How to follow through / persist with your Goals? – Tony Robbins [part 1]

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Best video on goal setting I have ever seen. One of the best from the world renowned success coach, Anthony Robbins. Short and effective. Original title: “Ne…


Lord Nylon says:

this shit is junk food for your brain

Jack Miller says:

Got to have a compelling goal to move forward. Making progress toward goal
is key to happiness. 

Sven Hartnet says:

7:38-7:39 …Soul to Soul

Mahi Tuna says:

Tony has made a living by being your human conscience. It is mostly the
obvious but someone actually telling you what you already think. He is the
half time coach giving his team motivation, his team is you.

lakshmi priya says:

thanks for sharing this Video, Gratitude!

i follow through using “dayGoals” app in my smartphone as it makes sure
set, manage and achieve goals on a daily basis

motivation4u says:

“Change vs. Progress…Outstanding! Thank You Tony

Carlos Miguel says:

Tony is a legend, he is also a nice guy his doing this or your benefit cant
you tell?

chelilandia says:

After listening to Tony’s programs it’s all Re-played on each video, no
new info…. I became to believe all “coaches” throw all that info. in a
disorganized way unpurpose so people end up filled with energy without
knowing what to do for REAL. And that’s how “Coaches” make money…. People
keeps paying them in the search of an answer that NEVER comes.( PLEASE
don’t reply me with a Jesus loves me or something like that! or that he is
coming soon)

berrygold1 says:

the one who disliked wasn’t able to persist with his/her goals…

WonderWomanFan4life says:

@Fosiliano i was wondering that too..but i signed up for something on his
website and he always had these little speaches like daily. So I think it
was to get more people interested, also maybe some go to the programs and
so for. BUt this one I got via email. Other people probably post them on YT
for FREE of course. the internet is popular for FREE info and etc right now.

Anmeldn says:

@area859 Check out Neuroassociative Conditioning/his Book Unlimited
Power/lessons in mastery here on youtube. . That`s where you learn to
control your mind from Tony. He just gives you here the very basic of
Successful planning: Now you want / Why you want ,review take action,
change your approach until you get it . Pretty good for a short video.

Raww hitt says:

great one

dead brain says:

he doesn’t pause! he is acting excitement all time he is overdoing it,

TheAmazian says:

I put this on my playlist and listen to it everyday for 2 months.

FindPeaceAndBeFree says:

Eben though the video says what you need rather then how to do it, I like
it. It is worth remembering!

Dancing Spiderman says:

Hey… It’s Tony Robbins! Letme pull up a cushion and I’ll watch his Good

quitejaded says:

@Fosiliano This is a great business strategy. IF you offer quality, free
content, people are more likely to trust you and follow you. Now, if the
free content is all you want, that is great. Some people want more. Some
people want the benefit of being with him live. So because they already
trust him, they are willing to pay for a high-level seminar with him.

GREGWmusicTV says:

Gift of gab. He’s great at what he does but for some reason this his voice
in this video makes me cringe. Very rough

taimoorr says:

Keep it up Tony!you r a greater motivational speaker !

c4blew says:

@Fosiliano Watch the video again, at 5:32 he already answered your
question! 😉

professionaltrading says:

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investment banks. Today I am a qualified, successful professional trader.
To celebrate the launch of my education investment foundation I am willing
to teach 100 people, for free (no upfront fee), how to successfully trade
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Shimu Sim says:

thanks for the upload. really helps me… ^ ^

NovaScotiaChick says:

I’ve been writing a book. It’s almost finished. It’s been almost finished
for several months. I knew I could not get to the end without some kind of
help, which is why I ended up here! I was very clearly pushing myself. I
now have the tools to help me be pulled towards the end. Must rework my
vision and most probably revisit the clip for more motivation! Thanks Tony
& JayZed.

Laydee L says:

@Fosiliano its like watching sports on TV and live….or better Watching
your favorite Artist on TV and watching it live !!!

MarvelousworldTV says:

i have watched this but i need to watch it again its amazing! tony robbins
is a great motivational speaker!

