How to Do EFT Tapping Therapy – EFT Basic Recipe Tutorial

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How to Do EFT Tapping – For more helpful EFT info, check out: and This video describes how the …


Stefan Gonick EFT Practitioner says:

+GnosisMan50 There have been many peer reviewed research studies showing
the efficacy of EFT. You can read about them on a site called “EFTUniverse
dot com”.

EFT is wonderfully effective for things like sexual abuse, PTSD, other
traumas and everything that you listed. In fact, one of the biggest experts
on trauma (I’m blanking on his name at the moment) said that EFT was the
most effective treatment for trauma followed by EMDR followed by Somatic

Why don’t more people use EFT if it’s so great? This is due to the
conservative nature of the profession. There are many old liners who are
slow to embrace new techniques no matter how good that are claimed to be.
It takes a long time to move the foundations of mainstream psychology.

Having said that, EFT is being used more and more at trauma centers and
other clinics around the world. EFT has been around long enough now that it
is getting ever increasing recognition in mainstream psychology.

I understand your skepticism, and it is great that you are wanting to check
into it further rather than just accept the claims. I encourage you to
check out the research on the site that I mentioned and see for yourself.

Warm regards,

Chante Moody says:

I might be wrong, but this seems like some type of New Age meditation that
involves doing simple repetitive tasks until you space out, and basically
put yourself into a temporary trace. Since you are focusing on the
repitition, until you are in a trance, you can’t focus on your pain
(emotional or physical) so it’s temporarily alleviated. Yet, soon after you
stop doing the repetitive task, the trance wears off, and you feel pain
again. This doesn’t really sound like any complicated scientific cure, or
magical solution, just a common sense approach with a very temporary
solution. I doubt it is a life-changing therapy.

Kids with autism seem to naturally do something similar to sooth
themselves, they literally tap themselves, or bang their heads on the wall,
or rock back and forth, or anything that is repetitive that they can focus
attention on (they always seem somewhat spaced out too).

But, these are just my observations. I’m no expert on it. I could be
totally wrong. But, those are just my thoughts on it.

Asha Bhan says:

This is a great way of explanation. very clear and impressive. Hats off to
the EFT people… :)

GnosisMan50 says:

The results of the present study indicate that EFT was effective in
decreasing fear in a nonclinical population. However, EFT was no more
effective than either a placebo or modeling control procedure. Participants
who were instructed to tap on various locations of their arm reported
similar reductions in fear as those participants who were instructed to tap
on meridian points. The location of the points did not play a measurable
role. Furthermore, participants who tapped on a doll also reported similar
decreases in fear ratings. Overall, these findings suggest that certain
components of EFT were effective, but not dependent on meridian points, as
EFT supporters contend (Pulos, 1999). It is possible that systematic
desensitization and distraction are mediators of EFT’s apparent

In summary, the present study establishes that certain techniques used by
EFT may be useful in the treatment of fear. However, this effectiveness
appears unrelated to the unique features of EFT and instead derives from
components shared with more traditional therapies already established as
effective treatments for specific phobia. The clinical significance of EFT,
including the duration of treatment effectiveness, still needs to be

Alicia Newton says:

Tapping is an amazing stress reliever. I know it may sound woo, woo but it
actually works! Who knew tapping on a couple of pressure points and you
can feel the stress melt away. Check it out!

Tyesha Isom says:

Yes, thank you. It’s working, howerver, i notice depending upon the
emotions intensity the phrase may change. So, you have to keep your mind
focused and consistent with the same phrase. But, after tapping several
times you will still feel much better.

GnosisMan50 says:

has this technology been scientifically proven by peer review? I’d also
like to know of those who suffered from sexual childhood abuse (which
carries a lot of negative energy) PTSD, eating disorders, and other severe
traumatic experiences, if they were cured by tapping and if they can speak
for themselves on their experience before and after tapping. I’d also like
to know of the doctors who could not cure what you claim to cure and why
haven’t they taken on the tapping solution so as to cure many people and
bring down the cost of health care


Hi, I’m 16 years old and towards the end of my first decade I started to
have a speech stammer/stutter/impediment. I was referred to the obvious
causes of action, such as speech therapy and so on but the techniques
introduced didn’t seem to have any long term impact and just quick short
term solutions which isn’t really what I was looking for. This was the case
for many years until the time came where I decided that I would look for
alternative solutions. Every morning I do vocal exercises etc. but
depending on what person I talk to, my emotional feelings change and would
encourage me to stammer in some shape or form. After relising that, I chose
to research EFT and see if it would help. I feel that it could because at
the early parts of life I didn’t stammer, but hardly talked; which would
explain why the vocal exercises help slightly, however I do feel that these
previous experiences may of had an effect on my speaking situation now.
Your thoughts and feelings would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

madhavan nair says:

It is amaizing and an excellent healing therapy….thanks Stephen…


Hi Stefan-
I am wondering if the tapping is a combination of the meridians and tapping
yourself or if you can use something else, such as a stick to tap with.
This may seem like a peculiar question but I am someone who always taps my
legs, fingers, etc. and it got me thinking. Thanks!

