GOOGLE GLASS FOR FITNESS – Race Yourself – Virtual Reality Fitness Motivation

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Note: Whilst some Glassware out there are aiming for a fully immersive augmented reality Google aren’t just yet and this video shows an early design for what…


RE'FLEKT GmbH says:

Augmented reality for fitness. Cool!

GOOGLE GLASS FOR FITNESS – Race Yourself – Virtual Reality Fitness

Shawn Lyman says:

Augmented reality for fitness. Cool!

GOOGLE GLASS FOR FITNESS – Race Yourself – Virtual Reality Fitness

Paul Hill says:

After waiting, what, a year? Yeah… pretty sure this Vaporware. Just an
idea that never materializes.

Sam Taylor says:

After trying a virtual reality headset the other day, I started to have a
look at the possibilities for fitness. This is some opportunities for
Google Glass.

Stefy E says:

of course i´ll use it! Awesome!

Andrew Mackenzie says:

I understand why +Google Glass may be difficult to get your head around but
hear it’s actually a very comfortable, natural, experience once you get
used to it. Maybe this awesome app will help get you excited? #raceyourself
#throughglass #futureofexercise 

aplihs R says:

I can always use some virtual motivation! Pretty cool!

Gustavo Martinez says:

Haciendo deporte con las Google Glass! #video 

Matticus Barticus says:

Do these HUDs all of these Google Glass videos videos have what you see
while wearing it or is it just some BS?

vidform says:

I like the part that lets you run from boulders and zombies. Maybe you
could run from werewolves, street punks, dinosaurs, lions, tigers, bears,
Greek mythological creatures, buffalo stampedes, bulls (like Spain’s
“running of the bulls”), flying monkeys, dragons, laser-shooting flying
saucers, jealous marathon runners, Freddy Kruger and xenomorphs from the
Alien movie franchise. If I saw these things coming after me, I’d run much
faster. Just make them look extremely realistic with the best CGI possible.
This would blow Wii-Fit away.

eFit30 says:

I enjoyed your clip.

Laxa B says:

Fuck the future.

John Blossom says:

Personal metrics, virtual reality plus community on +Google Glass equals . Race your friends, race zombies, race yourself.
Pre-order and beta signup available.

Daniel Armando Peña Gatica says:

shut up and take my money

Alessandro Lucca says:

+Allysson Lucca olha vamos fazer a sua app!

Disney Collector Toys Club says:
Richard Goodrum says:


Laurent Haug says:

Pretty cool fitness app for Google glass, check the video. Glass is going
to find a killer app one of these days…

Warren Shafor says:

I want #GoogleGlass now! I could have fun in my kayaks with this app! 

Giannis Kollias says:

This looks super cool

Jalen Craglione says:

Man I wish I can have google glasses to bad its too muh money

Jason Leyva says:

This looks very promising, I can’t wait to check it out!


+Race Yourself or how to introduce #gamification on @GoogleGlass

Erik Eggers says:

Race Yourself for Google Glass. This is such a great idea. 

George Hadjidakis says:

This looks super cool

Davide Borroni says:

Google #GLASS for fitness! Allenarsi per la zombie apocalypse?…ora si

Google Glass Revolution says:

*Virtual reality fitness motivation*.

RaceYourself for Google Glass – looks like fun. I’m going to check this

via +YouTube #googleglass #ar

lorenzo501 says:

i don’t think things like the zombies have any effect if it’s on a small
screen in the corner of your eye^^

Engel Angel says:

*App para google glass – Race Yourself* interessante

O aplicativo é para amantes de exercicios fisicos como corrida.. onde você
pode por exemplo escolher correr com uma equipe ou simplesmente adicionar
Zoombies a sua rotina de caminhada haha.. (os fãns de the walking dead vao

Максим Михайлов says:
Sal Prive says:

I love those zombies. Great invention !
I want these Google glasses.

jazzthieve says:

I can see problems with using this as a skydive app.

Krystian Piątek says:

Ale to dobre jest

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