How to become more confident — lay down on the street for 30sec | Till H. Groß | TEDxDonauinsel

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Till talks about how he overcame many of his own fears and how everybody can step out of their comfort…


JusticeObligationKindnessEmpathyRespect says:

well homeless people must be super confident…

Matt Ota says:

Everyone around me think that I’m social, confident etc…but the truth is
I never feel comfortable or relaxed inside. I hide it well. I can never
really “let go” and have fun unless I’m drunk. Crushing my social anxiety
and exposure therapy is exactly what I need!

Karmagician says:

I am afraid some asshole is going to step on me or run me over if I try to
do this. 

Jombo says:

Great talk! Just out of curiosity, what accent does he have?

sorooshusa says:

I find these solutions and topic very trivial. let me explain. I am having
the same problem he is explaining the resolution for and i find this video
and his suggested “fix” useless and a waste of time. let me simplify in
atomic sentences:
1) I have a comfort zone that keeps me from socializing to people
2) I need to do things that are out of my comfort zone
3) If I do those things, then i can help myself to get out of my comfort
4) but I cant or else I am arriving at the conclusion as a solution
5) I cant get out of my comfort zone because that is the original problem
6) deducing logically that no solution (besides triviality) is presented

now before you get your panties in a bunch, I know that not getting out of
own self comfort zone is a problem to social progress and there is no
denying that. I am simply challenging the solution of “how to”. in very
very very simple words, this dude is saying “get out of your comfort zone
so you can[get out of your comfort zone(s)]”. begs triviality according to
any logic text book.

notabott says:

did he say “f*ck it” in a ted talk

xxbluejay21 says:

I DID THIS TODAY! Ahhh I feel good. It was more like 20 seconds but I did
it at my school on the main walkway with tons of people walking by and
staring. I’m finally free. I’ll keep doing things that scare me. Trust me,
I have terrible social anxiety so if I can do it you can do it too. Cheers.

Joong So Min says:

aghhh my brain.. can’t understand his accent :(

Dr. Donna says:

I met Till while he was in #Vegas over the holiday. Great TedX talk:

Till Helge Groß says:

Wow. I am overwhelmed by your feedback. Thank you so much this really means
a lot to me. If you have any questions I can answer it here in the comments

Paula Howley says:

I’m a public speaker and still get serious nerves. To combat those nerves,
I deliberately give speeches in public areas like mall courtyards, parks,
tennis courts, you name it, to make myself uncomfortable and get over that
discomfort. Yes, people look at me and think I’m a nut case who is talking
to herself. Some people have even asked me if I’m ok. People say to my
husband “I think I saw your wife the other day in the supermarket parking
lot talking to herself.” “Yeah, that’s just Paula practising her speech.”
he says.
I call it Avery Drilling after Ryan Avery, the 2012 World Champ of Public
Speaking who used this technique to prep for the Worlds. It still scares
the hell out of me sometimes but MAN, is it exhilarating. And effective. 

Elias Economou says:

We can all use a little comfort zone crusher in our day!

Rajiv Krishna says:

I have to perform at a concert tomorrow. The time I had done it last year,
I was very nervous and I had butterflies in me even three months before the
concert! Now, not so much. But I’m still nervous. The reason I was so
scared is I have a condition called erb’s palsy which makes me hold the
violin bow differently. I was extremely scared about how the audience will
receive me. What I did just before the performance was to remove my glasses
so I won’t be able look at their faces. Ha ha ha! It helped me sail through
easily… And in the end nobody actually cared, one or two persons came to
me and congratulated me! I hope it goes well tomorrow! All the best to
everyone who is facing such things!

FeelinGood says:

Interesting… I did this the other day. I didn’t know about this video or
technique. I wanted to lie down because I had to wait a long time and I
knew about going outside my comfort zone to become better, but I hesitated
because nobody else was doing it and so many people were walking right next
to me… it was absolutely crowded. As soon as I lied down I felt so
uncomfortable and my heart was pounding because I never did anything like
this before. But after 5-10 minutes it went away, I got relaxed and nearly
fell asleep. I got up 30 minutes later and people were looking at me and
smiling. The old me would get extremely nervous in a crowd of people and I
would over analyze everything when I got home. I actually felt relaxed and
didn’t give a shit what other people thought. I was actually proud of my

briansounalath says:

It would be cool if he weren’t a young tall good looking blonde guy. They
already have it easier. I would love to hear how an unattractive ethnic
person who is older is facing their fears. 

NSLM says:

Step 1. Lay down on the street.
Step 2. Get hit by a car.
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Profit.

Baxter says:

I think I’m pretty confident… I guess. 

