How to Fix Your Procrastination Problem

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Close Stop procrastinating so you can make more money and keep your job secure. You will discover not only WHICH type of proc…


Mozzer says:

all very well but what if you identify with nearly ALL those types? I want
to turn my procrastination in to a creative piece of work (theatre) but
guess what – it’s a real thing! I’m lost… 

Shalvi Sharma says:

what you said was all good but it doesnt help at all…you never told how
to get motivated…so fuck off!!!

Ibelieve Intheone says:

I am a perfectionist, dreamer, avoider, and protector!

Shaul Chares says:

The speaker has very weird and disturbing gestures and hand moves; trying
to be rhetorically effective the speaker engages consistently in very
awkward hand moves.
In fact, her face gestures are also very strange. Creepy.

Regina Rae says:

Best video on this subject on YouTube. I’ve been watching them all- I
really like this one! Thank you!

Ruslan Ranjabar says:

I will watch this video tomorrow

陈沐沐 says:

Awkward gestures but do make some senses about procrastination types.

yasmine slim says:

i feel you are so stupied to lecture us … 

kevin mendes says:

m a pressure seeker….wo ho ho

TheProgressiveParent says:

all of the above teehee

Fusco Browne Immigration says:

How to Fix Your Procrastination Problem? For complete video, click on:
How to Fix Your Procrastination Problem

gheorghe cojocaru says:

and how this video is supose to help ?

JessUsTwo says:

I’m a perfectionist & like 3 other things … .__.

JT2012a says:

Love how she uses her hands throughout this speech.

John Johnn says:


Ben Whoever says:

omg i am an avoider too. we have something in common. wanna go out? let’s
have a date tomorrow. nah…let’s wait until next week. meh…. maybe when
i feel like it.

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Robby Bobby says:

I really want to watch this video…I’ll watch it later today.

Laura Lee says:

lol i wish you good luck

teewoods says:

Sharon is fantastic! No good talking about procastination if you dont know
what type of person you are, I am a dreamer – and I spent so much time over
analysing and putting off some of the greatest ideas and watched the world
pass me by!

alternanick says:

This video looks good. I’ll bookmark it and watch it later.

ThaddeusMac says:

Hope I put out Detox now!

blueBlackpurple says:

This video was actually very helpful to me because I had never thought
about different types of procrastinators and the different approaches that
can be used to deal with the different types of procrastination. Very

GeekinMyGuitar says:

I was going to make a funny comment about procrastinating, but I’ll just
save it for later.

Ben Whoever says:

damn i am the avoider.

Gled ShadowBroker says:

I’m definitely an avoider. next step is: how to stop being an avoider…
hmmm I’ll do it tomorrow maybe.

invisiblepker says:


UltimatePotato .Dude says:

It’s 3am. I haven’t finished homework and I have to wake up at 7am. Yes, I
know I’m stupid…

neoncats12345 says:

im supposped to be doing my english homework.

Nilo River says:

haha true, but sounds like she is talking to me.

Juan Rijo says:

perfectionist for sure…

Dave Yttri says:

She could do the weather. The weather men & women started all this hand
gestering thing that is soooo annoying. I hope the fad/trend ends soon. The
‘Amazing’ Shocking’ ‘Unbelievable’ stories from media are also fake. Normal
is ok some times.

slissone says:

I am ALL of these types!

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