Facebook Live Chat/Q&A with Centerpointe Director Bill Harris, Creator of Holosync Meditation

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Facebook live chat/Q&A with Bill Harris, 6/27/12. To try Holosync (if you aren’t using it already): http://www.centerpointe.com/t/chat5 To enroll in Bill’s Life Principles Integration…


luminousbluebird says:

I enjoyed this video a lot. I think most people dont have an hour to learn
a few things. :/

Jon Doe says:

People still use Holosync? You can literally make your own “Holosync” with
Neuro Programmer 3, bwgen etc.”Holosync” is not a technology, it’s just a
brand name. The only thing Holosync does is lower the binaural beat pitch
and you can do that using NP 3. Holosync is a complete rip-off. Don’t be
fooled. I find it amazing that people take offense to this revelation. You
tell them that they’re getting scammed and they get upset with you. Don’t
be one of “those” person’s. Educate yourself, be smart.

entiesean says:

loved this. it was awesome

Jack Ferlise says:

This was a good one, Bill.

Freemyworld1 says:

Im getting ti like you… and how you exp’ to me that i have spend k’s of
Dollast on his programs and other and believe me i worked my ass of to get
some good new life but sadly all i have left with is wheelchair nad sadness

nannygoatj says:

“Took me a while to shoot the IT department people that were involved, but
they’re all dead, and we’re ready to go…” Wow. Who knew?

67taarab says:

Another brilliant comment.x

ehgarner says:

Holosync changed my life. The meditation took away stress and leveled out
emotions. Give it a try and enjoy life more.

U Sharma says:

Bill Harris is not an honest person. He stole the idea of Holosync from
Master Charles at Synchronicity foundation. He portrays himself to be a
spiritual person but there is no real substance in him.Hes just a smart

giganticslothmonster says:

watch ‘the social network’ movie and copy paste

David Wallace says:

He keeps on spamming my email

giganticslothmonster says:

stop whining

Jerathai says:

Bill, I love you, but your ‘joke’ at the beginning of this video is
ignorant, harmful, and totally unworthy of you. Your ‘dead’ IT crew are the
folks that make your videos, websites, etc possible. No matter how
frustrating ‘technical difficulties’ get – and I can tell you they get
extreme – if you blame your crew, even in jest, you will wind up losing
them, and thus your ability to reach all of us. Don’t do that.

AlexanderTheGreat201 says:

Dear Bill, after 14+ years of following your Centerpointe work, you are
still as insightful as on day1. Please keep up the good work. We really
appreciate it! Thank you!

giganticslothmonster says:

Did you watch the whole video? I don’t believe Bill is advocating any
instant miracle results here. As brilliant as any teacher is, they cannot
click their fingers and have you magically transform your life. The best a
brilliant teacher can do is present quality information and advice that any
willing student can then take and put into action in their own life. And u
taking action does not mean instant miracles, it means continued, focussed
effort. It is up to you, so stop whining 😉

Lana Zincone says:

Thank you Bill as always. The one part that really surprised me was on
being a ‘self-regulator’ I have used this as a way to overcome my problem
with food over 25 years ago & still use this technique today. I noticed
that you used eating as your example as well. Thanks for everything, I am
on awakening level 4 and loving it! xo Lana

67taarab says:

wise comment

john weissman says:

Thanks! (Tho I cut it short, cawz Bill gets a little too personal and that
makes for rambling/selling)

Chris Shouse says:

Thanks Bill this was great! I used to get the blog in my email but don’t
any more but will go read from the beginning!

Freemyworld1 says:

realllly??? whatever! it is about time to STOP WITH THIS mirical things to
chage life….life is not going to chang in a few or
11things………………..please stop it………..

gillian carver says:

Great Video! 🙂

ReadTheStarsDotCom says:

Fabulous! Thank you, and thank you for Holosync. You have changed my life.

