Extremely Powerful Pure Clean Positive Energy – Raise Vibration – Binaural

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Master Your Mind, Master Your Life! http://www.PowerfulMindSecrets.com/ The power of the mind is one of the greatest secrets of the world. Science and quantu…


Diane Lising says:

Start your day with positive energy and everything it’s going to be just
fine :)

Sephiroth Crescent says:

Relaxing music for a windy afternoon.

Pinesmoke415 says:

Science and quantum physics are making huge discoveries about the mind, our
consciousness, and our Spirit. Please check out NewEarthNation.com. Also,
a physicist by the name of Nassim Haramein who has done amazing work!

Unkle Rikoe says:

So,…………- This Another Of My Jams Right Here!… Carry On World 🙂

WaveyQuality says:

I’m going to find my true self and get that girl

Andrei Cernucan says:

i go to sleep on this

Razl Dazl says:

Put earphones on lay down close your eyes an relax…

71OtherOne says:

Certain frequencies affect my dreams, they are much more vivid, sometimes
scary, but I think there is subconscious meaning behind good and bad
dreams. I like this one, very relaxing. Peace!

MutableBlue says:
Ron Paul says:

Wow this opened up my heart chakra =O!!!

Brooke M says:

must watch when stoned 

Badger Steve Woods says:

Am I dreaming?

The next time I am dreaming I will realize I am dreaming… am I dreaming?

Sarah Hernandez says:

Love it will clean you inerself

RatDog67 says:

yep, pure, got rid of that vinegary smell in my crotch….lol… NOT, Thank
You. Laughter is just as important.

MaryStellaRose says:

how does this work?

Lizzylunaa Nelson says:

i love the music when i listened to it you can definitly feel a positive

Christina Nicole says:

omfg when i frist saw the video my legs felt trembly and weak but yet
peacefull i felt peace though my whole body like my legs felt it felt like
i was sinking in quick sand 

anne.lise.wood wood says:

Thank ou for sharing. I am grateful

Liana Tigerlily says:

John dever i’m here. The hit itrsr

Chris B. says:

This one is much better..

alex gordon says:

This music makes me tired and relaxed… not helping me get out of bed

John Francis says:

start thinking positive 

James Mohr says:

Love it! Thanks for those beautiful positive sounds!

Maryna Hudzinskaya says:

Really relaxing i love it

colin1235421 says:

What exactly is used in this video, is it ischronic tones, subliminals or
just a solfeggio frequency?

Anatta Buddhas says:

O.o .. 🙂 fcking afraid us – because this is Extremally Powerful .. :D

Geng Anongnard says:

Is this one good to listening while working or better to listening before
go to bed?

Vanessa Perez says:

SAHLIAH *5555 *10

Claire Marshall says:

Relaxing, beautiful x

jean gedeon says:

I don’t know why but this just made me cry..

veronica Kent says:

Wonderful. Anyone know if I can get a download of this?

Mz La Pez says:

never felt peace like this before :)

Jeeva Raj says:

is there anyway to download this as mp3?

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