Free “The Secret” Law of Attraction Clearing Meditation Video

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Free “The Secret” Law of Attraction Perfect Day Clearing Meditation Video – “Your Perfect Day” – a beautiful sunrise video with original clearing music and a…


ayishah mansoor says:

thank you so much for the video ,,,,,, it is going to be treasured for
life! :)

Jamal Joseph says:

working on clearing the office with some nice relaxing music… It really
helps the mind when you can detach yourself from taking in
words subconsciously…

Vonnie Wright says:

Very calming and much needed to get back the focus!

Stephanie Rainbow Bell says:

Beautiful morning meditation by +pat o’bryan ! Thanks Pat! Rainbow
Blessings to all!

Michelle Chester says:

This is amazing totally cleansing and uplifting thank ..

Pat Orr says:

Well, I think this could also be used before bed. I’m sated, relaxed, just
checking email before I call it a night, gave it a listen, said the
affirmations out loud, and now I think I could just drop off to sleep like
a baby. I’ll try it again in the morning. Night all.

jschnbln says:

This video is Awesome. I incorporated tapping and what a great day I’m
gonna have. Thank you, I am grateful for this video!

Graziano D'Amato says:

ITs all about make decision!

Jerry Garrison says:

Awesome, Pat 🙂 from Jerry Garrison

cre8amiracle2 says:

I see now why you love the desert. My favorite time of day is sunrise and
the promise of a perfect new day. Thank you for creating this beautiful
positive meditation and giving the gift to others that they are love and
loved. ~Barbara Hinz~

Đặng Minh Sơn says:

Thanks you for this video ! Pat and Joe

Athena Athena says:

Magnifique merci. Il y a des vibrations d’amour dans cette vidéo. Merci Joe

tolga baba says:

Thanks a lot Pat…perfect video…

Karina Dias says:

wonderful video! * <3

Raghu Chakravarthy says:

Thanks Pat O’ Brian for sharing this video <3 🙂

Azo Kamikazo says:

Yes, i can be what ever i want, but i realize that when i get old..

Owa Jackson says:

Great stuff

Jim Berryman says:

What a great uplifting video! This will improve anyone’s day.

David Neyens says:

Hi Pat and Joe! Thank you! This video is wonderful.

blacksweetywhale says:

im amazed by how much effort u put into this vid

golrozable says:

its sooooooooooooo beautiful and relaxing .its brings you to magic world

Vo Danh says:

helpful video

Kerry Brooks says:

love this! simply beautiful 🙂

huu luat Le says:

This video is one of a kind 😀 Im subscribing right now!

theundergroundhits says:

Beautiful video helps me with my anxiety

faye medrano says:

words can’t express what I felt after watching this wonderful ” Law of
Attraction Clearing Meditation Video”. it was amazing ! … I feel so much
blessed. thanks Pat O’ Brian for sharing this video to us.

shrobo213 says:

That’s great! Makes me feel calm and relaxed. A bit similar video could be
great for evenings too.

LawOfAttractionPro says:

Beautiful video…love the music

Vonnie Wright says:

Thanks! Very settling!

Waltorian says:

Very nice. I was surprised I got emotional. Thank you

4182green says:

12 – I can watch this all day long 😀

Barb Roehler says:

Wow! Beautiful Pat!

Sunny Mad says:

Thank you so much for making this video!

Henry Fadl says:

Inspiring Video. Thank you Pat O’ Bryan

ha bui says:

Really liking what you put out there, keep going strong.

rippinraven777 says:

Thank you Hope Faith And Love

Michelle Chester says:

This is amazing totally cleansing and uplifting thank ….

YourMotivationPage says:

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Saint

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