How to be Stress-Free? By Sandeep Maheshwari (in Hindi)

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Living without stress is easier than you think… your stress relief is right here, right now. Literally, in the here and now, the current moment, there is a…


gulvaqr ali says:
ramhari ghimire says:
Bharati Kishnani says:

Great inspiration

M.Santosh Dora says:
Prajakta Kate says:

U r great…

Narendra Joshi says:

u r good sir ji

Saroj kumar Acharya says:

incredible sandeep….

muskaan zara says:

u r my ideal person u really doing a great job


dar se nahi dil se kar raha huo . dekhta hu kya hota hai. thank you sir.

Sohan Singh says:

iska pura video kaha milega?

bhanu bhardwaj says:

Seriously sir… (Y) what a real man u r…

pratap kavali says:

awesome, what a man u r

prakash veer Naval says:
Lalit Kesharwani says:

@@@ Awesome …….

Brijesh Patel says:

Sandeep you are really genious…with your support I will start my session
for empowering 11 & 12th science student and inspire them to do it now

Gopi Krishna says:

sir get it in English subtitles sir I dnt knw hindi. our mother lang is

Shubham Verma says:

sir kya baat bole aapne kasam se aab mann se tension naam ki cheez nikal
and the line “ke task me fail ho jaunga to kya hia nae sire se shurat
karenge” hats off to u sir

Bhawana Singh says:

thanku so much
to share this video

Rohit puri says:

Sandeep Sir, i realy inspired from your speech………….,


sandeep sir thakx meri life ke u turn mil plz date all seminar ki

Aman Gandhi says:

awesome suggestion sandeep :)

Jayashree Bhat says:

you solve problem like there is no problem at all. wow wow maan gaye aapi
bath aur apke confidence. impressed. love you

Kailash Yerasi says:

good one..

lucky grewal says:

Impressive, thank you Sandeep…

Asmita More says:

Ur my IDEAL sir……… I like ur Thoughts..

afshan khichi says:

jab tak suraj chand rahega maheshwari bahiya ka naam rahega…..doing
awsome job..keep it up….

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