How to Have the Love Of Your Life – GUARANTEED RESULTS! The “Law Of Attraction”

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How to Have The Love of Your Life Using The “Law Of Attraction” GUARANTEED RESULTS! Your life should change the way you envision it… (Average time within 3…


Little Britian says:

Hi Ace – This video worked for me last year attracting my love. I would
like to know could this video be used for other areas of life:
Work,Money,Success etc? and just skip the love section?? or if you have
other videos?? this is best video EVER thanks

alyaa Queen says:

i like that so much
thank u

jin7210 says:

help- i’ve started watching this video in 2012 and i stopped later on. my
life changed and today when i think about the good moments i had, i realize
that 2012 was the best year i had.
there is supermarket in my local village, and there was a very beautiful
girl working there. sometime i just went there falsely just to look at
her.i keep thinking of her day and night. but now.. i don’t see her
anymore..;( snif.. what should i do??

honeybfly1980 says:

thanks!!! I will do this twice a day until I have my dream life :)

ex trememind says:

This video is working

Chonphunut Loetsakunwong says:

I will do it!!

MindMovieSiteReview says:

The law of attraction is very powerful and is always working in everyones

vanessa dewed says:

actualy my goal is to attract my ex .i read about the law of attraction and
now i have a big think about it , my question now that i read a diffrents
idea about it and i start to be confused how can i practice it right !! cz
thet say that i should do a daily execrcie like this video in the same time
i read anather article where it wrote that i shouldn’t thing so much about
my goal and let it go cz like that the subsonciause will be tired…and wll more harder to manifest my goal soon .. well. frenkly i thk about
my ex all the day i’am not upset cz i know i wll let him come back but i
need to tell me what i should do exactly plz M .ace plz help!!

Frank Frost says:

Hi, looks interesting. I will try and see what happens. Thank you for the

ashleysworld2000 says:

I like the music.

E.F.O.B Productions says:

Wow I have been watching this video at the most difficult times of my life
and I tell you powerful things have happened to me. Money manifested
instantly, New found friendships and ideas.. This video is powerful and
life changing. I now know how powerful thought truly is. Bless you for
sharing this.

Dena N says:

So, I know that a big part of the LoA is letting go after you state your
intentions. However, I feel sort of stuck, trying to figure out the balance
between actually putting enough energy and thought so I can attract what I
want without being obsessed with trying to manifest those things. So far
it’s been week for me…no results yet… I’m actually feeling a bit
frustrated… Not sure what I’m doing wrong…

chile please says:

hope you like

Jason Horn says:

LOA will be hard to work on a specific person (because of free will) and it
is a good thing because imagine if somebody that you really were not
interested in manifested you into there life. Now if you see it working be
careful that they are in the state you desire them to be in. Having said
that… instead think about the attributes ( looks, personality, ambitions)
and you will manifest the right person in your life that possess all that
you desire . You can and will do it!

Peter Pan says:

I just came across this and I am on day 3. I have printed my wish list and
I am using a special song on my iPod that reminds me of the girl to
daydream about her. I will let you know what happens as soon as ANYTHING

Sandy-Elisha Li says:

BlueRayne7, what else do you do? 🙂

aceanderson says:

@epinket Glad to hear your success ‘epinket’. The Law of Attraction should
be practiced habitually by everyone, all of the time. Whether it is
watching this video several times a day or that book or this article or
that TV show. It must be practiced with delight and pleasure, but never a
chore. Have fun with it especially since it is related to your success from
whatever the fruits that you yielded from your comment. ENJOY! 🙂 Ace

aceanderson says:

I apologize, could you rephrase your question? : )

aceanderson says:

Your very welcome jin7210! You always want to put out positive energy and
never negative energy. Putting out negative energy will more than likely
bring back negative circumstances. Giving to people, even a little (whether
it’s a little bit of your time, or money) displays empathy, which is a very
powerful emotion. This form of emotion, which I’ve been studying for a long
time, has always worked for me on a personal basis. Good luck to you
jin7210… Let us know how it goes! Ace Anderson

acm11111 says:

Hi Ace. What is your website? Could find any of the ones on your video.
Wanted to get your books

Serene Chong says:

We are connected to the universe that we create our own reality. In my
reality “my ex cames back every time” “money comes to me so easily,
effortlessly, increasingly, because I love the energy of money” They did
come like crazy.

