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Free Full Meditation Program http://www.joy-meditation.com Deep relaxation meditation (binaural beats). (Alpha – Theta – Delta). This is one of my finest pro…


Theo Natividad says:

How and what do I use this for?

Anna Zanetti says:
chris rodriguez says:

I love this one thanks!

Jalanda Smith says:

This track made me very ill. I threw up twice. Had to come back today to
tell you that.

Broxsel Karnamax says:

It would be a shame for you not to shed fat when other people do it easily
with Skinnimaker System (check it out on Google).

Kevin M says:

Ill try this out for the 1st time, talk to u later what do i feel thanks

Alex N says:

My first ever attempt at meditation, had to stop about 5 minutes in because
I burst out laughing that I was vibrating. Wow. This is brilliant. 

Marj T says:

Thank you.

86Magn says:

Thank you so much for this production 🙂 :)

Jan Tijmes says:

this one’s nice, thank you 🙂
Search ‘ The day i threw away Holosync’ for a fun comparison.

Verburgh Yann says:


Terry Wilson says:

I have been using binary and holosinc meditations for many years and this
is the first time the light in my closed eyes synchronized to the binary
beats!!! AWESOME!!! Back for more for shure!!! 

Karen Clark says:

This was an amazing experience. I’m a pretty highly strung person and
within minutes I could LITERALLY feel myself ‘letting go’. Thank you so

Niki Alltree says:

Love it! Thanks for sharing

wnknblnknandnod says:

I keep coming back. This is amazing. Thank you.

Virv says:

I just put this on loop for almost two hours. It worked very well! I’d
recommend using headphones and getting comfortable.

144Dante says:

Thus one took me all the way fr.o.m. The birth of the earth to now, really
good enjoyed it a lot thank you :)

Stefano Morandi says:

wish i had this yesterday when i welded some broken stuff in my car!

liberttinee says:

Thank you for the relaxating music.I love to fall asleep while listening to

Thaansa85 says:

I use this nightly to relax into a calm meditative sleep state. Thank you
for this.

Moongrock says:


2Hippiechic2 says:

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. This is the new work favorite (a small
group of us meditate and this is named the new favorite!)

Rohan Vora says:

Damn this internet connection! Forbidding me from eternal peace.

weedyganzalays says:

Beautifully Euphoric

Magic Guy Could Be says:

relaxed, heart racing

Jay Dusenbarry says:

some goox shit.

emmosea says:

I rarely comment on these… but this is great …

auggystyle says:


Misis411 says:

Soothing x

Von Brantley says:


Billie Watkins Jr says:

LOL I think I have pressed “Like” a number of times over the last 6 months
since finding this excellent meditative music. From coming out of a stretch
sequence that I perform each day to this beat, it’s nice to laugh with your
comment lol I hope that you have fixed this computer issue in order to
enjoy this music. Peace to you, Rohan. Billie

Fatima Kharoti says:

I listened to this audio two times, but didn’t notice any difference. FKKM

ThePureidea says:

Nice VIB..Feels GOOD! Thanks! 🙂

Haakon kj says:

for those who cant be bothered

MD Alfakeer says:

thanks alot

josejimenez896 says:

for thouse ( like me) Who HATE doing that 😛

Debbie Viljoen says:

Pity my internet signal sucks and an even bigger pity that I cannot get
onto your website no matter what I do. I am bereft!

TheDungeonGod says:

Oh, okay. Thanks a lot. ^-^

Bob smith says:

Am I the only one that

carlito pepito says:

rotating like a weathervane ! great feeling ! <3

Deep Undernet says:

Make porn movies.

Janice Kolano says:

Thanks this is great!

onomato poeia says:

Wow! So nice. I felt it throughout my body. But yeah, internet
connection…I have high speed, and it kept kinda skipping in and out. But
otherwise wonderful…. so wonderful! Thanks!!!

pistro20 says:

i use to listen this kind of sound to do my mental exercises, i like a lot

ccchannon says:

Thank you so much for this video its wonderful very healing i reccommend it
for people with some loss of focus….

Animanarchy says:

Wait a minute. If we’re supposed to close our eyes, why’s there a video?

yvonne emmert says:


Magic Guy Could Be says:

One thing I need to work on. total relaxation. this got close

ccar3y says:

I really like this one.

Synith says:

No problem! Let me know how it goes for you! 😀

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