 50 cent poster board, magazines, glue stick, and scissors
and go to town for free. I hate crooks like these making a fortune out of
the ignorant!!

URABombShell says:

@londonlyrictv I will check that out….

nasri says:

Huh all i need to do is put my desired pictures in one folder, turn on
music i want, set the pics to play as slideshow and i manifest without
paying a dime. It’s not wrong to sell a product, but at least give us
something we wouldnt be able to do on our own if you expect us to pay. =S

melisified says:

some of them works, some of them don’t.

londonlyrictv says:

This is the same as mind movies 2.0. The problem with this way is your just
looking at those things that you want. The same as cutting things out of
magazines and putting them on a board is not the way. Your not in the
pictures with what it is that you want. My way is so much better. Just
check it out on my page. I want to help everyone create the life they were
born to live.

Ecosse57 says:

for ppl too stupid or lazy to cut pictures outta magazine. geez…

DJAnthonyData says:


MsHolmar says:

I agree with you samadhiatman. I think you might want to find a bigger
money maker!

darebdiff says:

Awesome website!

Sanne Lelie says:

I’ve got a life plan, but I just need a reminder, haha. Hm I think you”re
more close with your vision board when you’re doing it with just some
magazines and a board. It makes you more focused than with this thing…


@Samadhiatman500 yeap

mgralston says:

Sorry. NOT an owner.

Samadhiatman500 says:

All I did was get a piece of cardboard, cut out pictures from magazines…
used glue to put it on the board, and whalla it all manifested. Although
this is a great manifesting idea. I like the old-fashioned method… don’t
need this extra stuff.

Sara Ortiz says:

I made my own and it worked!!!!!!

daisykelly1986 says:

I went on the site and although it looks good ur limited 2 they’re pictures
so say u want a new house ur just gna get the ideas that they have 2 choose
from. It’s also a great tip for vision board makers 2 get a picture that
looks like ur there (inside the home) as it helps u feel like ur there. 🙂

andrew17112 says:

This video is rather outdated because in Sept. 09, they made the site
completly free, so it’s worth a few min of my time I guess

Thundercats365 says:

You are one of the owners you fraud.

Jaharra19 says:

Very Cheesy indeed and just another way to get YOUR hard earned bucks!

mgralston says:

Thanks for this site. It really has changed my life! Everyone should do
one…even the free vision boards are great. THANK!

xxmike805xx says:

It’s called cutting and pasting. I did it in kidergarten.

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