Getting Organized with Goal Setting: New Year, New You

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PeaceLoveCupcakes says:

can you please make a video on room organization please?

lakshmi priya says:

This is Amazing Inspiration. I come here every day almost!

I was always keeping 1000goals and dabbling through life and achieving not
even 1 goal.

my friend almost forced me to use this “just1goal” mobile app which makes
sure that I set,track and achieve only one goal at a time.

now, I achieved almost 7-8 goals in 3 months.

thank you guys

TonyHickschick says:

Everyone should definitely have a system for tracking their goals and/or
schedules in life. Writing things down and checking them off is the best.

MaRy49916 says:

OMG I love your videos your an awesome person and your such an inspiration
to me keep the awesome job. :)

R.T Barton says:

wow, she has a large mouth.. I bet you could fit like 7 c**** in there?

satya narayana says:

Great Talk! Thanks for sharing!

I was moving around in life cluelessly and all of them very pissed off with

my colleague introduced me to this “justgoals” mobile app which helped me
to set short/mid/long term goals.

now, i have a purpose and i am moving focused in my life.

I am like a magnetic force to people around me!

Xouki Long says:

that dog scared me

Jessica Diamond says:

OCD is not a synonym for organised or fussy. It is a debilitating mental

Carol Fitzgerald says:

Can you please let us know how you made your templates? Thank you.

Zac Clark says:

Organizing everything is good for your health. Hay” was that a Dog in the
back ground?

Nichole Keith says:

I could never be as organized as her omg but I try

BeBeautiful ByChristina says:

How did you make the schedule? What program did you use?

Origami Twist says:

Goals are so important, I love your videos, thank you!

Alan s. Hiwa says:

i freaked out when the dog barked, RIP headphone users!

Seherzada83 says:

you have no idea how much you helped me! Thanks :)

Kinga Malinowska says:

I wonder how your day looks like from the time you wake up till you go to
bed…. is it schedule from A to Z?

Nicole Underwood says:

Can you make a blank quarterly goals & tracker sheets available as free
templates for us to download?

Alicia Saad says:
Kaustubh Joshi says:

Can you share the fields you discussed in both goal tracker and goals list?

Dorothy Gale says:

I’d love to try this for the new year. Is there any chance you could make
the printable for sale/download?

HauteCouture613 says:

Just like me ur CDO (OCD, b/c it has 2 b n alphabetical order)

Ray Art says:

OCDes all over this place ,,

PAH Ferguson says:

My FaVoriteS

Michelle Curly says:

She is awesome!

Jennifer Justice says:
doglover4ever2299 says:

Could you do a how tonorganize teen bedrooms

Priscilla-Lyn VierraJung says:

Thank you so much for all your vids and tips!!! We’ve taken alot of your
ideas and finally started reorganizing our home. Feel free to stop by and
take a look!

kmleroy30 says:

Quarterly goals seem much more manageable. I just wrote all my goals out in
a similar fashion. Thanks for the guidance.

lataluv33 says:

Thank you for this video, very helpful!

Oshrat Molayem says:

I love the tracker of goals That’s a great idea!!! you are so creative
Alejandra (and sweet)

itsybitsyphee says:

I LOVE your video. I’m actually an organizer ‘freak’. just… youre my

wolfsangeleyes says:

Great to hear i’m not alone. And i think you’re right. We do need to say no
more often. I’m very creative and because of that people ask me to make
things for them. I always end up saying yes, when i don’t even have time to
finish the things i want to make for myself and i end up feeling guilty
because i don’t ”deliver” the goods on time and i’m then way behind on
other stuff, like chores etc. Rediculous really. And good luck to you too
in 2013.

Marie Claire says:

Is there anywhere where we can download the templates? Thanks 🙂

Marjolein Caljouw says:

Oh and I was laughing out loud when I saw your goal list. Because I’ve made
a goal list with catagories JUST like that, in word with 2 tables next to
each other. So funny to see that I am not the only one.

Alena Degtyareva says:

Very helpful video! Thanks:)

Angie Lim says:

Does anyone else get the Cheerios commercial advertising?

Megan S says:

May you please do a video or 2 for organizing your backpack for students in
school? Thanks 😀

Kim K. says:

Great ideas!! Thanks!

Chanty F says:

OCD wonderland <3 lol.

anabel5950 says:

We haven’t heard from you. Are you ok?

ksaweryism says:

I really love this video! I passed it to my friends, helped me to write my
essay on human values! Could you PLEASE PLEASE do more self developing
videos like that?

Crystal Salas says:

Your Home Organization Video was amazing! I have a small place but I feel
like Im always cleaning! Could you please make a video on how you keep it
so clean please! Thanks!

Kathryn Sloan says:

My husband and I have shifted life goals and work. We have moved from a
good size family home to a small one bedroom apt. I am wanting to learn how
to live in this space uncluttered where after working hard which we do, we
have a place to relax and spend time on our hobbies. Help!!!!!

Luigi Piwimi says:

Love the video! Already writing my goals down for the the upcoming school
year (why wait ’til next year?) and for the person who asked, #9 was
Spirituality. I’m guessing it means religion or personal self

ravishinash says:

2:00!! What the!!! :O rofl

Marjolein Caljouw says:

Wauww…Goaltracking. That’s an awsome idea. I am evaluating my goals every
month (I have my own designing business and I review what I’ve done what I
can do better and what went good/bad. But this tracking thing is a nice
idea. I’ve made a monthly checklist though…it’s something similar, but
putting the date next to it is a nice idea! Thank you!!

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