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Close I hope you enjoy listening to this hypnotherapy session. This hypnotherapy session is designed to help you increa…


LiberationInMind says:

THANK YOU for all your comments. I read all of them. I am very really
grateful for all your support. 

LiberationInMind says:

@Dino Valiotis – That is lovely to hear! Good luck with your career as a
certified hypnotherapist. I’ll put a session for luck on my list too. I
look forward to hearing your audios. And thanks for paying it forward :)

LiberationInMind says:

@niesha smith – I am definitely going to record some stop smoking sessions.

LiberationInMind says:

@nkaur19864- It is not a known effect from hypnosis, and sometimes hypnosis
is used to help people who suffer from bad dreams. However, I suspect it
might be due to a change in your sleep pattern, or your mind being more
active, or a disruption in your REM sleep. There are other causes too. I’m
sorry you have had that experience. I hope things get better for you.

LiberationInMind says:

@Happy Little Clouds – I am hoping to do sessions for fears and phobias in
the future.

LiberationInMind says:

@ch5080– It sounds like you need to seek the advice of your doctor and
professional help. Good luck with things.

LiberationInMind says:

@abdifatah Mohamed – You will naturally come out of hypnosis after the
sessions has finished and whenever you want to.

LiberationInMind says:

@Chanha Song – So long as it is ok with your parents, it should be ok.

alfredoking14 says:

I always seem to completely zone out during the actual confidence-building
aspect of it and even after listening to this many times I still can’t
remember any of what was said, consciously anyway haha.

Billy Gilhooley says:

woke up with a huge smile across my face. there were times throughout this
session I felt i was going deeper and deeper, then i would be shocked back
awake and at the times i felt more awake during the session your voice
calmed me and it wasnt long before i was deep in a trance state again. This
is a wonderful feeling. I will be back once a day for a week. Thank you
very much! Cheers

Growl Kpops says:

Thank u so much this is really helpful!! Can u please please do one that
helps straighten hair? 

ch5080 says:

Is there any place to get free hypnotherapy sessions, i have malaptive
dreaming disorder, extreme depression, low self esteem and suicidal
thoughts? where can i get help since i live in Kuwait.

LiberationInMind says:

@James MacDonald – Thanks 🙂 I feel my accent is more of a neutral uk

LiberationInMind says:

@borntraveller– I don’t know why that should be. Perhaps there are certain
memories or emotions that this one brings up for you. The background music
is the same as the one in the social anxiety sessions, so it shouldn’t be
that. Anyway, it is probably best to use the other sessions if they suit
better. Good luck.

LiberationInMind says:

@Danny Cainco – Yes there is a short version, it is available on the

Nitsa Amanda Oz says:

Excellent session. Very comforting personality. When I am upset I listen
to it just to hear your voice…Feeling more confident and that really
helps in all areas. Thanks for your contribution. I already recommended you
to several friends. 

Ivan Godfather says:

You are amazing, I love you, man! Thank you so much.

Mark Strosnider says:

This feels so good im amazed of what people can do. I will watch this video
as much as i can thank you so much my only regret is i wish i found this
sooner. I dont know how you made this but water ever you did is refreshing.

zef zd says:

Annoyed by his voice, couldnt stand introduction

Chanha Song says:

I am only 12.
Is it okay for me to listen to this?

erim ahmet says:

hey, have you got a calmness hypnosis? love ur hypnosis vids the best, such
lovely music, would love to make some music for one of ur videos

Rebecca Fidoe says:

It didn’t work

Dino Valiotis says:

Hello Dr. Paul I have been listening to your hypnosis for confidence-full
version for about 6 months and I have to say…Thank You! it has been a
mind blowing transformation. so much so that I am a registered student on
my way to becoming a certified hypnotherapist. As a matter of fact I’m half
way there.I am very grateful. In closing I have one request. Could you
create a session for “Luck” and expecting Lucky situations. I look forward
to hearing from you and am equally looking forward to pass it forward, as I
too will eventually create and put up free audios with the intention of
helping as many people as I can!…Be Well

abdifatah mohamed says:

Hey how do I get out of hypnotized I don’t like it please help and thank
you cuhz it did work: ) 

Scottie W says:

Awesome session!
Thanks so much for sharing sir!

Young Zen says:

is it ok if i cough? i have a tickly throat lol

Barbara H says:

Thank you for these wonderful videos. They are very helpful.

James Connell says:

This is just fucking amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Danny Cainco says:

Where’s the short version? 

Marco Jonathan says:

lets listen to it daily…we could achieve anything and everything if we
just simply put our minds towards it

Maiya Everly says:

I hungry…:P!

livi J says:

i had trouble going to sleep, i went in and out of trances but when i woke
up, i felt so light and all the pressure in life disappeared 

Mike Holman says:

I’m trying to relax and listen but my mother decide to stay up late and
clean the kitchen make a lot of annoying noises like if it was on purpose. 

James MacDonald says:

Thanks for posting this 🙂 I have listened to hypno cds and recordings
before and found the hypnotic voice irritating, I realise this is personal
preference but you do seem to have a knack for inducing a deep trance like
state. I also really liked the ‘coming to the center or source of a
thought’ bit as a way to help let go of unwanted thoughts and/or mental
background noise! I will utilise this in future meditation 🙂 I also
really appreciated the lack of any cliched ‘imagine you’re on a beach’ (or
something similar) bits which usually just make me imagine me rolling my
eyes! I think perhaps your slight (is it Birmingham?) accent helps too!
Thanks again :)

Ponchitah Martinez says:

Hello Sir, It is my first time to try the hypnosis. And it was very AMAZING
! It helped me a lot. Can I suggest a studying hypnosis ? thank you So MUCH

Joanne Habergham says:

Hi, finding this very useful to get through some family crisis. Thankyou.

chrizum says:

Oh my God! This was incredible…

I feel like lately ive been “stuck in space” in my life and didnt know
where to turn but somehow stumbled on this. When I began to walk down the
stairs, my eyes began to wiggle rapidly which scared me for a second. I
stuck it out and calmed down and my vision began to turn white!

I have experienced psychedelic, depressed, manic, and sensory deprived
states and this was borderline psychedelic forsure! I knew that there was
junk deeply rooted in my head and the anxiety I felt as I descended the
stairs did scare me, but as my vision cleared so did my mind! Im kinda in
shock, thank you!

raven lynn says:

I was listening to this while lying down but after the count to ten I don’t
remember ANYTHING then I woke up this morning wondering if I listened to
the whole video, turns out I did, I never actually had something like this
work before! I hope it actually helps my self confidence

Andre Deys says:

I got very relaxed and don’t remember from around 10 minutes till you did
the count. Very nice thank you.

Márton Kara says:

As I usually listen to your videos when I’m tired or want to relax, I tend
to fall asleep in a few minutes after going into trance. Still, I wake up
every single time when I hear you start counting during dehypnosis. It’s
amazing! Thank you.

Christy Marovich says:

I’m in love with this guy! I listen to everything on his list! Thank you
Paul! I can’t sleep without these!

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