Goal Setting

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C’mon over to http://www.marieforleo.com/2013/12/danielle-laporte-goals-desire/ where the main discussion happens after the episode! Goal setting can be over…


DJ Yearick says:

Thank you this was inspiring
I couldn’t just pick one core desire,
Inner Peace

Monica Capotondi says:

Det var så här jag upptäckte Desire Map! Marie Forleo är en affärskvinna
som har en egen tv kanal. Jag älskar Marie! Danielle LaPort var gäst och
jag blev nyfiken på henne. Här kan ni se intervjun. Nu har jag bara en
plats kvar för kvinnor den 31/1-1/2 men det kommer fler workshops snart!
För män finns platser den 7-8/2!

Goal Setting: http://youtu.be/Ch_ny_6vu90

author cat says:

Very inspirational video! Thanks for that! 🙂
The core desired feelings I figured out for myself:
Inner Peace

Daryl Horton says:

I like this woman…I really like the way she presents her perspective on
setting goals with soul.

Nomalungelo Sithole says:

Danielle LaPorte is amazing!

Jennifer Coyle says:

I’m currently in the middle of The Desire Map and am feeling incredibly
enlightened, but am also realizing I’ll want to read this book periodically
to help me make sure I’m on track with feeling good.

One of my core desired feelings is “Free”. I’ve made some incredibly
difficult decisions to get here, and I still have a ways to go.

Thanks Marie and Danielle for the continued inspiration, and thanks +Jennifer
Blanchard for hosting The Desire Map giveaway :)

Jackie Capers-Brown says:

A Revolutionary Way to Achieving Our Goals. I’ve Ordered the Book. I’m
Looking Forward to Sharing the Information in my Success Becomes You Goal
Planning Master Class in January 2015. This Resonates With Me in Such a
Visceral Way As I Think About How My Intuition and Feelings Helped Me Build
My Successful Corporate Career.

Julia La Verde says:

I really love this video and Danielle’s approach to life goals. For someone
who always struggles with making goals let alone reaching them, identifying
your core desired feelings does resonate with me.
Thank you for posting this (even if I’m a little late to the party)!

SuniSide says:


Velvetant says:

Thank you both for your generosity & sharing ! 

Laura Long says:

This relates so well with my coaching style. Let’s get to the core of how
you want to feel and what’s in the way! Danielle’s work described here
does a great job getting you to the “soul” of your highest “feelings”. The
ones that propel you into motion and keep the momentum of your path to
bliss moving. What happens when your “stories” sound louder then your
souls truth? That’s how Tapping can help. We clear the holding patterns
of the “stories” which feel very real…..energetically and cognitively.
What a great combination! I love what I do!!!

Nancy Newcomer says:

Love the ease and grace of this interview & the message within. HUGE
takeaway value. 

Charles ChenTV says:


Jereka Hunt says:

Divine femininity. I love love love that!! I’ll explore further, but I
think that is exactly the one I’m looking for. 

Amira Streeter says:

So powerful !

Flaviena Vlijtig says:

I just want to feel safe. This is lovely

S T E P H A N I E H E N D L E R says:

What a beautiful friendship you have! Such great work.xx

Rosie Marsden says:

So glad I watched this video – just fantastic x

ZeusIsFoomel says:

What a pontificating horse’s ass Danielle Laporte is. Listening to her
speak was like watching an SNL skit. I’d love to have that 22:47 of my life

rawbirbella says:

thank you so much for this. a wonderful video – as always on marie tv.
freedom popped up as my core desire

Jennifer Cho Kain says:

Marie, awesome interview. It’s my first time hearing Danielle–although I
have heard her name numerous times before. Quality information and
soulful, practical tips on connecting back to you. Thanks much for all you

mjgoingwithin says:

Oh my I LOVE this video. She’s amazing & I’m off to research & buy her
book. :)

Shouga S says:


Dawn Hutchins says:

