Goal Setting & Achievement

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Kim Pliva says:

I have worked with Erin for two years now, and have known her forever!
She’s the real deal. We do goal setting in our workplace with her, and it’s
so exciting that it’s available to EVERYONE now.

Mike Todor says:

I feel very priviledged to have taken this workshop with Erin. She is super
motivating and non judgmental while providing you with many helpful skills
in goal setting and budgeting. Keep on keepin on!

Courtney McElroy says:

This experience was amazing. Really straight forward, good, useful skills
to apply to your everyday life. Erin Kelly and her team are SUCH amazing
leaders. This course is meant for ANYONE…no matter where you are in life.
Highly recommended!!! ~ From the gal in the above video who says
‘Bullsh*t.’ ~

JWolowich says:

I just started working daily with Erin because she is so motivated and goal
oriented. In only a few weeks I’ve accomplished so much with her there to
cheer me on. I’m so excited to help out with the tour this year so she can
help motivate so many others!

Carol Todor says:

What a fantastic experience, thanks to Erin and her team. I learned so much
about connecting the dots between goals and the vision board. So much
information, but all of it practical and spot on for improving your life.
Yeah Erin Skye Kelly!

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