How to follow through / persist with your Goals? – Tony Robbins [part 2]

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Best video on goal setting I have ever seen. One of the best from the world renowned success coach, Anthony Robbins. Short and effective. Original title: “New Year, New Life” How to follow…


Dani Forstnerič says:

How to follow through / persist with your Goals? …:

Social Media Coordinators says:

Great video to get your mind reset on 2014 Goals,

Sabrina Quairoli says:

Amazing video about how to achieve your goals by +Tony Robbins s. It is one
of my favorites to motivate you to look at what stops you from achieving
what you want.

The Rain Wolf of Marketing says:

Is he talking about P90X?

Tony Norman says:

Hey more great motivational material form Tony Robbins. Check it out.

todd kindred says:
Dancing Spiderman says:

WOW. 160 likes, ZERO dislikes. The message is very good.

taimoorr says:

I love your work keep it up

bonzihunter says:

lol did he used to smoke?

abysmalvsmarcus says:

Sounds like he’s saying shitlist

rockero1590 says:

@Londonpixxie moved to another city or town changed all your life`s
experience, life is not like a videogame, you don`t have many lifes you
just got one

shaolinskunks88 says:

mine is gambling, once i started i couldnt stop thinking bout tactics. i
lost alot over couple of months, n i studied ways to improve how i played.
once night i stayed up allll night long on a free online roulette, n i
figured the pattern out, and from there i took it to real casino and made
£1500 ish in about 4 5 days. im not lieing , then next couple of days i
lost it lol. then went back to the drawing board why did i lose, n ironed
the wrinkles out n now i got it back lol

ThisnThatPackRat says:

Life is golf, golf is life. Your biggest enemy/ally what happens in the 5
inch space between your ears when quiet descends.

a206dreamer says:

@ElRuco25 you get what you believe you are.. 🙂

hellchaser11 says:

I really tried but I am a smoker

Dontreportabug says:

I had to do something about that, Follow your desire James

Shayne Garcia says:

i watch this video every morning, and my day becomes a dream come true

MrBeautifulba1 says:

“Just give me some Peyote and a Hang-glider.” – Albert D. Xavier

TheZ999 says:

while watching this, i already feel my life changed.

madad bhaidani says:


Londonpixxie says:

A friend told me that how can she be excited about anything when she is
turning 45,she is still struggling ,no relationship,no kids,no financial
security,debts,and xtra 30 pounds of weight she said even if she achieve
all her goals she is 45 and life means nothing after 45. Am now confused
and feel very bad as i am going towards 40s at the speed of light….can
any one makes me feel better about age.I have some goals for 2012 but now
feel down.Please help,is being in 40s that bad? ………..

saffanat says:

Yay! Everytime I listen to him speak, it blows my mind. 🙂

Gloria Daniel says:




dlobrown8888 says:

I feel high self esteem now. Thanks Tony.

Robby C says:

Make it a MUST !

TheEdwardHarding says:

Tony’s words are from the heart. You can listen, but do you really hear?
And take action?Just watched all of his “Breakthrough” series on the OWN
channel. He’s the real deal!

Fosiliano says:

nice one

JustTurnOnTheCamera says:

Wow. I teared up when he mentioned about how our bodies reflect our
rituals. It’s so true because I always feel fat and sub consciously always
manage to keep myself that way. I must make a change!

puffrooster says:

@raybrizs lol… thanks; you made my day 😉

Harry Matadeen says:

booo yyaaaa

imaginarydiva says:

What no way! Being 40 is young!!!!

Francesca Brown says:

You are the best!!!!

DanTheMan says:

AAAAAAAAAAHAAAHAHAHA!!!!!! It is 2:00 AM and you made me feel with so much
energy, I WILL DO IT!!!! I think that part of my ritual will be this video.
Thank you

king betalot says:

tony’s voice is deep because of genetics and he projects his voice (big
voice box and he speaks loud), thats how he fills people with pride/self
esteem/motivation. i’ve smoked for 8 years and trust me, it just makes you
croaky hahaha.

MarvelousworldTV says:

so inspirational love it!

liamconway92 says:

shallow hall!

4JayeP says:

WOW. amazing stuff.

imagine0000 says:

this is so valuable.

theAbeElement says:

I listen to this kind of thing all the time, but there’s smthg about this
vid that really hits home

puffrooster says:

I love all of you

ElRuco25 says:

You dont get you Goals you get yOUR Standards. So i guess in Life you dont
get what you want, you get what you are??? lol

prezadent1 says:

I love you

king betalot says:

yh man i think you’re right 🙂

connor martin says:

Thats why Maxwell Malts’s great book “Psycho Cybernetics” is sooo powerful.
REDEFINE YOURSELF. You can be who you want to be. Literally fake it til you
make it. It doesn’t take as long as you’d think.

MrPlotis says:

i know have a real goal thank-you tony 1000000 times thank-you

wexfordmma6 says:

i love how he opens this clip

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