This was certainly revolutionary for me. I am reading Danielle’s book and
it is the first time I’ve been able to take a breath, let my shoulders
relax and say YES. That is IT. You just articulated what my problem with
goal setting has been. I had “I want to make a million dollars in a year”
and I want to reach a certain director lever in my business. When those
things haven’t happened yet the feeling is simply dismal. The Core Desire
Feelings that I need to narrow down from are: peace, clean, organized,
simple, creative, joy, abundant, power, influence, passion and I LOVE
Danielle’s “creation”. The one that is definitely first on the list is

Stephen Welton says:

Took away some great insights from Danielle Laporte and Marie Forleo
#GoalSetting #Goals

EX Marketing says:

Setting Goals is very important. But setting “goals with soul” is even
better. @marieforleo and her guest speaker explain to us how to set these
goals. #goalswithsoul

Nicole Stokes says:

I could listen to Danielle speak all day. The tone of her voice is

Wellness Direction says:

Great information! 

Rebecca Thompson says:

This put a tear in my eye… this is seriously what I have been searching
for. Im over all those things Danielle spoke of… and cant wait to
reestablish those real core patterns I desire… You are on the money
Marie, this is revolutionary ! Big ups….

horseygurl143 says:

Often something that I can’t control gets in the way of my goals and it
leaves me feeling so empty. 

Debbie West says:

Thank you for the inspiration and love, the world needs more people like
you, lets all get better at loving ourselves so we can share the love

Jackie Z says:

Amazing! My sister shared this inspiring video with me today and I’m so
glad she did. One of the biggest things I took away from this was, “Stop
living other people’s visions of success”. So true!!! 

sonja rupnik says:

thank you … Core desire feeling ….small steps …reality check ..

mahmmoud saeed says:

go ahead

Mina Sedgman says:

Love it! Goals with soul! Drop the striving and go for the feelings, how do
I want to feel? What are my core desires? Thanks Marie and Danielle, you
both are inspiring. Hugs x

avf17 says:

What Danielle said about wanting to feel creation rather than creative was
an absolute epiphany for me, when it comes to something I’ve been
struggling with for far longer than I care to think of. Thank you both so
much. :)

Melissa Quintero says:

My core belief vitality. Without this one I cannot create the rest of my

Isaree Jolie says:


Lonnie Jordan says:

This is really #eVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy Vasquez says:

my biggest insight was when Danielle started talking about constantly
reaching and not feeling fulfilled. I wasn’t even AWARE of that happening
in my own life. I honestly feel like I reasonated with her a lot. This year
I made 5 major goals. I reached 3 and a half and I reached them later than
when I wanted them to be reached and I just kept feeling down. The biggest
insight for me was when she described her own specific desired feelings and
not making it the big ones ‘success’ and ‘confidence.’ One of my desired
core feelings is a deep connection with lots of people that when I see them
I can feel like I’m in love,you know that butterflies in your stomach
feeling. but not just with my boyfriend. with everyone in general

Michaela Scott says:

This is a life-changing video. Thank you both so much xx

Amy Simpkins says:

Freedom. Right now it’s mainly about professional freedom. But it’s also
about freedom in other ways too.

Melissa Quintero says:

You made me cry marie… It touched me.. This interview was very moving..
IThanks for commenting on how important is to believe that you truly
deserve what you want and desire…. 

ShineBrighterNow says:

Wow! Goal setting according to what you want to FEEL instead of what you
want to achieve is such a powerful concept! I’m getting to like Marie more
and more!!

lakshmi priya says:

This is Amazing Inspiration. I come here every day almost!

I was always keeping 1000 goals and dabbling through life and achieving not
even 1 goal.

my friend almost forced me to use this “just1goal” mobile app which makes
sure that I set,track and achieve only one goal at a time.

now, I achieved almost 7-8 goals in 3 months.
thank you guys

CSmith723 says:

Sacred Homework!

Penny Lane Crull says:


elsa Grace says:

Marie is pregnant!!!

Ahmad Hesam says:

Goal Setting

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