Experience The Power Of The Subconscious Mind In These Steps

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http://unleashyoursubconsciousmind.info The power of your subconscious mind or unconscious mind is where greatness sinks or swims. The true power of the mind…


J Wills says:

This obviously isn’t for some of you based on some comments I read, however
how can you dismiss something that clearly has worked wonders for others?
The principles covered in this video combined with techniques I’ve learned
through the video in the description link have without a doubt benefited me
substantially and I’m not alone, it has worked well for others also.

Debra Maxwell says:

*Everything is balanced, and nature is **independent of us.*
*Let’s wake up to the strangest truth about life, that no one ever thought
of before… Something new.*

*Go to TruthContest◙Com and open “the Present” if you want to know the
ultimate truth about **life and death** that you can check for yourself…*

Eda Gharachadaghi says:

thank you so much for the video!!! It benefited me tremendously and I am
really grateful for that!

Sharkis011 says:

lol wait why cant you post the rest of the video on youtube?

Bot Force says:

ok, haven’t clicked the link yet, so, i’m just asking, how much do i need
to pay to download the video? i know it isn’t free.. and i’m also sure that
if i paid, i would recieve a “you have been trolololed”

Pete Heywood says:

Yet another pyramid scheme. How about you send me a free copy and if I’m a
millionaire in 12 months i’ll actually pay you double the asking price

Something in the “universe” tells me that this will not meet your agenda

isabelle rezazadeh says:

Listening to part of that video in the link you posted was unquestionably
the biggest waste of time in my life. 

TheMidmo says:

Subconscious is not something physical on the brain .

soneelita says:

My dreams always come true 80% OF whatever i dream about come true 

Andrew Melanson says:

So… I followed the link, I find it funny how she got this information
“free” from a friend and it worked and things started coming to her… Now
instead of sharing this knowledge like any good person should bullshits the
public into paying for a book that will supposedly explain how to build a
good life without effort and hard work…

Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st says:

The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum
mechanics and legitimized as a form of scientific truth, not based on
inferences but on pseudo anecdotal empiricism. The success of these
anecdotal appeals are contingent on two factors: the appeal to authority
and the compartmentalization of personal biases.
Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

White Light says:



Sam Saluni says:

thank u

Rey Melen says:

do you have any links or additional info to this? to achieve something like
this would be amazing

Bruce Phillips says:

And here it was, all along. Thank you so much for this, i know that it all
seems crazy, but it works fast and effective.

laboyy1234 says:


AceTrainerKohi says:

Sigh. I was just looking for some help.

Pete Heywood says:

Please stop talking in riddles. I gave you a proposition, take it or leave

If you are that confident in your product why not do it with a money back

Like I said, give me that product on home approval and if I’m a millionaire
in 12 months, what the hell – I’ll write you a cheque for £5,000!

xoulepos says:


Colin McLean says:


Reckyz Rose says:

This is a amazing video very good work

Love & Peace From Reckyz Rose

Tubo Biz says:

Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book, “The Power of your Subconscious Mind” has been
around for decades and this is no more than a copycat of that one. There is
nothing new here. Read the original by Murphy free on youtube. 

Rick James says:

i went to your link… sounded like some bs to try to sell it to me, used
all the old tricks, secret.. talked about it like it was exclusive ect.
what a load 

Mike Grant says:

I manifest on getting a better environment for me and others around me to
live in. I think about the things i can do, say and practice to promote a
better way. Corruption is at an all time high. Life is so fast and days so
long it breaks down the true sense of community well where I live any how,
I promote manifestation as a way to bring about real change through
positive means. check out this link. enjoy

Experience The Power Of The Subconscious Mind In These Steps

onetwofive varma says:

I hate nothing more than business people talking business 😀 Fuck you, fuck
this video and fuck that page of yours! :D

pilgrim985 says:

This is nothing more than a bullshit marketing scam!

doc henry says:

…nope. scam. 

lebtu says:

You can say what you want about her but I have never had any problem
getting my money back from ClickBank. Before you discount what she says,
why not get the program, try it and if it doesn’t work, get your money
back. ClickBank is a very reputable digital products publisher, you can get
a refund and even get to keep the program. Also, while she may have gotten
the information for free, it is not free to publish that information.
People sell books all the time about free advice they got and nobody calls
them scammers. There is also a psychological principle behind charging
money for something that could be given away for free. It is a proven fact
that people aquire and apply information that is paid for more than
information that is free. 

jonnyblent says:

God these bs sites are so yawn yawn… if these people are so successful
and hold all the ‘missing keys’ to the universe, then why do they even need
to charge before they reveal “the secret”? There’s a russian site (in
russian unfortunately) where the author decided he should absolutely prove
anyone can have all the money they want before he advertised the book – and
after he did that, realised he could/should give copies away freely to
anyone who desired it! Blessed are those who can give freely with a “donate
after you too have been blessed” button. Stay away from these scammers I

Ana Caruso says:

I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover
how to attract wealth and abundance try *Greega Abundance Attraction Guru*
(search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my
brother in law got excellent results with it.

mr rambo says:

Can we please speak plain simple English please. My subconscious is already
struggling with my conscious shit. Soon I’ll be unconscious

LAKSITH666 says:

The life ‘destined’ to live ?? Duh… Understand the truth. You are the
creator & decider of your own life. It’s just a matter how clearly you see
your way. Don’t get caught by fancy & convincing words. I’m a Buddhist.

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