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Author Michael Singer says spiritual growth can begin by silencing the negative thoughts in our minds. Watch as Michael shares a spiritual solution to use to regain inner peace when thoughts…


astrid says:

Even before my interest for spirituallity
i have experienced these spiritual moments not knowing THE name. It is
strange because it is how he described it..making a choice and lean back..
I am glad to know That i am already there, i just can’t find THE switch
inside me to turn it on:-)

I know i Will find THE switch because That is just what i believe i need to
do for me.

Thank you for introducing me to myself.

La Rosa d.A. says:

this is EXACTLY what happened to me today. I was having a casual
conversation and suddenly a comment triggered a soft spot that disturbed me
and almost got me angry. But letting it pass through is the best thing to
do. :)

caciquepadilla says:

detachment. but what the others get wrong is they detach completely and
then you end up not living your life. you just learn to pick when you want
to detach, when its healthy and learn to attach where it is healthy and

Jagriti Giria says:

What if it was something that needed to be solved? should you still lean
back from it, or then decide to look into the matter? This may be a very
simple question, sorry! :)

Scot Campbell says:

I am reading the book. I have been reading and listening to many things
over the past year on this subject. This book talks of the same truth that
is spoken of in many religions and schools of thought and philosophies. I
have found it practical and useful.

Cindy Valencia says:

i love this man. although i haven’t finished the book yet its been a daily
reminder that the mind is so powerful and can consume us. but his book
provides insight to an inner freedom and self peace, that i’ve been
dreaming of for so long, like a child like life before it became

Lindell Lehrer says:

Wow…the Vortex re…explained.

eurus pulsare says:

Eckhart is much better then this guy,i can feel eckard is real this guy i
dont feel that.

shaneteperejac says:

I need to get this book. My life, mind and soul always falls for the
chatter, to a point, i feel like I’m falling into a dark hole and sometimes
cant get out, to a point where i feel other people dread me being around
them because i think im just giving my opinion on something but it always
comes across negative. I hate this habit and want it gone.

Constantinos Christou says:

Author Michael Singer says spiritual growth can begin by silencing the
negative thoughts in our minds. Watch as Michael shares a spiritual
solution to use to regain inner peace when thoughts become distracting

yaya Spears says:

I truly embrace this wisdom and endeavor to take it deeper into my way of
moving through the world but I also believe that on occasion there comes a
moment when you need to speak your truth to someone. It is not always a
healthy thing to stay silent.

jbauer72 says:

I so appreciate Oprah doing this Super Soul Sunday. I appreciate this
Michael seeking and sharing.

Tamil Selvam says:

True LOVE for someone that you have not met or spoken… To. Love them….
With power of positive impact…. 

warriorswalkalone says:

Just a few days ago I was asking myself HOW I can let go of these soft
spots and negative chatter and now I have the answer. Thank you for this.

Nigel Walton says:

This is GREAT

Egypt Guide Professional Tours says:

Excellent I began to do this about 2 weeks ago and i feel so happy and free
like sparrow 

Online Mindfulness Therapy via Skype says:

As a therapist, I find that the most effective way to overcome negative
thinking is to learn how to step back and see those thoughts without
becoming identified with those thoughts and also, without becoming reactive
to those thoughts. This is central concept that we develop during
Mindfulness Therapy.

Carolyn Boyce says:

Thank you Oprah. And thank you for your network, OWN. This teaching is more
difficult for me than some because of some events not under my control
taking place right now, as it would for people that go hungry every day,
but this is SO remarkable.

J Almond says:

Thanks for sharing this with me +keith claridge! Definitely relevant to
what I have been learning at the moment. :D

nextari says:

I didn’t see the whole show, but at that point of calm, the most powerful
thing to do is to excercize compassion. To ask “why is that other person
acting in this harmful way…what is it they really or truely want.” The
answer, of course is that people want to be loved. Sometimes love means
simple respect. There is a great expression “It’s all love, or looking for

Chelsea Rebelo says:

I felt like I was asleep my whole life before I came across this video and
then read the book. 

Bonszee Quotes says:
Jullyan Green says:
Heather LeBas says:

This is such a beautiful video.

Lakshmi Ganesan says:

Lean away from the chatter of the mind.

R Sas says:

wow good

Pamela Simmons says:
LRissa19 says:

I need to get this book. I know that feeling. Stillness.

Fallon V says:

0:37 heh. “make it hard”.

zaihiraray says:

This is fantastic wisdom and its resonance is going into my heart and my
mind. Yes I realise I have the right to do what I need to do. And if I can
still negative static, and get quiet and clear. And If I can keep it in
mind, life will be better daily

Jukka Ahonen says:

Till Cassie

unspokenword5 says:

I’m right now in the middle of reading “The Untethered Soul.” What an
amaaaaaazing read. 

Gill S says:

Thought of the day : never take yourself seriously

Abby M says:

I am very ill, lost all my friends, on day a saw on YouTube this channel
kevinoilpainting, he teaches wet on wet oils like Bob Ross, who I never
seen. I had no.hope I was inspired by this 18yr old artist just watching
him how he magically brings a blank.canvas to life. You van learn
to.paint,it will change Painting is the best therapy,.gives you
something to look forward to,you accomplished, motivates you. Check out
kevinoilpainting, amazing mountains, seascapes, and more. Go paint .

Vanessa Gobes says:

I love this. Thank you! 

Shanti Shaharazade says:

One of the most significant books I’ve ever read! Touched to the core of my

Shawn Defeudis says:

I read all the classics in high school and I received a free car…now I
just trying to figure out a way to serve so i can get the bucks I need to
travel and wine and dine..but you know…after buying almost everything I
wanted on ebay for about 2,000….I find I’m now i need a
relationship….I have gear lust. I see myself as a yuppy…doing a
lot..and moving a lot…but also beign still is nice. Jesus is Lord. God is
real. Love is real. Hell is real. Stay in the light. Be the light.

S Rice says:

Free your Mind !

Tina Shafer says:

old wisdom shared in a new and very compelling way

snooopysgirl says:

It’s amazing what happens to Oprah’s Guests after appearing on any of her
shows its like if they walk under a raining cloud of blessings.
“She’s just amazing ….!!!! <3

Lucretia Gordon says:
MoanaRayneSage M. says:

I love this very much. I come into contact with others that think more
negative than positive. So the people that don’t i am happy with. But and a
big one is what do i do got people they try to fool me, then i lose my
healthy way of being?
It has happened not as often. And some claim the have something called TBH
i don’t know what that is.
But understanding it hope to. I have been letting go of some people that
won’t be in a positive space not even alittle. I can not hangout with
someone that thinks everyone is out to get them. Then they turn on you who
is not harmful to them. So thank you in having this discussion. Beautiful
day to you:-)

Uzma Pretu says:
Max Waller says:
Amanda Oneal says:

A breakdown of the book youve mentioned…. sounds like a must read!!

Wayne Brittain says:

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