BleuRayne7 says:

Thank you so much Ace. I am really focusing especially in the am a& at
bedtime. I am still working on letting the Universe work on the “hows”. I
catch myself more often when my thoughts begin to express worst case
scenarios and quickly get back to the end result I am wanting. That is my
“tennis match” w/ myself that I am beginning to control more & more each
day. I have found that writing out my desires in detail and w/ gratitude
helps alot w/ my visualization. I am resonating more & more peace.

Elans Ced says:

What is that Asian music in the background , it is really great I would
like to know it’s name. Thanks

from7a7girl says:

I think I’m going to watch this video for a month or two and if (love)
appears in my life, I’ll give you the answer, good luck for everyone, I
wish you health succeed, love and whatever you want in your life. <3

Doobie31111 says:

Please help. I have been trying to manifest my ex back for about 7 months,
I have gotten a phone call which wasn’t great and a visit. For most of the
time I was able to see him pass by 90% of the time when i left my house no
matter where i was very easily, Now all of a sudden for the past month i
can’t run into for anything. Can you tell me what has happend to make this
occur. I did let him go one day crying and saying I was letting him go
something i hadn’t done before. What does this mean ple

aceanderson says:

Make it simple enough (not necessarily small) to reflect with, but long
enough to actually spend some time with. The more time you spend with your
wishes, the better chance for manifesting your dreams. Ace Anderson

jin7210 says:

thank you so much for replying.i’ve been practicing LOA last year and it
was the best year i had even if i didn’t get everything i wanted.i started
to watch the video again some weeks ago and it had good effect on my first
watch. but i have another question,at 8:25 it says something about
energy,can i change it to something like-‘even if i put out negative
energy,it will come back as positive’??? and about helping the needy,does
that mean giving money to charity or beggar??

FDL1992 says:

Is it also possible to put this on you Ipod and listen to it everyday if
you go to school or going to sleep?

anita lamar says:

Can you attract a famous person ???

aceanderson says:

@mensinge72 You are very welcome. We are here to help. Let us know how you
do : ) Ace Anderson

sashadesansky says:

im actually astonished at the changes that i see

Lucid Dream says:

”he has everything” you mean by things and stuff? 🙂 or his personal

acm11111 says:

Ok this is really wild. I watched this video and really wanted to focus not
just getting my ex back but creating a better relationship with him.

epinket says:

I have watched this for 2 months straight and I have seen amazing
results!!! I mean like woah man! but do I have to do this forever? or can I
stop now?

aceanderson says:

Yes. As surely as if you’ve never had that person before. —- Ace Anderson

jin7210 says:

ive been practicing loa since the begining of said to’7a7girl’
that if she is thinking of that boy and that she sees him,it means that loa
is problem is that i already hav my girlfriend whom i love a lot
and she loves me too,but there is another girl which i hav feelings for
although i never talked to her.while i stil hav my girlfriend,i think of
that other girl as my girlfriend and when i think of her,i see her.what
does that mean?i can explain in details if you want

aceanderson says:

I can’t tell you how happy I am for you! 🙂 !

aceanderson says:

Yes. But, make them tears of joy, where not only ‘should you’ believe the
person that you love will come back, but I see that you mention this on the
last portion of your post. Good job! I am not against fighting your
feelings though. Once it happens (the hurt) shed the tears and be done with
it! Then move on. Bottom line is, make the best of everything, even during
moments of disparity, for you must know that within this disparity, the
tide will soon change to your favor . – Ace Anderson

ex trememind says:

the most pwerful thing everits so powerful i cant even…its awsome thanx ♥

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