JayZed says:

why does tony robbins upload these videos for no money and on the other
side he offers seminars for 1000 $ ?? In my opinion, 1. he has enough money
and simply want to contribute, the seminars he needs to pay for the
rent/employees. OR 2. this is a great form of free advertising, as you can
see I saw the value in the video and decides to share it, in term it leads
new people to his programs/products.

MarblesAndConkers says:

Though I agree with you 100%. I guess I see 2013 my year for change. Of
course I could of started this anytime but I have fallen into the
resolution trap. I am armed with a diary, pen and a webcam to document my
progress. Lets see if that works. Have a good day!

MarblesAndConkers says:

Well done with the change. How are things working out for you… being that
you wrote the comment 8 months ago.

facciaditosta says:

In setting goals to increase financial income why is it I just dont care
that much about money and having alot of it enough to motivate myself to do
more? am i lazy or repressed? or both and what do i do about not being able
to have a compelling vision?

Matt Derrin says:

True. commit to a change right then, do something different that
instant….Everything you do that is not bad is good…small changes add up
if you keep collecting them….

Алиночка Дмитренко says:

is so super and useful!!!

NovaScotiaChick says:

I’ve not attended a Tony seminar, but another one. It was called Thought
Dynamics and presented by a Canadian, John Kehoe, also quite well known.
They all have merit, those programs! Reading a book or watching a video
only inspires or motivates, but RARELY changes anything in your life. You
have to keep on reading or watching and then must begin to do the stuff
that leads you to what you are after. Also, the energy that runs off these
guys is amazing! That alone can cause a kick-start.

ivanhg22 says:

Thank you very much JayZed!, lets keep paying attention and following
through to what this kindhearted master teaches us… regards.

silverscreenprod says:

Excellent video. thank you JayZed!

meztini says:

Maybe you just don’t believe it’s possible for you! Try making a vision
board with pictures/words of all the things you want to be able to afford
and put it somewhere you can see it every day, or make a fake bank
statement with the amount of money you want to see in your account/ fake
£10,000 cheques made out to you to help trick your brain into believing it.
Also anytime you catch yourself thinking/saying that making money is
difficult remind yourself “money comes easily and frequently”.

JayZed says:

This is also one of my favourite videos from him too. I used the firefox
plugin “DownloadHelper” to download flash videos. It works on most popular
video sites… and I’m surprised it works on Tony’s site too.

NEXTime14 says:

It was really helpful, thank you.

Matt Derrin says:

5:57…Bill Cosby

Patrick Carr says:

Great video. I know what he is talking about. I got diagnosed with Diabetes
2 on July 24th. As of now i have lost 38 lbs, 6 inches off the waist.
Energy up, love life back with a vengeance, i can even fit in my high
school jacket!!!

caliCPS says:


julian neil says:

Epic stuff indeed…

micahryanking says:

@Fosiliano He answers that question after 5:35. Did you watch the whole

Paulina Rossana Pedraza Santoro says:

Es bueno el ejemplo que pone del estadio. Ya que no es lo mismo ver el
juego desde la TV en tu casa, que ir al estadio y contagiarte con todo el
éxtasis que eso produce. Por eso muy buena la analogía con respecto a la
diferencia entre leer un libro a ir a un seminario.

Gina Valery says:


Abby Sta. Ines says:

thank you for sharing…to change lives

chelilandia says:

Getting things DOES MAKES ME HAPPY!! common!! no extremes!! Imagine THINGS
SERIOUSLY…. a lot of blah blah, but what is the core message?? the REAL
STEPS beyond : 1. visualize 2. take action etc… it all sounds so nice!!
but its not as easy as those little pretty words. };0(

nakorn86 says:

@JayZed thx jack this inspire me

RobertDixonTaylor says:

Dont know who came first what you mention is exactly what Shad Helmstetter
has beeen banging on about for past 20-30 years in ‘What to say when you
talk to yourself’ Because unless you can change your own internal coach’
then all of these great motivational guys are really no use- they are only
‘motivating’ whilst they are in front of you and then get sidelined!

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