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My experience of using Holosync. The benefits I enjoyed are: Better relationships, Increased productivity, More happiness, Weight loss, Increased learning.


Doreatha C says:

I started HS in Aug 2008. I’ve noticed that even though I’ve experienced
severe financial difficulties I’ve been unusually happy and peaceful 70% of
the time. I just feel good. I also have experienced a huge increase in my
ability to comprehend deep spiritual concepts and my memory has increased.
Somehow I know I have become more intelligent. It’s weird because it feels
so natural I originally didn’t think it could be HS. I’m looking forward to
the changes that will come once level 2 arrives.

deevinewizzdumb says:

This helped me alot…… to learn to quiet my mind and feel balanced.

Paul Chambers says:

I think it has the possibility to help, but I would be wary of viewing it
as a magic wand. Depression and anxiety are more likely to be solved with a
more direct approach such as time line therapy which will get to the root
of the problem and deal with that. Cheers Paul

darkENhandsome says:

I see you’ve been going for a few months now. How have you found it? I”m on
Purification Level 1 and it’s helping me more all the time.

zooologist says:

great video thanks

Vishnu Dass says:

is holosync really the cd Harmonic planet by Brian Caldwell

Paul Chambers says:

I went and had a look at Brians work and see why you ask. There are
similarities but they are on the whole different. Sounds or frequencies
that influence the brain frequencies will all do a similar thing. However
the holosynch is less a pleasant experience and more a sequential brain
training that takes an extended period. You accustom the brain to a
selection of frequencies. and the individual integrates coping mechanisms
as a result of the sounds effects. Cheers Paul

darkENhandsome says:

This is a wonderful video. Thank you for making and posting it.

Jervns says:

Great information. I just started the Awakening a month ago. I feel good at
the alpha and theta levels but get twitchy toward the the end of the Dive.
From what I’ve heard HS is stirring up my demonds

matthew Pengelly says:

@Griffin9857 thanks mate 😀

mysticoversoul says:

Thank you for posting the video and for sharing and giving testimony. I,
too, have studied brain entrainment and have drawn applications for it.
However, I choose to refer to the particular methodology I developed and
use as “brain engagement.” I have integrated the knowledge into
contemplation practice, meditative work, and spiritual healing. It’s all
probably similar to what you have or do. Again, thanks for the video.

Paul Chambers says:

@popmusicrocks121 Yes. anything that removes your attachment or conflicts
will increase the level of chi you have available to you. Someone who is
completely decided on something is way more productive that someone who is
unsure if they should do it.

matthew Pengelly says:

@Holidayghost have a realy big fit lol

Norman Kennedy says:

Love it mate,regards,Norman

humans inc says:

I am writing this from beyond the grave. We get you tube here in the spirit
world too…

Phil Hull says:

Excellent little video. Explains how Holosync works really well. Nicely
presented. Well done.

matthew Pengelly says:

guys you think this might help with my adhd and aspergers and racing
thinking and depretion and anxiety

GloveMC says:

You know my brother, I have ordered the demo of Holosync and it is truly
remarkable, it has helped me to stay more focused on my toughts and to be
more precise with my words. It also increases your self-confidence, I will
try to get the whole program, this i beautiful, it does gives you peace.

mozart186 says:

I did have some reaction that told me something was going on with the first
month. Mostly waking up at night crying. But, it took about a year before
people started asking, “what’s up with you?” Now I’m 5+ years into it and
on Purification Level 4 and it’s blatantly obvious that something very
interesting and very postitive has happened to me. It’s too bad you gave up
so quickly. You had a very pleasent surprise waiting for you.

GloveMC says:

In fact, it is cutting edge technology.

joan Jones says:

Have you two written any books? I would love to read one. This is

Griffin9857 says:

@matthew13613 well we will soon see with me and my aspergers… i’ll let
you know.

Croni Son says:


nyrasita says:

Dear Paul, Could you also send the music to me? It’s beautiful, it makes me
very very calm!! With love

GloveMC says:

Please tell me, what is the name of the background music? I want to
download it, it hears perfect to achieve profound meditation.

Zeptis1337 says:

The Yogi Roushi was able to perfect this very art; he taught it to a number
of martial artists in the mid-eighties.

Sure Man says:

what happens if i smoke marijuana and listen to holosync?

7711082 says:

I am on Flowering level 3. Holosync is easier to do that mantra meditation.
It also seems to help with fulfilling desires.

grant says:

will this help me develop my chi?

biocybernaut says:

gotta love the dude stretching out his arms under the chemtrailed sky! LOL

Jethro Joshua says:

It is a good idea to analyze your EEG while you meditate this kind of
music. There are many producers want to sell their stuffs instead of real

XYZBFD53 says:

no offense meant to uploads but it did not work for me at all. i tried it
for 6 months diligently.

zakasrias says:

It would be a shame if you did not melt fat when these normal people are
able to lose weight so easily with “Fat Blast Formula” (search for it on

Brambleiah says:

Thanks for this.

humans inc says:

I tried Holosync one time and I died.

joan Jones says:

You need to correct the caption. It is wrong.

mamushi72sai5575 says:

if I do this will my chi increase to the level that I can fly and fight
alien martial artists using my ki as a kinetic projectile weapon?

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