Holosync – meditative music

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Relaxation. Peace to all.


joshrain1 says:

what is the name of this song please, i would like to download mp3. thanks!

Eric Thompson says:

Good job.

iworkforme says:

for peeps who can’t afford it and prove a sincere desire to use it yes it
should be free, but if u can afford it then u should pay as the owner
deserves to make money as we all do. moola still makes the world go around.

kevin kotyk says:

I don’t know what’s better, the music of the video!

WillyNilly says:

Bullsh*t. It only help after you pay right? Such “break-throughs” should be
GIVEN as offerings for the peace of the world.

Emma Blue says:

I agree, but Im pretty interested so I ordered a free demo. Some of the
best instruction Ive ever received I paid money for.

Jon Doe says:

I can create any of the Holosync levels for a small price. Just PM me if
you’re interested in saving hundreds of dollars over Centerpointe’s over
marketed, over priced Binaural Beats. This technology is simple and very
easy to recreate these days. There is absolutely 100% no need to pay the
price that Centerpointe expects you to pay. Unfortunately, people don’t
know that.

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