How To Enter Alpha Level of Mind Immediately – The Silva Method

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How To Enter Alpha Level of Mind Immediately – The Silva Method


GhostRyder2008 says:

Very helpful. Thank you :)

Mary-Ann Lagerwey says:

Jdeadevil, being in Alpha is like when you stare at something, while your
mind is wondering off, you are no longer in the here and now. Most people
even get into that state when they are watching TV, that is why you have to
be mindful about what you watch on TV, because your subconscious is simply
taking it all in, without reservation.

tarun sodera says:

this is self management. must do it. 

Dion Perry says:

Hey there, thank you so much ! Now that I have heard what the alpha
reaching state in meditation or relaxation ! I have realised that I have
reached that stage and absolutely loved it ! 

Principe Carlos says:

can I use audio to enter the alpha level. If so can I do it for a prolonged
time lets say an hour.

ngp198 says:

Its amazing but what is sign that could indicate iam in alpha or theta or
delta level

Jeff McLowry says:

Wow! What a beautiful woman.

Aaron Ace Abraham says:

but will this get results. i am trying to turn phychic al the way. this is
my calling in life.

Vittoria10538 says:

This is very helpful. I think it’s just hard for people to trust that
they’re “in” it.

Destiny Davis says:

@nooralnoha1 I believe you could do all at once. But for me, its better for
me to concentrate on one thing at time. I’m starting to meditate 3 times a
day. So, I’m going to visualize my three major wants each time I meditate.
Like example: Morning meditation – visualize my dream home. Second noon
mediation- visualize my soul mate and I married. Third Night going to sleep
mediation – visual and affirm my dream lump sum of money that I’m
expecting. Do it all with Feeling Belief Faith & Expectancy.

Jdeadevil says:

Deep relaxation is a bit vague to me, I need more details on what Alpha
feels like, because there’s something I need to be in Alpha for. xD

androshi says:

and did any of your meditations help you manifest those things destiny? did
you get your dream house,your soul mate,and money? we need a follow up from
you please.

Destiny Davis says:

Life started to get in the way of my consistency. I think consistency is
key. Not as of yet but I am working on getting back to visualizing 3 times
a day again.

mattfreedom2002 says:

even though i know its real, comments like that make me think law of
attraction is a government conspiracy. someones definitely done a good job
at keeping the consumers hungry

Crystal Bro says:

You have no idea how true that rings with me

Robert Spiller says:

May I suggest that you learn EFT or better yet…Faster EFT to speed up the

Jade L says:

You may have experienced an OBE (Out-of-body experience). This is where
there is a sensation of floating outside one’s body. And yes that is
possible. I experience that sometimes when I reach the Alpha level.

Corrisa Malone says:

I’m just starting to get deeper into meditation and Laura’s explanation on
how to reach the Alpha state is very helpful. I never knew there were
different levels to begin with!

Eric Meacham says:

Funny thing about it is ~ you described me Brook , but my eyes are always
wide open while I’m in the deepest possible state of Meditations .

Frank Converse says:

Hans DeJong is much superior in his directions than this woman. She knows
it, but she isn’t very articulate.



androshi says:

i think what you need a nice chart where as you could follow and write
things down plus a nice countdown timer. because who couldn’t afford 3
minutes of time to project their desire? you could get one for 1 dollar at
the dollar store. if you visualize for 3 minutes -10 times a day or even 20
times a day -well that a whole hour of visualization -that must count for
something -do that for the whole month and thats 30 hours of visualization
-30 hours of that should make you queen of your destiny.

ikita williams says:

@ikita williams

ArseneLupin2009 says:

OBE is experienced in deep Theta, or even deeper, on the border between
Theta and Delta. Alpha is far too shallow state for OBE.

ikita williams says:


Aijuka Beria says:

Hey laula, ihave aquestion. once i was in adeep meditation, then i started
to exprience something unusal,but i’ts so hard to explain, But “is it that
some one can move out of his body during meditation”?

Rodrigo Schunck says:

Muito bom! Ajuda muito na projecao!

sadia naseem says:

it helps .thanx

Pianotendo says:

I’d like to get into the alpha state while listening to a hypnotherapy mp3
for improving eyesight. I would like to run the track on loop so that it
doesn’t end when I reach alpha.

mrPregabalin says:

Very well presented.

CherokeeTwilight says:

Study Aikido, you will find your center and your breath , you will also
find everyone else’s

Archangel Raphael says:

‘ask Laura’? okay I think I will dear Laura why/how does the Silva method
and ALPHA converge with A) the buddha B) jesus C) rAPHAeL the archangel
associated with healing D) your inner child and E) the ALPHA in physics
called 1/137? Laura do you know? p.s. I do.

Jose E Velazquez says:
Petia Ganeva says:

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