How to a create a Vision Board

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how to create a vision board to clarify your dreams, goals to feel and experience the amazing future ahead of you. Looking daily at your vision board can tra…


Mike schuldiner says:

your vision board is very similar to mine. I like to put words/phrases as
well as pics 🙂 

Stephanie Cox says:

Need help with Manifestation from Law of Attraction My Contact is
*Review step by step
*Video guidance
*How to get closer to what u really want to do or have

André Fierens says:

I love it ! Thank You Lilou Mace

PrinstEgo says:

cool! Thx!!! Such great advice! I never had it explained like this. Thanks
a bunch!

Joy man says:

i will do it in my pc wallpaper ^^

Jane V says:

Wow! I just noticed that you cut word “London” here!!! Amazing :)))

robbcochran1979 says:

Yea!!! White Sex!!… I mean Sox… (Black Magic marker trick)

meneedmoney says:

@mischief13 make a physical board..a wallpaper is only one picture and
doesnt seem inspiring staring at a screen…but then again whatever you
want..why are you asking another person??

hydeparkmac says:

Queen Latifah did this in her movie with LL Cool J. in Last Holiday. She
named her book, the Book of Possibilities. It was a scrap book with a lot
of different pictures in it.

xxxsmd says:

i work in vision board befor i see the secret jut look to the city i wa
live in daily then boom!!! its Happen now i live in it !! do it its real &
Will Work

SweeTCaroline675 says:

Hi Lilou, You have totally inspired me to take the 1oo day challenge. I
have created a You tube account to follow my challenge. Thanks, Caroline

mavely3000 says:

i also was wondering if pictures downloaded and printed cut out and taped
with tape instead of glue works? and why does a vision board work? and how
long does it take for them to come true?

Carolyn F. says:

It might help u to visualize a better apt & a better look for yourself.
Walk the talk. It’s not inspiring when u present yourself looking slovenly
& the background looks like you’re not living the life of luxury. I would
rather listen to Bob Proctor than a Bob Proctor wannabe. You need to
inspire others by BEING what you preach. A baseball cap & oufit in a
nothing apt. doesn’t exactly send the message that you are your own success
story. BE the success story..and then you will inspire others:-)

EvolutionsCure says:

Thank yoy for posting this video i found it very inspiring and i’m going to
make one myself! I totally understand the concept basically your putting a
clear message out to the universe of what you would like to manifest in
your life! I think i was guided to your home page today after watching one
of the Sonia Choquette’s video’s who i am drawn to anyway! Thank you once
again….. Love/Light/Peace & Serenity___ Danny

neckerisland1 says:

are you from Quebec !!! You are great Thank you for your Video I am part
the cours Wisdom and we do vision board every week on are strong suit and
all the rest .. Suzanne

Alvin Fripp says:

A good helpful video, I found some software on the web – Vision Board
Movies 2.2 from vision-board-movies . com , I have been using this to make
my vision boards, I save my vision boards as pictures and copy them to my
phone, then they’re with me where ever I go, and unlike paper and glue they
are easy to change.

doogerville says:

Lilou: please show appreciation for your subscribers and reply in a timely
manner! that being said; what exactly is it you do for a living besides
interview self help and new agey guru`s? Also do you have a donation option
for yourself?

naturopathkashi says:

Hi Lilou,thank you for sharing your ideas & your genuine love , you are an
inspiration to thousands of people,this world needs more angels like you,i
have seen a couple of other videos of yours they are beautiful like you.i
have a silly question! can 2 people have one v.board like me and my partner
? or has to be individually ? cheers from downunder

Cis4Chisholm says:

@Cmf4321 It’s you having a problem with it, as you scroll back you can read
how many people found this helpful! Besides you just base
successful/happiness on looks and apartment interior, not everyone find
that most important, ik like her wearing the cap and all that she’s at home
she’s relaxed!!! She’s happy!

