GUIDED MEDITATION Remove Negative Blocks Automatically Quiet The Mind Like NEVER BEFORE Paul Santisi

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Juan Johnson says:

no bullshit listening to this changed my life i wouldn’t believe myself if
I told me wow im free

seasouth2 says:

I can’t ever stay awake till the end . Does that matter? I really like the
part i’m awake for.

danielav9 says:


Sam Lim says:

God Bless – Thank You

With your good intention to help others will return back to you in a

Mata Pavo says:

this was really good! i did this twice. both times i got a slight headache.
Im not sure what that means but it was awesome!

beautifulsoul says:

I really enjoy listening to this at work. You stated alot of meaningful
things that are true.

Ferdous Mahmood says:

Great Video!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Krogzaxants says:

Thank you! It’s really an amazing feeling.. i can only hear my own
voice/thoughts now.

Lani G says:

Holy cow……I didn’t know my mind could be that silent. I’m a beginner
and this by far exceeded my expectations. Keep up the great work Paul,
Thank You!

Desenrrollado says:

I drifted off and lost my pain I stayed aware then suddenly I woke up
wondering what had happend I was lost into it. I felt amazing anyone should
try this amazing experience it’s like you begin to feel off the ground

Ana Belanda says:

Thank you Paul!

Suzanne Nichols says:

Cool video. :)

Shun Givens says:

Such profound words…respond not react.

DRESSwith EASE says:

This is a great meditation

rozinneg says:

This was so powerful thank you.

Bill Johnson says:

I really enjoyed this. I wish you’d just say the affirmations without
saying “REPEAT” repeatedly. It’s pretty distracting. Loved it otherwise.

Sadie Brown says:

thank you this was great,I didn’t see anything but Iwas so relaxed, i
nearly fell asleep.x

Melissa melli says:

thank you for sharing it helping :)

Ben Shrimpton says:

very smart man good luck to you.

Denise Burgess says:

Just posted this on my facebook wall and said it was a wonderful gift of
love from Paul Santisi and its free. Thank you soooooo much. Was laughing
out loud for part of it when you said let your mind be silent. I felt such
joyful release of many things.

Didi Nova says:

Nice; thank you Paul! : )

YouTreen says:

thank you..

Parker McCaskell says:

Not to be a jerk – but you misspelled “quiet” and “quieting.” Awesome audio
btw =]

Cassandra Muzik says:

excellent, went far in childhood with this meditation. Thank you

ross bodhidawg says:

every one of your meditations are just brilliant! I am very particular
about what I listen to , especially hypnosis/entrainment audios, but your
meditations are just amazing and I am deeply thankful that someone is
keeping it real out there! Viva la Santisi !!!

shay m. says:

Katy it sounds like you almost had a obe or astral projection .. meditation
normally leads to it 

Luv Fuzzy says:

I love this!! THANK YOU!!

Katie Young says:

This meditation was intense. I have meditated before but, this video made
me feel like have never done it in my life. I have been suffering from
anxiety for a while now, but I feel as if I can face and fight when be,
without fearing it! Sometimes I felt like I was leaving my body. I couldn’t
feel my hands, or my cat, although I knew they were there. Near the end
though, my heart started to pound very fast and hard and my body heated up.
I couldn’t handle it so I woke up, tho I still feel AMAZING. I thought that
perhaps I was having an anxiety attack and if so, I am completely okay with
that :)

Ambessa Cantave says:

Thank you so much. How do I find out more about your work?

Thomas Bowman Jr says:

If you really believe in what you say… Please enable the embedding
feature. Other people on the path cannot share your materials if you block
them out.

traci heicklen says:

…. i dont know what happend…. you asked what i was afraid of and the
first sound i teared up and got reall emotional…. then at the end
again… and then i dont remember… and woke up feeling… different ..
wtf you do to me!????

madhumita kumar says:

Thank you Paul Santisi! Its a great video!

Melissa Russell says:

Hi there, just found you & subscribed…. Love it! Adding you to my
“morning soul cocktail” list – lol, this is great! I totally resonate &
appreciate EVERYTHING you have communicated! Look fwrd to checking out all
of your other videos… God bless & soooo much love to everyone xoxo!

lorena sanchez says:

I love this meditation! Always helps 

Krishna Radha says:

Pure Gold ! Proud to be here on earth at this time, Thank you very much

Marcus Lambert says:

Wow just thankyou have just finished writing a couple of pages. Even tho
this may be the start of my journey ive found alot of answers to things 🙂
brilliant work

Heather Marsh says:

I slept like a rock, with very vivid dreams.

Mi Lan says:

You got lot of passion to guide ppl to meditation Paul

Jay Mc says:

Unbelievable! I could not agree more.

Laura Nieto says:

Great Guided Meditation for those who cannot fall sleep!

Shubhasish Goswami says:

Thank you Paul ! I don’t remember the last time I had this feeing !

Maria Jose Acevedo says:

Thank you for your energy, it was great. I was sad but after your
meditation I felt in peace and every thing is clear now!

mirsha pm says:

this was amazing 🙂 respect and light :)

Thomas Baldwin says:

Thank you mr Santisi. This audio, having been listened to as I fell asleep
last night, has been a massive kick in the balls to my ego. I love the
humbling introduction, not orthodox or expected but it seemed to ‘spark’
something for me. I’m a trouble soul but today has been my most productive
and serene day. Peace and Love :)

Angel Sim says:

Great Stuff!! I love this vid. This is exactly what I needed thank you!

Chris M says:

Wow. Great meditation. Felt myself floating. Santisi truly gifted..

Donna Krueger says:

Is this available on CD? I could not find it on

Justice Grant says:

This was very helpful. Thank you.

Candice Chamberlain says:

This was absolutely incredible and powerful, once my brain was able to
connect with my body again, everything became super intense I tried to get
up from a laying down position and my vibration started to consume me all
most paralyzing you could say, after laying back down and breathing for 5
mins. I feel born again, I have purpose. I have control. but the most
incredible feeling I’m noticing is I’m without worry or fear without
baggage, even when I try to think of something that I released during
meditation, I can’t it’s like the file was deleted and my higher vibration
is the only thing I can focus on or tune into when I still unknowingly want
to access bad memories or negative thoughts. Thank you so very much Paul,
I’m excited and can’t wait to use this meditation again.

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