How to Be More Confident

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You can’t always get what you want…but you can try! Learn how to be more assertive without being aggressive to get what you want and deserve. Take a few cu…


102cutebunny says:

so what happened to the guy who ordered the salad?

AGFbydesign says:

can you post an episode on auditioning in front of people for introverts

Jun8iax || Hiatus says:

lol i always know when somebody don’t watch there hands, so i ASK VERY
NICELY for them to wash their hands…if they dont then……..plan B

Erik Georgesson says:

Based in this video then in theory if I would ask a girl out I whould then
rather say “I would like us to do something” than “would you like to do
something with me”, or am I completly wrong?

airikitascave says:

I used to be unassertive when I was in Jr.Highschool, I got accused of lots
of things, and the teachers would never side with me. Even something
ridiculous. One time I had something bothering my eye, and instead of
picking it out, I tried just rolling my eyes up while closing them to
remove the irritation. It was working, but it took a while. What happened?
A boy went to the counselor and accused me of flirting at him with my eyes,
which people bullied me often. What did the counselor do? Accuse me of
doing it, and told me not to flirt with boys. No matter what I said, didn’t
matter. In fact, I rolled my eyes like I did before because my eye was
bothering me, and the counselor accused me of flirting with HER. It was so

Can you account for that as lack of assertiveness, or unfortunate events?

GenevaMode says:

Generally I prefer to avoid interacting with people entirely. They’re all
in it for themselves.

Quisek says:

When I speak up, my tongue tied itself together and I talk intensively fast.
And the reaction from the other end was always ”huh?”

BobDylanMorgan says:

All of these are behaviors that were beaten out of me by my mom and never
allowed by my teachers. Kind of says something about our education and
parenting system.

Jeremy Dupas says:

sooo how to be egocentrick?

philinator71 says:

If only this video was availible a few years ago.

Kody Retros says:

This worked, now im rlly confident in my class and nvr be nervous thx so

Sinkatze says:

“Be simple, honest and direct” That is just so hard, people are so
sensitive now a days

Joana Red says:

Tri Force on the shield lol

GenevaMode says:

I find it ironic that an assertiveness video is essentially teaching you to
be insecure about how others might receive your messages.

James Furukawa says:

How to be confident: Don’t care about the consequences you would usually
fear when you aren’t confident.

paola gonzalez says:


CommentGirl12 says:

What do you do if you are assertive (at least according to this video), but
your mother acts like you’re being a insensitive b*tch? She’s way too
sensitive with everyone, but it just seems like I do everything wrong
around her. I can’t wake up fast enough in the morning, I must be
distracting myself when I’m supposed to be doing homework because it takes
so long (even though I don’t… Pre-Calculus is just really hard), and when
I try to say that no, I didn’t mean ‘that’s a nice outfit’ in a sarcastic
way, she gets angry and says that you are verbally attacking her? She acts
like she’s the victim in every situation! Help!

mchristiemae says:


jordan armour says:

You make it seem so easy. 

Thiago Vieira says:

Haha, loved this video!

Baby Donkey says:

The only reason why I hate talking is because I always mess up. It’s like
my tongue gets paralyzed every 5 minutes lol

The Eyeless Jack says:

lol triforce shield…..

Brandon Friend says:

yeah holding my nuts feels good ill try that

Gabrielle Agosin says:

+watchwellcast Im loving your videos 🙂 Thanks :)

Elizbeth King says:

I’m not the only person whobheard the laughing in the background right?

Iris Richmond says:

Someone laughs when she says I know you didn’t wash your hands 

Rose Dimez says:

Thank you so much, now I don’t have to look people in the eye!

Cata potamus says:

I think your character is having a seizure he can’t stop twitching in this
video :P

Christine Wong says:

Thank You Watchwellcast!! I want you back and make more videos:((
But if that’s impossible, it’s okkay. Just know that we appreciate all the
videos you make:))

Greg Marat says:

“You never do the dishes. There is a pile of them in the sink right now and
it’s old enough to be carbon dated.” BHAHAHAHA 😛 Good one!

Kylee.sings.forever says:


Visherica Thompson says:

Can u do how to tell a boy u like him

Ryan Ali Al Dorgham says:

i feel happy , it’s weird maybe it’s the music ?

Leah Fox says:

That would be VERY embarrassing if someone yelled at you in the bathroom
that your dident wash our hands.

best guy in the world says:


Angelthehedgehog1 says:

2:29 That laugh.

Donovan Idell says:

there are a few zelda references or stuff like that in these videos

augustus cheong says:

the 43 people that diksliked this video are dumb.

Iron Kids says:


austin cluff says:

I have ADHD so its really hard to concentrate on a person in genral so i
dont talk much to not at all

Paul Em says:

Great backround music what is it called? :)

Jennifer Middlemiss says:

where’s the noise, it is such a distraction having it on there.

Ely Tan says:

this is a fake cliche

PackyDots says:


Quah En says:


Tim Esden says:

Cool and it really helped me!!!!!!!!!

Skittles Rock says:

Who was laughing in the background

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