Lilou Mace says:

check out our group and website! we are practicing it every day. it works.
the videos prouve it. cocreatingourreality dot com

DesertRoses0 says:

i love it ! i was looking for a video like that, and now i understand how
to do that, thank you lilou !!!

Jim Smith says:

She’s a such a nice lady and I do hope all this video work pays off for
her, she deserves to do well.

Jenn Robb says:

so much of it has come true 🙂 good for you! I feel inspired so I’m gonna
start tomorrow

valérie -Claire Petit says:

Super idée jev

Cleric775 says:

If you enabled ratings for this video, I would’ve given 1 UP to it.

moosemeateater says:

Your “vision board” is just unbelievable, so I added you to one of my

angel0164 says:

I wanted to say thank you for doing these videos. I have been thinking
about a vision board for along time but listening to your videos has made
me want to actually get things happening. I love to listen to you talk you
are so happy and positive and your accent is awesome!!! Thank you again for
all you do!! Lots of Love Lori

Cis4Chisholm says:

thanks you give amazing tips, for example about the graduation, using
celebrating people instead of diploma’s or something. And all the other
tips. Brilliant!

BridgeBelting says:

Hi, I’m Lilo’s ex-husband. No dear, a vision notebook won’t work! The only
way it will work is if you tear all the pages out and stick them to a
board. That’s how Lilo started. Then the pictures followed. Good luck!

brokenportal says:

I have one of these. You should see how big mine is. I was sick of staring
at the wall for the first ten minutes when I wake up and before I go to
bed. I felt it was a good time to get my thoughts flowing, and all I had
was the wall there, so I created one of these with things that are profound
and relevant to my life and dreams.

aj191086 says:

hi do u live in paris? well i m internin here in paris too. the thing is i
applied the secret well no i m kinda stuck but it seems after all this hard
phase things are slowly working out!!!! but still i want to manifest my
wishes more stronger!!! do u have some more effective ways?

Joan Idanan says:

hi lilou i made a vision board now since last march….now i still never
fell anything happend….to manifdest it all….how far can i vision
dictated on my vision board…..will into reality?

SoxGrrl312 says:

WOW! That’s some vision board. I think this a great idea. This is like my
favorite things to create-a collage. I learned about collages in art school
and I loved the idea of using pictures from newspapers, magazines and books
to represent as things you want in your life. And I love the Sox hat 😉

Knight wolf says:

thanks for sharing this! is great! jodie

Jacquelite says:

You are a very inspiring woman. Thank you for the work that you do to
encourage the masses, so to speak. Thank you for spreading this message of
the fulfillment of our hearts desires through application of this law of
attraction, and thank you so much for having the courage and willingness to
be a vibrant manifestion of the intention of your own heart’s desires. You
are beautiful in so many ways!

Julie-ann Reid says:

Q: Can you draw out the home wish to have? Q: How many times should you
view yr vision board? THANKS FOR YR REPLY

milliomoselme says:

Bless you! I mean… God Bless you :))

oOoBombelekoOo says:

hier your relly pretty

C.A. Mullen says:

She’s Great….and beautiful. Very confident. Awsome job!. Thanks!

SoulOfautumnrain says:

PS: Thank you for all you post and give us. I can’t wait to be apart of the
new Challenge. :: skips off tossing LOVE petals all over the comment floor::

Dawn Renee says:

I love that idea too! We will have to create one as a family also! That
will be so fun!!!

ania1607 says:

Thank you so much for sharing this you have inspired me to do start on my
own. Lots of love. You are doing amazing work for our souls to grow thank
you for your integrity, honesty and open loving heart. You rock Lilou all
the best to you :-)))

Kelly McKay says:

your hat looks great on you Great inspiration from kelly b canada

hydeparkmac says:

I did the same and some did come true for me. I think you have to visualize
also and see your future successes.

liliroquelin says:


tzipn says:

BRAVA! Such good advice and it’s exciting to see this!

Wendy K says:

You can also make an “Inspiring folder” in your computer, and the images
from the internet… that’s what I do

JustForBrieLarson says:

you can do all things with Christ.

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