Yana Pogoreltseva says:

Thank you

Lois Davis says:

How do you get rid of anger, because I can’t forgive a person because of
the harm they caused, emotionally. I have also sinned, I can’t forgive

Taemin oppa says:

Good day stefan,
how many times can i do this a day

angela crittle says:
Nicci Campbell says:

This a very useful technique

Beverly Munsing says:

This is a great video. Thanks Stefan. I am a therapist, and it is nice
to be able to have a video to send home with clients, so that they can
remember how to do it, and practice it at home. 


This is an interesting approach to deep seated emotional disturbance, and
certainly worth a trial as adjunctive therapy. I actually gave it a trial
run myself and its impossible to stay serious…laughter can only be
excellent therapy. Perhaps this is the emotions being released? I’m not
clear of the mechanism but its certainly fun!

Gregory Harris says:

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for taking the time and caring enough to share with us. 2 quick
questions: (1) Does it matter in what order you tap the points? (If I do
side of the eye before the eyebrow for example, does it make a
difference?) (2) I’ve noticed that some people don’t tap all the points —
any significance?

chacho rey says:

Hey Stefan thanks for uploading this helpful video. I’m bipolar and I’m
depressed a lot of the time. I also get extremely nervous around girls. I
hope this helps for at least talking to girls. Let me know if you help with
the depression.

Emily Hood says:

I’m looking forward to putting this into practice 🙂 Very helpful tutorial!

Richard Gray says:

Thank You Stefan! Just discovered tapping today. Going thru the biggest
challenges of my life right now. Always been spiritual. I know I have
attracted all my problems to myself. Have 3 large problems, Health, legal,
and money. Always wondered why a good spiritual person who gives to
everyone daily would attract such problems but I know it is my deep seated
programing and self beliefs that has attracted them.
I will try to tap everyday trying to clear negative emotions and create new
heart felt attractions. I will post here again soon.
Thanks again,

Jess G says:

Amazing how-to. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve read that some
suggest slowing down the tapping rhythm if you are performing EFT alone
with a problem that brings you a lot of anxiety. Do you think it matters?

irma haskim says:

i really love these tutorial, but for beginners, is it enough for us to
learn it from these tutorial, or do we have to joint a workshop first ?, so
we can get a better resurlt.

Kristian Hickson-Booth says:

A great introductory video, I have experienced EFT many years ago and had
great results. Stefan, can you refresh my memory… can you work on two
challenges at the same time or is it best to clear one before starting

Beatriz Americo says:

Thanks for being so giving and I feel luck to have found your YouTubes
Sincerely BA

Thomas Madison says:

very interesting stuff.

Amany Mohamed says:
Joseph F. Botelho says:

When l watch what your teaching, why do l only count 9 points and not the
ten points, am l missing something…. Just watching it several times. I
only count nine points… 

MegaMusical10 says:

Excellent tutorial~thanks for sharing!

José Adélson de Sena says:
Stefan Gonick EFT Practitioner says:

Hi Neysha, Thank you for your compliments! Here are the ten points: Top of
head, inner eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, chin, collar bone,
under arm, inside of wrist, and karate chop point (side of hand).

bandotaku says:

You have a very pleasant voice 🙂 Thank you for posting the video.

Stefan Gonick EFT Practitioner says:

Hi Rob, Yes, EFT can definitely be used for physical maladies. I have done
that with many people with good results. Using EFT to alleviate
environmental allergies is a bit more complicated than just finding the
right “phrase” to tap with. I would be happy to give you a free 20 minute
consultation to talk about how to alleviate environmental allergies with
EFT. Please go to my web site at eft-alive(dot)com and contact me there.

gitana alamanecer says:

Hello EFTalive, thank you for your videos, I have a question for you, can
you do the rounds of tapping in the same issue to decreased, one after the
other the same day? or you have to wait for doing at the other day? thank
you very much

ThePureidea says:

Great Job! Nice, easy and clear Explaination.

Stefan Gonick EFT Practitioner says:

You are very welcome. I too tend get an itch in the corner of my right eye
when I tap. It’s always possible that these itches could signify some
association with a deep memory, which may be interesting to check out.
Otherwise, you can just do what I do… and scratch it. 🙂

Rachelle Silver says:

thank you so much

michael ande says:

pls how do you use EFT to improve your business life, i am in a mlm network
industry that is the wellness industry i recommend and share information
about supplements so i do i inspire people to join my team and buy my
products with EFT.

Gille inTheVortex says:

Thank you so much !

Stefan Gonick EFT Practitioner says:

@Dana888dana Thank you, Dana! I glad that you found my video clear and

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