How to have more CONFIDENCE

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Brendon Burchard says:

How to have more confidence.
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Dexter Haven says:

I wow I just realized that I don’t need Raquel Welch’s hand in my pants to
be happy and confident, for the first time!

Hugo Phang says:

Love it…thanks for sharing. You are great.

Nathaniel12345678910 says:

I disagree with this video! it came up as a commercial on youtube and i
decided to watch the whole thing but at the end of it is really fucked up!
I have no supporters in my life and everyone out there is fake My
communication skills are very weak 

Bradley Lenart says:


Mobaba Moba says:

Well, I had have chosen to be confident now.
But it didn’t work.

MacKeeper Review says:

get outta here ya little bastard. Fukin lol.09:59

Season Of April says:

I saw this as an ad. I am a reasonably insecure person and will not do
things without someone I trust beside me. As I saw this ad i was like, I
cannot skip this. This is for me. I watched the whole clip and have to say
THANK YOU, Thank you YouTube for having ads (even though i skip them all
the time) but by seeing this i will CHOOSE to be confident! I have realised
that there is no perfect moment, no perfect person and no perfect plan that
will make me confident. To become a confident person, I am the perfect
person to take the first step to becoming more confident.

mcpartridgeboy says:

shit this guy isnt ust a moron, he is an arrogant moron, you cant just wish
away mental illness any more than you can wish away physical illness, he is
a fucking idiot.

Gavin Owens says:

Brendon Burchard great video on confidence im glad Ive found your videos
your such a great help with all your positive self help you help people
become happy again and i just want to thank you also i subscribed

Brendon Burchard says:

How to feel confident is not a mystery – it’s a decision. Watch:

Faleebo Channel says:

Thank you so much for sharing this keep going Brendon

wilfredo lopez says:

I really love the way you explained it and it makes it easier to understand

Mad Muffin says:

why are these videos in black and white?

Mark Jones says:

How to have more CONFIDENCE

How to have more CONFIDENCE

Matt Watkinson says:

You just saved my life. Thank you

Omar Robles says:

This was great, honestly thanks for posting!

yemariam Mariamawit says:

I felt like he is talking to me intentionally……….he mentioned all my
weak sides…I have to watch this very often coz the feeling I have right
now is one I had never felt before…power

Anna Z says:

The man speaketh truth – MOMENTUM IS KEY 😀 I was super shy and anxious…
and had no friends. I started by smiling at people… SOME smiled back…
then MORE smiled back… this turned into hellos… then short
conversations… I focused on finding and expressing appreciation for each
person I meet. Soon appreciation was coming my way too and I was developing
beautiful loving friendships! My relationships at home improved by
extension. Soon I felt more free in my movements, more playful, more easy
in being who I am, noticing that I could at least give people food for
thought because I’m different… more open. Now I just feel comfortable and
easy with people, like they’re all my brothers and sisters… barriers are
vanishing. Set intentions, give it a go – especially with people you’re
unlikely to run into again – what’s there to lose? Try it at home, just
being more free and if it doesn’t work out – good riddance… You’ll
discover a lot more about who you are and what you want when you just take
an opportunity once in a while! The important thing is to be the person who
allows others to be comfortably themselves…because like attracts like and
you take yourself everywhere you go! YOU are not shy, you only FEEL shy…
and feelings can change! 😀 If it worked for a cave-dweller like me it’ll
totally work for you – persevere! Take a day off once in a while, but come
back to it and just keep that momentum rolling! 😉 

Gabriel Sylar says:

wow that really helped me, I feel now as I can shut down all my fears and
depressive thoughts by simply saying goodbye to that negative stuff. Hope I
can make this a lasting expierence, thanks.

Giverny DeOl says:

You’re incredible. “You create it” – best advice!!!

nfamoudou says:

god the waffling….repeating the the same point a 100 times doesn’t make
it more powerful, it becomes boring and irritating and loses the attention
of the audience.

Think Confidence says:

This is definitely worth having a look at if you’re looking to build
#selfconfidence How to have more CONFIDENCE Thanks +Brendon Burchard 

John Hepi says:

Hi Brendon,
Humility is confidence, not timidity – it allows an individual to not only
see who they really are, but to know their own true value. Once you realise
your true worth, it will give you confidence. It does not take lavish
things or a well-paid job to boost your confidence. These are great things
to have; but, your confidence comes from knowing your value as a person

jackman017m says:

have more self confidence is not an accion that happens from the night to
the morning, its a long process, its not only because you want it, you get
it inmediately

Renee Cline says:

I couldn’t go 1 day without listening Brendon, man, his wife is so damn
lucky! He’s so amazing 

John Colston says:

Great Video!

CountryBoyGay says:

i fucking suck. i fucking suck. is that what you mean?

Cesar Haro says:

Would love a written portion of this video so i can read along everything
he sais

rjwaters3 says:

WHY do i keep getting this guys videos? the message is awesome but useless
to me and they keep popping up on my music videos

Empowernet International says:

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Levine Loo says:

i think competency is the most important thing to create confidence. i
always lack of confidence. now, i finally discovered that i lack of
competency. thanks a lot, Brendon. you’re amazing.

Rob traford says:

i have never believed in the power of a motivational type speaker. but i
must say these videos made a huge impact on my life and was the cause of
spark of positivity that i needed to be the change. for that i am thankful!

semko1821 says:

I just watched two videos you’ve made and already learning a lot from them.
Thanks keep up the great work and looking forward to watching more videos.

Fred Plata says:

Awesome. I
Lift my head
And heart. 

Madison Moore says:

I am CRUSHIN’ ON my days! Creating my own supports. I feel extremely
blessed to have access to your inspirational words, quotes, knowledge, and
all your visual videos on YouTube. Thank you Brendon for being 1 of the
aides in my learning and growth. I am transforming my struggles into a
necessary part of my journey, not to be feared any longer 😀 

Kim Ong says:

Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge and experience too. Appreciate
it. I am sharing this with my friends too.

Loan Bui says:

Thank you so much for sharing! 

Audrinna Trujillo says:

Thank you!

Benita Charles says:

This is one of the best advice on how to have confidence.

Chrystle Joyce says:

The loud background music in this video is very off putting. 

Julie Nelson says:

The Power Of Confidence.

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