How To Boost Your Confidence!

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Abraham Lopez says:

Im sorry this might come out very perverted and quite silly but in 3:30 I
think she was about to say boobs. Once again im sorry, just saying……

Paul Pena says:

Tip #1 : Get Jessca Harlow as your girlfriend! ;)

WatchYaze says:

lol exactly why I hate people giving me compliments: they do it because
they want something from me, wether it’s my kindness, an object, an act,
it’s always something. People don’t give compliments if they are content or
because they think others need it. So whatever the reason it’s never
something for me, the fewer compliments I get, the better I feel about
myself. Then I know the people not giving me compliments are content and
feel the same about me.

lolipopscandy62 says:

This may sound kinda weird, (I don’t know if I completely agree with this
myself lol) but a small part of me kinda feels like you shouldn’t always
dress TOO nice or be all made up to go to the supermarket or whatever,
because if everyone always looks good, I feel like that takes from other
people’s self esteem (especially if you’re going some place modest/live
some place modest) idk…

mrtypr says:

Can this work for talking to girls I’m interested in 

siddhita says:

Agreed it was a nice video but a bit long I wish it was under 10min coz I
couldn’t stop myself frm changing the video after 11th min

Susie Moneymaker says:

okay,this is allllrriiigghhhtt advice-it only inspired me to do a video
from a girl who is REAL..(mexicana perpective)!! its good advice though 😉
..i have relevant video but for guys-check it out..(my channel)new video on
this topic coming soon!trust me.

Samantha Barber says:

Ok, great advice, I shall take some of these and try to use them. I feel
great just by watching this, thank-You .


Excellent video. 

Alhaddad sulaiman says:

thanks for your amazing video 

Manju Kannan says:

love this video!

kieronjuk says:

There’s a book I read on Amazon called The Total Psyche which explains
loads of techniques for self-confidence etc, a really good book.

Love Gomez says:

YESS. Omg #3 is sooo true and I hate it. 

clowntrooper61 says:

Thanks for posting this video, it really helped

acissej nhojts says:

Wow thank you for the advice. It’s a great reminder to always be my best

libranguy01 says:

Great Vid Jessica!!! Keep’em coming!!! All the Very Best!!!

ScrewTheSystemJoe says:

It’s not that these tips are wrong, it’s just that they’re all just surface
level. There’s only one real way to build the kind of confidence that can
change your life.
p.s – it’s tough and hard but it works. Made a video on it if you want to
check it out.
How to boost your confidence: The REAL answer

Nasir Uddin Shamim says:

Lovely speech

ART Ellipse says:

very very good, best wishes and thanks

Bella EdwardJacob says:

You look like Demi Lovato

merlinpi says:

Good tips but speaking of body language, notice you keep pushing your hair
to the back constantly anytime you are done explaining something! It’s a
sign of nervousness… Just trying to help here. ;~)

myjaminone says:

you’d look more confident if you’d keep your hands out of your hair.

COOLifeDesign says:

Interesting video Jessica + you have a very likeable face!

Jaime Lila Donovan says:

Wonderful video. I agree with you 100%. 

gina bower says:

You are very pretty and confident and you are also helping people!! Thank
you so much you are very inspirational!!!!!! You are very very right!!!!!

S. C. Lee says:

Great advice! Thanks :)

Maria Bonita says:

you’re gorgeous. Love your hair so much! 

Yassine Ali says:

Thank you ! Wanna fuck?

JeffersonDinedAlone says:

Come on over. If I’m in the right mood, I’ll boost your self-confidence.

Ullash podder says:

it was great.. you beautifully boosted your own confidence and amazed

dhari j says:

U r just gorgeous! Omg! Love that beauty :-)

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