Head Massage & Neck Massage for Stress Relief, Massage Therapy

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Head Massage & Neck Massage for Stress Relief, Massage Therapy Chrissie Natoli, has a Masters of Science degree in Oriental Medicine and is a licensed acupun…


Elijah Lubos says:

I love this video by Crissy, very simple and relaxed to the touch. Is
there a possibility to see pregnant girls getting a massage on here?

Sheila Ingram says:

she looks very relaxed! but can she hear you talking, is she actually a
model that is alive?? serious question

randi wallace says:

i love head massages and neck massages and getting those presure points in
the head ahhh so relaxing .

Gerald Williams says:

This was very helpful. thank-you.

starsidetraveller says:

I wish she had more videos. (Does she?)

DraftMasterJohn says:

A lot of stuff goes down in Austin. Not that stuff doesn’t happen
everywhere else, but a lot of stuff goes down in Austin.

thkem23onijSb says:

Really this helps even if you’re not really stressed but let’s say
tiiiiiiiirrrrrred your talking is sooooo musical and the massage real good
thanks so much

jj299792458 says:

@Terra1311 i know, it’s so crazy. every time i hear it i want to know which
of their videos is supposed to teach you mind control, but i would never
take the time to go through all 8000 and see.

g0dsboss24 says:

Baba is a barber…she is a massage therapist.

Lexx Barbie says:

i need this

Chris Boyd says:

I subbed because i just recently developed anxiety and this is the best
cure for it… I don’t do medicine lol

Terra1311 says:

rofl at the end “from sexual health from psychology to MIND CONTROL!”

Bistra Angelova says:

I need such massage

ivy158 says:

Thumbs up for feel-avision. 😀

Warren Smith says:

I’m relaxed just listening to you

UrTalkingToKory says:


DraftMasterJohn says:

My eyebrows are exhausted right now.

nickystartup says:

Sooooo soothing. Love the voice, too.

peperudi says:

She’s got an MSc in medicine! Check her website.

wiggalama says:

True that, 6th street, nough said lol

SubmersedPath says:

This helped me fix my best friends neck thanks!

Necator Nimrod says:

all of my chakras and channels are open now

William Baldwin says:

I was falling asleep just listening.

Farah Emour says:

I like massage so much , but the swiddish massage will be so nice

magicalguitarness says:

so cool…………..

Xaviëra Su says:

do you massage with or without oil??


R.I.P Yellow Button.

sidthemyth says:

`Scott Johnson on accupuncture

H. Felton says:

Chrissie, please produce a medical book which includes ”the ren channel.”
Thjere is no such thing.

Alex Beteta says:

It’s relaxing just watching it…. And your voice so soft was nice…..

CaliGirl says:

@k12rising That doesn’t cure it, it just postones it.

demonicspire1 says:

Does anyone else think “Masters of Science” and “Oriental Medicine” are
concepts that don’t at ALL jive? As a scientist I have to say my enjoyment
of massage is thoroughly reduced by the whole new age hollistic crap.

H. Felton says:

Why are there so many videos of massage therapists, chiropractors,
acupuncturists etc. in Austin, Texas? There are very few videos of
practitioners here in NYC, which must be the stressed-out capitol of the

Ashbranch Juniper says:

Ann… Omg, she totally does!

redflaginfamy says:

To some of you below…you can get a Masters in medicine. For instance, if
you don’t complete your doctoral training, if you crap out half way you’d
earn a Masters degree.

Mark Worrall says:

Great instructions.thank you

DraftMasterJohn says:

@sweddehli You must not have read the manual.

Jody Wilson says:

Right at 5:33…I need you in my town.

Vickie G. says:

if it feels this good with me doing it to myself, i can only imagine
someone else doing it! id gladly pay someone generously to do this to me

mastroarcano says:

Baba’s wife?

Ann M says:

Is it just me or does the lady that’s speaking sound like ruby from max and
ruby ?

demonicspire1 says:

now excuse me for being impertinent, but doesn’t someone usually get a
“Doctor of Medicine” (what doctors have). I’ve never heard of anyone
getting a “Masters of Science in Medicine”, which would almost indicate a
more academic than practical understanding of physiology.

peperudi says:

This young lady has the voice and touch of an angel. More vids with her

lawson stewart says:

Who tried all of them on themselves anyways? 😛

bigtaxdizzle says:

metta world peace

carlo laoan says:

yeah that’s why YOUTUBE CHANNEL…

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