James Schreffler says:

Thank you Bill, I started in April of 2009 and I’m on purification level
one. Your Holosync has and still is saving my life Bill. No joke I was
ready to call it quits. Then I found your program and have been loyal to it
everyday. Thank You Bill

John B Free says:

Bill, Great little talk………short, sweet and makes the points that need
to be made. It’s like a healthy shot in the arm! Thanks. BFree (John

Betsy Meehan says:

could have left out the first negative about the IT dept – not a very aware
statement – but the rest of it was quite good.I’ve started using Holosync
again – feel that it has already helped me to have calmer reactions to
events and people who I cannot control. Hoping it will continue to have
positive effects

aleph ℵ says:

omg, how did I get on this mailing list? yes, some points yiu say are true,
but you have missed the big picture entirely. We can’t control the weather
or earthquakes? Its not correct that you are filling peoples this stuff.
The universe is a person.I suggest a person study the Bible,
televangelists, Kabbalah. Listen to the alien from andromeda. One could
read my discourse on the nature of time and space, rhyme and reason. time
is short. A new age is dawning. We are crossing from one hemisphere

Harry Tuttle says:

I have used other binaural beats programs and Holosync is industrial
strength compared to them. Anyone who’s been on the flowering levels will
testify to that.

Adam Gersbach says:

You’re right @luminousbluebird

Rhonda Grace says:

You can always opt out of email you don’t want. Its normally either at top
of email or at the very bottom. Opt out instead of complaining. Thank you.

Ron Potter says:

Refreshing. I am a regular holosync user and have gone through some very
difficult family trials this year. If I had not kept the presence of mind I
achieved through the meditations I would have wound up sick and committing
actions I would have regretted. As it is, things are working out and many
hard feelings have been avoided. And I am in good health and spirits. Thank
you Bill and friends at Centerpointe.

omniscientmoon77 says:

It’s good to hear that you’re human, but it’s a little disconcerting to
know that after all of these years of using Holosync that you’re still
struggling with everything that those of us not using it struggle with. I
thought Holosync (especially years of constant use) changes the way you
operate in life… Oy! Mine is due to come Tuesday, and I’m a bit

Dan Whitaker says:

Bill you are my mentor, I live your teachings..(I slip sometimes). BUT, i
don’t know who your marketers are…they suck! You and holosync could be so
better presented then they are. Its only because I could see past the poor
presentation of your material that has brought me to the point of awwarness
that I’m at…But, think about how many you have lost because of the
ametuer way your material has been presented! Give me one of your topics
and let me create a presentation worthy of your insight.

Gary Hewett says:

Sure – it’s always IT’s fault! 🙂 Arn’t you one of the guys that teaches
that you create your own world???

Karen Sherman says:

Wonderful info! I’m a Holosync user & it sure helps w awareness. As
psychologist, authored “Mindfulness & The Art of Choice: Transform Your
Life” to help rewire your brain from past “auto-pilot” patterns. So, I’m
totally on board with your concepts … 1st step is awareness. Emotions
cloud clear thinking. By healing unresolved past emotions, it’s possible to
live at choice. I’m certainly a fan of my book but I’m also a Holosync fan

Ashok RajGuru says:

Great Info, this keeps you on the path. Thanks for sharing. Anjali

Freemyworld1 says:

WHINING????? who the F… are you to talk to me like it….WHINING??? read
all i have say and what is it about…please be respectfull!

Amber J. Gardner says:

I needed this reminder. I wish I could watch this video once every day.
Thank you Bill, for caring so much for us. *bows*

John Johnson says:

Isaac Asimov

Mary Pat FitzGibbons says:

This was great! Great information and referrals to other sources of
information. I am a user of holosync. I am on the last level. Frankly…
saved my life. But I still have things to learn and to give. Thanks, Bill.

zolochnaya says:

How does one build a social network if one has NO friends?

David Walkden says:

I was a skeptic who tried a little believing, praticed that believing and
got good feelings about it and now as I practice doing the right things it
all makes sense and helps me make the world a better place. Bill you put me
on the right pathway. I am grateful to you. Thankyou

SuaveDave says:

Perhaps you are being sarcastic and I’m just too obtuse to realize it. But
on the chance that you or others really do wonder about that, perhaps
having “no friends” is the very reason Bill suggests becoming involved with
people. Consider taking a class: a new language, musical instrument, hobby
or other interest, etc. Go on a cruise. Attend a church. Join a gym. Take
up a sport. Get a new job. Volunteer at your library, school, or local
hospital. The possibilities are endless. Good luck.

Social Media News Curator says:

Flowering Level 2. great chat Bill, thanks. 🙂

Rachael Lushey says:

what is the name of the sic-fi writer Bill mentions at 30:50? I can’t
quite catch it..

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