Hold a thought for 17 Sec and it starts to Manifest! ~ Law of Attraction

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YouAreCreators says:

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Elliot Vickers says:

This is complete shit. What shes saying is you can create the events in
your future and pretty much achieve anything through thinking alone through
vibration? Then how is it people cant fly or stop hunger or stop war. There
is clearly a reality we are all experiencing with laws that no one can
change through thought alone.

john mcintosh says:

What about the people dying of hunger and through war around the world, is
that because of their negative thoughts? What about the people who are
raped and abused, the people who are maimed and disabled? What you think
becomes real? What about 300 souls on a crashing plane praying with all
their heats to live? The plane still crashes, people still die and suffer,
is this because we think badly? I think not, I’m reminded of Maslow’s
hierarchy of needs.

Sreejesh Suresh says:

Karma always comes back to you. And it is karma which brings all common
people on the same plane… That’s how some people miraculously escape even
death even in a fatal crash

Rachel McDaniels says:

Highly beneficial training video, however there are far more strong
strategies regarding having plenty …

vineet vajpai says:

Very valuable advice. Thanks

Chuck Norris says:

Who the fuck would believe something like this!?

cbtalis says:

How about you people figure out how to be happy without this fake self-help
bullshit that uses real words like waves and frequency to metaphorically
describe a made-up concept impossible to disprove but pleasing for you to
believe. This is just new age religion praying off peoples longing to
believe, probably even some of its creators and propagators. There were
yogis in Tibet that spent their entire lives in seclusion to unlock the
secrets of the mind, and the answer wasn’t hold a fucking thought in your
head for 17 seconds.


I concentrated on the winning lottery numbers, but the machine didn’t

doggy255 says:

The idea that heaven exists right now and yet we are stuck in this place
that breeds these types of things just goes to show what shit this world
is. While I think some of this stuff can work it just seems so fucking
stupid bc it wears off eventually unless you’re part of the .000001% of
people who can do it, and then you are live what people consider weird and
segregate yourself so if you ever do fall off you don’t fit in anywhere.
Yep what a great world we live in, war, suicide, death, physical pain,
emotional pain, hunger, thirst, meanwhile another world of bliss exists
elsewher at the same time. Seems pretty fucking stupid to me

Rosalio Vargas says:

With Love and Positive thought, you can become a unicorn if you want.

VonMilash says:

Con artist and false prophet Esther Hicks. 

1993blackmetal says:

fuck money. the law of attraction is most definitely real. but don’t you
think you should be manifesting something that will make you happy?

Rona Barrett says:
Blue Hue says:

Great stuff, inspiring and becomes even more special when Elliot Vickers
sincerely disillusioned, instantly attempts to belittle others in a
desperate bid to defend his ignorance, thus kicking into action, the law of
attraction and incurring a backlash from peaceful people, geez your’e
brilliant…life is exactly as you expected!!
Pls stay calm, think it through and skip on the profanities, you don’t want
to appear desparate, that doesn’t help.


Ok I got it, ok everyone send cash now !

Kenneth Kahn says:

Good stuff.

brian c says:

When you have arrived in the state where all that matters is how you feel,
isn’t it amazing what you can achieve. Never mind whose face you are
standing on.

PeruvianAyahuasca says:

I used to be a skeptic and then I applied their teachings and found some
real-world-no-I am-not-fucking-kidding results ! Funny thing is, when i
viewed it as an experiment, i wouldn’t get much out of the LOA and
Abraham’s teachings. Only when I thought, heck lets give it a try in whole
hearted way, it worked to my surprise. Now I have lost faith again and i’m
back to the skeptic stands. It all feels like a dream when I used to live
the law of attraction !

Kenyetta Grimes says:

Totally AWESOME! You’ve got to LISTEN to this. Use this process and get
ready because your life is about to CHANGE!

dopeNL says:

The music is not necessary and distracts from the meaning here! IMO

Karen Koontz says:

Love this!
Blessings all!

Tame Tigress says:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dianna Casanova says:

Awesome teaching!! Love it!

Ashok Savalgimath says:


Deborah Henderson says:

Please- someone tell me what the piano piece is playing in the background!

Giulio Grasso says:

Too bad I can hold a though for maximum 16 secs :P

Richard Alan Wise says:

when you are ready to feel the power

Debi Baughman says:


jamesandrew62 says:

Is using disorientation and subliminal flash words ethical when not
described in the search? Ok maybe think about all the people wishing for
more money & wish for them to learn personal responsibility from
accountability to personal choice.

Shawn Spray says:

I don’t exactly believe in the pseudo-scientific Law of Attraction as it
is, but what I think it translates to on a more reasonable level is that
your mental attitude defines the choices you make in your life. If you
start believing in yourself and making the right steps towards achieving
something, then you’ll be “attracting” that, not because of some magnetic
phenomena, but just because those are the actions you are taking.

steve oconnor says:

@kevon Rowland karma is a Sanskrit word and it exactly means wat it sounds
karma can be good or bad and hence the outcome is affected accordingly


same feel good amoral shit you need to believe in because your thinking

Hadž Dau says:


Denyse Huezo says:


Kenda Bell says:

I needed this..good reminder! 

eastbaysf says:

This takes practice but it does work.. I packed my suitcase and I am
waiting to move into my dream home! I know it will happen. Crazy but it
works! Cut out a picture of something you want and pin it to your wall,,
watch it come to you. So funny!!!

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