Hard Hip-Hop Rap Instrumental 2014

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TheIntelligentGam3r says:

I’ve been listening to this all day in school, now that I can comment, I
need to say that I didn’t think 8 bit music could be THIS good! The beat is
so sick!

tomisin Bakare says:

good work can not stop listening to it.

Rizzi Regis says:

this beat is a problem!! def makes me want to get to a dance floor asap…
and the way it drops in… i’m in love

Kaan Olmez says:


nsideufo says:

Nice job buddy. I like writing to your beats. i like the thought behind
your visuals too.

Sean Sears says:

Im going to use your beats to rap ok bro

flex joseph says:

can i used this instrumental

Kennedy Morgan says:

Man I didn’t think 8 bit could be so fking good.. Like.. Frfr

Ben Wraybaker says:


Maaike vD says:

vet man!

Noemi Kill says:

Cool beat I’m13 I like the beat

sercan başaran says:

you are number1 <3 

Glen Jackson says:

This beat is sick as F**K!

Jose Torres says:

Yo this beat is sick, at Sat asset work for 8 hours writing to this can I
use it?

XxDoNProphetxX says:

Hey ,i have one question can i used this for my new song ist non Profit
this beat is Perfect for this :)

Jackson Muy says:


Andre Mar says:

Is amazing, so amazing !!!!!

Shortyy says:

download link

jose munguia says:

mm not my style of beat 

Cindy Quiroz says:

cool beat dude and its addicting and i cant stop listening

Ray Beltran says:

Dam im hearing kanye west all over that beat an i dnt even know the nigga
lol but i swear if this beat made da right connecting with a song writer
this beat would bring the fucken house down

Reggaelator_206 says:

This beat is tight! Hella fun to freestyle to.

altafea swagdepoule says:

Photo fragile !!!!!!!

Donald Keme says:

Check out donool productions beats

Ty Rone says:

Love it

Robert Montalvo says:

Great beats bro . !
If your interested in doing some work hmu .
You make the beats & I record & rap. 

xGasmask43x says:

Think I could use this?

Squad Riches says:

Battle Cry

Not racist
So bodacious
Can’t contain this
Don’t distain it
Let’s make a development
Barrack Obama is the best
But so indevident
Has presence
Of malevolence
Of the perfect investigation
If you heard
I never use my vocabulary words
You will not hear the last of this
Unitl I say
The End
But let me hear you
Battle Cry

Maycon Augusto says:

Such a PERFECT beat, I’m in love with this *-*

marco flores says:

sick beat bro 

Yoshi Goossebumps says:

Dayum, this be on fiya NO DOUBT!

lamtran646 says:

I like this beat it’s really cool

maslen dirosier says:


Aquavius Lee says:

This beat is fucking wack

orangefoilv3 says:

I would have to say this beat has a compromised immune system.

Jelly Slug says:

Really cool but not 8 bit xD

Andre Mar says:

Is amazing, so amazing !!!!!

Cole Purdy says:

amazing bro

Xavier Menon says:

Hey I’m a rapper in Houston who has been free styling on your tracks a lot.
I’m starting a new mixtape soon and I would like to work with you on some

Ja Kowalskia says:

my energy
your pover :)

Action4jackson99 says:

Awesome but you need to get lower on that beat boot

Nevaeh Love says:

This is nice

dan howard says:

definitely one of the best artists I know

Nevaeh Love says:

This is nice

Christian Mckenzie says:

Hella dope

Old Gregg says:

Yep, I’m writing to this and the Beast Mode one.

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