How to Build Self Confidence

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We are all imperfectly perfect. Ready to start your journey? You’re not alone 🙂 Here are my personal tips on how to build self confidence. It was a long, ha…


Michelle Phan says:

You are perfectly imperfect ❤️

Michelle Phan says:


HowToBasic says:

How to Build Self Confidence:

1. Eggs

YouTube India says:

Because we all need to be reminded to be self-confident #TILTuesdays

Falcon Lover says:

Michelle,i hope u doing good and get through this, Kaskade sued u and took
ur youtube money. #youtubemoney 

Amanda says:

Some of you seem to be confused. Kaskade isn’t suing Michelle; he even said
so on his Twitter. It’s Kaskade’s record company Ultra that decided now
would be the perfect time to sue her so they can get as much money as
possible. It’s a prime example of greed and selfishness.

Sakuems says:

Having a cupple millions subs will definitely boost my confidence so feel
free to check my art on my channel :)

Paige Whataboutgirls says:

Thanks for this video ! I am at the hospital for my boyfriend, he is
sleeping next to me, while I’m working on the computer ! This video reminds
me how hard can be a journey if there is no positive ! So I smile, even if
I’m scared, I am with him so everything is going to be alright ! Thanks
Michelle ! xoxo from France

Christina Bieber says:

could u make a video on how to deal with depression 

Summer Scarlet says:

Is her latest video taken down?? Its called ‘Summer Favourites’ and I’ve
just recently watched it 5 seconds ago and now it just disappeared! 

jessica collier says:

Is it true that your being used for copyright by a big music company 

NifitsaLand says:

Helping people out makes me so happy.
But some people say that I should stop helping that much because, you gotta
love yourself before the others…
I am not sure what should I do.
Help please? :(

MarieeE says:

How can 854 people dislike this video ?? 

WadefanSince03 says:


Hope X says:

INTERNET to me some of them are my best friends but I take short amounts of
time talking because my mom DOSNT like me talking to people I don’t know
thinking they are going to kill me but the thing is THEY HELP ME a lot! And
some of them live waaaay far away like one lives in Saudi Arabia another
lives in South Korea! They would NEVER meet me in real life! So I don’t
know what to do……

chanel anne says:

OMG Michelle got sued for “jacking tracks” but no that’s untrue and not
fair, all they want is money!

K. Rollins says:

Shes getting sued?

Ananya Saha says:

Hey guys! I just joined this community but I wanted to share this awesome
video I found. It really helps you when you’re feeling down

Cyndie C says:

She says get rid of negative friends… My friends all abandon me… Does
that mean I’m the negative friend? How can I be confident after that?!

guillermo godinez says:

That’s y your getting sued

EverythingCarly says:

Hi! My name is Carly, I have a channel here on youtube called
“everythingcarly” and I make videos twice a week (wednesdays and
saturdays). I make a variety of videos about fashion, diy’s, challenges,
tags, and more! So if you’re interested, you should stop by my channel and

Erica Vachon says:

Michelle this video is so helpful I’m 12 have never had a boyfriend not
allowed to have social media or anything I have a phone but still and I
have a problem where I always compare my self to other girls thinking they
are so much prettier than me or they have way more friends than me but then
I realized I bet some girl is doing the same thing to me I think I’m
awesome I’m very athletic I play violin I do great in school!! So my advice
don’t just look at looks and other girls focus on who you are what your
good at what you like and don’t worry about what others think of u!! After
the summer when I go into 7th grade I’m gonna try to be more open less shy
and be who I am and just enjoy being me. Stay strong and be who your are!

Itoshii Mara says:

YOUR HAIR! ~T_T~ I love it but I loved the other one better. Anyway, thanks
Mish. Ya really helped in this vid. I wish I could hug you! And I think
that’s my favorite quote now, “Be like a proton and stay positive!” Love

Melonawestar says:

The problem is I have a small passion in a multiple amount of things. I’m
not extremely talented in one thing…. :P

mayjannie says:

I’m almost 19, changed schools 2 years ago (German school system is really
difficult) & slowly the decision of my life comes up to me: What & where
will I be studying?
All of my friends from the old school are gone (different schools,
different cities for job etc) and the girls from my new school are bitchy &
rate you after your look/clothes …
This sucks, because I have no friends with whom I can talk about problems,
insecurities etc! I had to give up Mambo & Samba (dancing) due to the
school & the next 2 years of school are very (!!!) important for my life
therefore I don’t trust me to do something different …

This video is really great & has good tips, but it don’t help me in my
situation :D

Anne Sexton says:

This is one of the only pieces of work out there that doesn’t put trying to
build confidence into a negative light. I know that I am extremely insecure
and I’m trying to build confidence but I keep looking up methods and they
all make me feel bad that I’m trying to help do that. Not everyone knows
where to start, when in reality, you just need a small push from a kind
voice, and not just being told you never should’ve lost that confidence you
had when you were a fearless 2 year old. 

YanYan Cook says:

Sometimes it’s hard to find within myself for what am I good at

Cafe Child says:

Although I’m not a girl, this helped me immensely. Being a male who goes
through depression and is more feminine than manly, is so hard to swallow
going through daily life. Sometimes, being myself isn’t accepted as the
norm in society. Men are supposed to be manly, muscular, and fit, according
to the world. But, I don’t fit into those molds. I love music, art, and
have no interest in sports, haha. Thank you for inspiring people of all
kinds, to be themselves and to be brave and confident about it. I don’t
feel so bad about being me anymore. You really are like a big sister to all
of us. We love you! 🙂 <3

Winnie Teu says:

Lol i can only be confident if im pretty.

tanyabrookie says:

Had no idea what she was saying at all. Nothing sounded genuine

Emily Tran says:

.what happen to her hair?

tony guerra says:

hhaahhaha your getting sued babe good luck in jail

Ashley Rodriguez says:

Omg she died her hair and she probably did it when my sister did it weird

PetroleumJellay says:

You guys can whine about how much she and her channel has changed. But one
thing that hasn’t changed is how beautiful and inspiring she is. You Go

Hunty Child says:

Guys Need Confidence Building Too – So Why Just “Girl’s Guide”..??

Sonia Khatri says:

One of the most inspiring videos on YouTube.

Addison Suydam says:

This just made me deeply depressed because all of those girls in this video
are skinny and happy 

31imagine13 says:

imperfect = im perfect

Seventeen says:

GREAT quote!! “We are all imperfectly perfect!!”

Kayleigh Beron says:

Can you please talk about how to make friends or how to ask a boy out???

stillettopumps86 says:

Thanks so much for this video, and for the little over 1000 asswipes who
put this video down, THOSE are the ones who cant follow this video because
they are at the point where they need psychological help!

Meme Warrior says:

Why is she being sued. What music did she use exactly????

Frost Star says:


IsTips says:

Thank you Michelle Phan ♥

Jennyfer Antonio says:

Thx for the compliment
love yah too 🙂
Made me feel 10x better <3

Gianna Edwards says:

I really love these kind of videos! They teach me so much of what I need to
know to be able to survive a life of a girl.

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