Holosync meditation sucks!!!

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http://www.facebook.com/luisfetorres Have you tried holosync meditation and didn’t like it, or any other form of meditation and u couldn’t do it or didn’t li…


Mark Gailmor says:

I never liked it as I mentioned on one of your other videos. I won’t spam
you with a link for Perfect Meditation. If you want to check out that
program it will take a quick search on your own. I found it superior to

Cypher25z says:

Why?? You wanna buy Purification Level 1 off them??

sahajasatori says:

I know, It’s so much fun making them too. Sorry for making them too long
I’ll try to be more concise from now on too. There is surely no limit with
web2.0, limitlessnesssssss is the nature of reality, haha

MajorIdea says:

Is he high on something? I was thinking of getting holosync….for about 10
minutes. Then I intuitively knew not to bother. There are no shortcuts to
life (other than role-models and things like that). And… ok this guy is
talking and talking and saying nothing of interest to me so.. bye bye

ger bear says:

@ChakraSyncDotCom Sitting mediation works fine for me.

MaBu888 says:

Basically HH accesses deep states of consciousness, but for spiritual
practice itself I tend to use only meditation.

sahajasatori says:

I might be a clown, but surely I’m not cheap, haha

WillemTenBengevoort says:

Nice Painting. I’m a holosync user myself, but not as long as you’re. Any
way the remarks you made about the state of oneness, are quiet true.
Oneness is already among us. It’s our thinking that is hopelessly
polarized. Reaching out for ways to reach oneness is pushing ones mental
polarisation only further. Many truth seekers fail to see this. I like the
old saying: ‘there is no good or bad, it’s our think thats makes it so..’
(sorry forgot the name of the author). CHeers from Holland

sahajasatori says:

I know…. looking back I’m like, what was the point??? cheers!

oddiophile says:

Have you even tried Holosync or do you just go on anonymous ad hominem
attack sprees to make yourself feel better? Have you dealt with
Centerpointe? What makes you think they are con artists?

zeistermeist says:

All sufferings are mind-imagined and make-belief made real. It is like
literally believing what’s on the projected monitor being real.
Unfortunately most people are not able to discern what’s real and what’s
not when the mind is totally entrenched by the ego possession…

Stephen Fryer says:

I’m going to watch a 3rd person reviewing Holosync to see if there is truly
a pattern here. Both you and the last dude couldn’t keep from rocking back
and forth. Will I have this problem if I buy Holosync?

MayorOfCydonia says:

lol I made that comment on your channel before I watched the videos.

MaBu888 says:

The secret is basically narcissism disguised as mysticism. It is just
focused on success in the physical quadrant of reality.

Martha Woodworth says:

Actually, it is possible to meditate on your own with complete silence, and
frankly, nothing, not even Holosync, has given me as much peace as just
emptying my mind and going very deeply inside not thinking of anything.
Delicious! It takes a bit of time to get into it, but it is possible. You
might even use Holosync to get there eventuallya all by yourself.

ger bear says:

@squamish4244 Ok, ill not be at my home computer for nearly a week, so ill
send it on then 🙂

Abobojo says:

@sahajasatori I think you probably COULD help. I have been at Holosync for
a few months now.

MaBu888 says:


OneCoolDude08 says:

wow all these holosync guysdoing youtube videos are complete nutjobs

BlumoonNow says:

@suavedave69 don’t get your panties in a bunch you stupid fucking slut! u
fools n this world’s bout to find out what a real illuminati legacy is
capable of. I’m done with the disrespect I’ve recieved with all the stupid
fuckin tools on earth. Behold The Son of Allah, Allah Burlingame n
Josephine La Liberte… get ready mofos cause the Empire’s Striking back!
Sieg Heil! Smile for the camera bitches!

Anna Benjamin says:

the prosperity team is the best makecashwithannamay(dotcom)

sahajasatori says:

Who are you so angry at? I’ve never taken MDMA to be honest, tai chi…
that’s funny. I must agree I was still a bit crazy back then and I’m still
are in many ways, so sound pretty upset, I rather be unclear and happy than
right and frustrated Thanks for the comment though!

biocybernaut says:

@USGirl22 what he’s saying isn’t wrong, though I find that he’s making a
bit a mess of explaining it…by the way holosync is really awesome!

VizualeyeZ says:

You attention whore! Lol.

sahajasatori says:

Nice!, thanks for the input.

Roberto Estrada says:

Sahajasatori, in your video you assume there is FREEWILL. I advice you to
watch TONY PARSONS, or SAILOR BOB ADAMSON videos in order to see that there
is no freewill and that nobody can teach anything about ONENESS because
everything is ONENESS. Good luck.

perslover says:

love your holosync vids man

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