Holosync Alternative, Meditation Music, Binaural Beats, Hemi Sync Alternative

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TheDrake1066 says:

sure can humans hear 3 hz 🙂

hunter2u says:

y ofc 0-4 hz!! the best headphones have Frequency response (headphones) 16
– 22000 Hz so u CANT HEAR that frequency

nkj7989 says:

nice videos it is really helpy for health

mygodiswithin says:

Seems cool man. For HOLOSYNC alternative, goodle BlissCoded sound also..
just a tip 🙂


I love this video.It presents great view on meditation.it is really

mohabc says:

very relaxing and put me in a great mode

Angel Leia says:

zzzzzzzzzzz : )

Luke Harrison says:

Nice Intro to Low Freq Audio

wildfirefly01 says:

This seem to be interesting. Thanks for uploading the videos.

Antony Gompos says:

how helpful this video in my meditation. thanks for share it..

gordinidesigns says:

Enjoy the music with the hemisync entrainment. Thank you.

Jaber Rahman says:

nice video…meditation is great

mascombgd4 says:

really it is very nice video. I like it

aanrose says:

thanks for upload, keep posting a news video.

speedy7514 says:


taekaness21 says:

nice video. and thanks for uploading this(sharing)

hakeemali39 says:

this vidio is very good and beautifull rythm very nice melody.

hardik chauhan says:

this is very nice video… good music to listen..

qasimawan1000 says:

when it is said music is the nourishment of soul,the same is proving to be
true here.Its a soothing music indeed.

shyness221 says:

wow!! I can used this to meditate!! This is a great vid.. thanks i will
really recommend this one

chinameful says:

This music is great and I like iti so much!

mmsai2003 says:

Nice video.good for everybody for there own.

sk8tboarder18 says:

” The trick is to use drugs to see things in a different perspective, then
spend the rest of your life trying to reach this state sober.” This audio
is a guide, not a drug.

raymelody19 says:

i love the beats good arrangements of tones, thanks for sharing keep up the
good work

agunglr says:

Such a good video about meditation. The music really can make me relax.

heehawluck1 says:

Awwww ….. diddums.

sukarece says:

very amazing video. I’m very happy to see this video

Cinder Rose says:

i had my eyes closed so when it changed to “2.5 hz” i looked at the screen
and freaked out..>.<

ishan banga says:

This is what i call Fundoo. thanks for the video

bodymindsoul777 says:

Most people have never heard of harmonic box x which this video utilizes
in the background of the ambient music. If you listen to harmonic box x
without headphones (if you have a good speaker system) the harmonic box x
sounds like a steady beating sound which can potentially lead some people
(not all) to a altered state of consciousness if they listen to it
receptively and long enough. If you listen to it while laying down it can
potentially put you to sleep or enhance dreams for some.

good2foods says:

this video is just awesome and help me to releif from all of my
tensions….please post more of these kind of vids…thnx for uploading…..

Abood Alsari says:


Jabanmarma says:

Song is very nice and the vedio is quality is excellent. Thanks for sharing

justforfun277 says:

I enjoyed this video a lot. This video contains useful info about
meditation. I recommend everyone to watch this video.

speedy7514 says:


MrBlackorchis says:

Thank you for sharing this video. This video is a long time I’m looking for
and I want to meditate using this video.

babehhavid says:

I love this music

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