How to Make a Vision Board

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Sean K. Michael says:

Thanks Suzannah for the stellar explanation of vision boards. I will start
mine this afternoon! 🙂 But mine is geared for who I want to become (a
great communicator)

Have a great day!

scifipink says:

How long did it take to manifest the things on your vision board?

sarkylarky says:

My God, Suzannah, what a beautiful woman you are. Very nice to look at.

Hannah Tavares says:

There’s a lot of pictures of girls with other girls…..that’s chill.


One more reason for wanting less; is that you can have more, more, and
more; but you will never feel full from what is gained outwardly. You will
always be needing more; and never experience true lasting happiness that no
matter how much “More” you get. The feeling of true happiness isn’t
something on the outside of us; it is born inwardly and live on within us
forever by having a free and clear mind that has room to deliver to us what
we are actually wanting in life and that is the one thing we all have in
common. Everything we want, need, desire, is all a part of one big dream of
being happy. Stuff, isn’t the answer to what is missing; you are the answer
to what is missing…happiness give it to yourself by letting go of all
your perceived wants, needs, desires, and just resign to just be happy not
having the stuff, but having true happiness from within you. Find relief
from the pain of not being happy; by being happy.

James Powell says:

I wish to become wealthier and also thankful, is there a more efficient way
to imagine?

Iskren Ivanov says:

If I make the vision board in Photoshop and put it on my desktop, will it
do the same effect?


So, build you a vision board; and on it put what you really want,
happiness, love, acceptance, peace of mind, and most of all Freedom to
experience more than anything that would ever fit on a vision board. I
know, I have had all the stuff, cars, homes, money. It was all just filler
for what was actually missing in my life all the things that aren’t even on
your board the things above. I want less now and I am experiencing the
amazing feelings I talked about above. 

Gregory Hemphill says:

I believe this will change my life!!!


Not to burst anyone’s bubble; but I have had money, cars, homes all the
good “stuff”. But, along with all the money, and stuff comes other things
not nearly as great as the stuff. Worry, stress, payments, insurance, you
have to worry if someone is going to steal what you have, if someone is
going to come and pick it up for non payment and so many other
complications that come along with having everything you want. You have to
really watch what you ask for; because you might get it. I personally have
a goal to have less; and as fast as I made my mind up to not feel that my
life is lacking; I begin to feel amazing and open to more agreeable terms
with life and mind. Things, stuff, goodies, we think we own them; but the
truth is they own us. They own our thoughts, our dreams, our desires, and
our lives. We never really own any of them; they have in all reality always
owned us in that we have spent our whole lives not being happy, because we
don’t or can’t own what takes up so much space in our over stressed and
worried minds. My mind is more clear and open to my real desire to be
happy; now that the desire for more stuff is gone. It’s a feeling of such
freedom; and power to not want or need anymore.

MCJ Book Publishing says:

What do think about digital vision boards?

Dawn & Dani says:

We’ve just made our own Vision Board too + we are new youtube. If you get a
chance maybe pop over to our channel?
Dawn & Dani xx


You get nothing free; give up on that thought. Nothing comes to you free;
that is the bubble that I didn’t want to burst. Everything, has a price
even if it isn’t money. The price might be your mental health, your
physical health, your excitement of life and love can be taken in less than
a single moment of time. But, if you have no lacks of anything; you
experience a freedom and peace of mind you have never experienced.

ilovemirandaMUCH sigga says:

thanks 🙂

Suzannah Scully says:

You are absolutely right. I now have my vision board on my iPad and look at
it every night. Love that things are coming into your life! Thanks for

krista-belle Taylor says:

Thank you, Iam inspired 😀

Suzannah Scully says:

I’m so glad to hear! I’m excited to get started on mine for the new year.

Diana's World says:

This pointed me in the right direction. Thank you!!!

Edilson gomes says:

suzannah you are so beautiful!!!!

Marshall Books says:

Great explanation of the importance of positive visions. We recommend
vision boards as part of a life mapping process we guide people through in
journal format – MY LIFE MAP: A Journal to Help You Shape Your Future.

Suzannah Scully says:

That is so great! Thank you, Jodi! What is your website so everyone here
can check it out as well?

muraturla says:

Hi Suzannah, you say i redo my vision boards every few months. The things
you have acquired so far should make a long list. I would like to know them
if you dont mind. (At least some of them.) * And i have a question about
LOA; since we can achieve the things thru vision boards by imagining, then
why is it needed to change subconsicious mind, do affirmations etc. ? If
you can let me know, i will be glad. Thanks.. Murat Ozturk.

xxxholicsp says:

Thank you for sharing, you guys are very kind – Das

Peacheach says:

I think that vision boards can really work. I am keeping a document on my
computer with pictures of what I want in my life for some years now. I look
at it almost every day and I adapt it regularly. I notice that every few
weeks I can cross out some pictures, because they are already in my life. I
guess my technique resembles the one of actually making a real life vision
board. The thing that matters most is that you regularly look at it to soak
up every thing you want.

יפה שמחה says:

you are so inspiring like jack canfield(ONE OF MY FAVORITS FROM THE MOVIE
THE SECRET) I really want to have personal coaching with jack canfield, is
it’s right to put on my vision board this affirmation to attract it? (My
intention is to have personal coaching with jack canfield before the end of
this year) how to be good at visualizing? I really thing visualizing is the
one of the fastest ways to attract things we want. thanks in advance.

LoveJonesy says:

I loved this, thank you! I rang in the New Year watching your video and
starting my vision board.

Anastasia Kosheleva says:

Thanx for making it clear on what actually goes in the visionboard. I’ve
wondered for a while now if responsibilities should be put on the vision
board, if they matter to you alot. What do you think?

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