Lorraine Lim says:

ComfortZoneChallenge~ Do one thing every day that scares you

Haden Wasserbaech says:

This is a great TED talk

Barack Obama says:

someone give me one challenge, like talking to a random person/girl etc.

zach says:

Straight from Deutschland ja….

Martin Mireles says:


Kojii Naz says:

I heff alvays experienced ze urge to infade Poland, but “Ach nein, you
cannot do zat anymore, es ist nicht PC, blah blah blah”

(Mandatory German-related-video WW2 joke)

phil mehren says:

Well, he explains us how to become more confident, he says we are supposed
to repetitively do the things that make us nervous, to get used to them and
therefore gain confidence. But that is nothing new. The problem unconfident
people have is that they are afraid to start doing such things. What Till.
H. Groß should rather do is telling them how to overcome their fears. But
what he tells us here doesn’t help at all, he didn’t even understand the
actual problem.

Dean Fang says:

Did this guy actually ripoff Tim Ferriss’s idea about lying down in public
for 30 seconds to gain confidence? I remember that from his book, “The
4-hour Workweek”. And this was like half a decade ago or more. 5+ years for
sure. Or is it the other way around? Does anyone know?

qrayz says:

I’m making it my mission to do everything i have an irrational fear of. It
started the other day when i was at a 60 birthday party and there was a
table full of younger people my own age, rather then avoiding them like i
normally do i decided to walk on over and take a seat. Rather then the
table giving me a dirty look, they wanted to get to to know me and made me
feel welcome, i realize that maybe some of those people had the same fear
as i did.

Mary Martinek says:

How to become more confident — lay down on the street for 30sec | Till

William H. Buttlicker says:

+Till Helge Groß Great talk man! We can definitely see the happiness that
these exercises brought you. I need some of that confidence AND happiness,
so I’ll go and try these challenges for myself! Thanks!

Jesse McAlister says:

Well this might not be like laying down a street for 30secs, but i do have
a fear of posting my feelings online due to the vast amount of trolls out
there, but after this video i’m going to make a conscious effort to face my
fears and go outside my comfort zone. Guess this will be the first one of

EforEvery1 says:

Why didn’t anyone in the audience get out of their seat and lay down?

TheSimonBOULDER says:

Thanks! I spent my weekend in jail.

JTProductions3 says:

So basically Tim Ferris… I wonder if he’s contacted Tim Ferris???

Lord Hades says:

Give me a challenge anyone. I want to try it… I don’t necessarily get
anxiety for just anything or lack confidence, or get fear of whatever it
is. And it’s not fear of what others think because I can give a big turd
what people think about me. It’s for things like starting a public speech
or presentation. I get a little anxiety and heart rate increases, then I
obviously get less and less anxious as I go on. And I’ve done presentations
and speeches various times before but every time I still get the same gut
feeling. It’s not the fear thing, it’s more the natural chemical response
if you will… Like the dude said. I can control a lot of it through deep
breathing. (I advice to try deep meditation, it will clear your mind. And
naturally help you with all types of anxieties. Specially if you do it a
day before you have to do something like that… Achieving deep meditative
states will refresh the mind and reset the feeling thing. I may not rid the
anxiety but it will ease the mind much more and then it’s only up to you
breath in and out deeply and slowly.)

I also found that if you try to be more loud and develop a “who cares”
attitude, staying conscious of people (specially before public talks) then
you are likely to do better in the speech because you won’t be so nervous
because you had been talking before. Also, noticing and realising that
people aren’t as smart as you sometimes make them out to be helps.

Another way on how to develop your public speaking and rid anxiety: Speak
and speak, speak and speak and speak and speak…. That’s all you do, speak
and speak all the time, 24/7 to everyone and anyone, specially people you
don’t know, about anything. Just try to be clear on what you are saying.
Start friendly arguments with your comrades and friends and make defiant
statements and points and do it publically… Sooner or later, anyone and
everyone who talks will probably be interested in the topic and possibly
join in. For example: When I was in school, I used to take the bus and one
time I began an argument with my friend about snakes that can eat
whole cows… (don’t know why but that was the subject…) My mate said
that they can and I spoke against that and we argued and before long,
another guy who takes the bus also backed up my statement by giving his
opinion and it was publically, so people were probably tuning in to the
argument, as weird as the topic was and it boosts your confidence in things
like this.

Those things help out, even with other things. I mean… Just do it, I
guess is the motto.

Dev Grohl says:

this is probably one of the best ted talks ever!

tod4y says:

“lay down on the street for 30sec”? Well.., Ive always dreamed of at least
little longer intercourses… And also a bit more in private…

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