Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 266: Time Management

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“What you call wasting, I call living.” – George Costanza Today we work at building the 1 hit kill, mob storage and display part of the mob system. Twitter: …


Christian Smith says:

I know you get this a lot but your AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael V. says:

You are the most down to earth Youtuber I know.

Lorenzo Donati says:
Drew Pandolfi says:

Pretty funny. I’m watching this after he remade the entire sorting system.
He wasted tons of time.

Lindsay D says:

stupid starting

Blockheads says:

sometimes you just gotta take it easy in life in a river in a Snow Biome
with ice and super cold water

Zachary Patton says:

What is the episode that he make the spawn building above ground?

amber edwards says:

I love it when u goof around

Ian Moone says:

Time is not worth anything, it’s what u do with that time. Therefore you
can’t waste tine only opportunities. 

Touching Hair says:

Etho makes me happy so time well spent.

elizabeth v. says:

I like it when you nararate. I was about to go to watch another vid when
you stopped lol

rex blakely says:

Interesting intro, man. it’s cool and i like it.

austin veenstra says:

the time is not wasted, we are learning and being amused! :)

Charlie Smith says:


Sgt Sanders says:

Nice Just Go watch it :D

elizabeth v. says:

I like purple

Mc- Dawg says:

chimney swift talks and works a lot

Nero0 says:

Remember people, keep things bounced!

Nero0 says:

Being an intern at a place where there is nothing to do all day, that is a
waste of time.

Oh if only I had the option to choose between jobs…

Jimmy Le says:

The heck the horse invisible lol 

TheBlugrassgreensky says:

Oh and don’t worry Etho it has been scientifically (I hope I spelled that
right) proven that the brain can really only handle doing one task at a
time. Though with practice like juggeling for instance your brain really
has to think and multi-task. 🙂

kieran hawkins says:

watching tv is a waste of time unless u learn something from it

Taylor Fong says:

episode 105

Martha Stone says:

i was watching friends today

LordWolfRangerMC says:

Summer=Etho (for me)

ajmarcano200040 says:

What you use to grab your videos?

Zac Carter says:

Dude really… is it just me or does Etho always say “stop advertising in
the comments.” It cant just be me can it?

Christopher Filips says:

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Jim Jones says:

wat skinpack are you

Felicity Lai says:

It looked like he was driving an invizible go kart!

Morten Blicher says:

It is 96 episode You started You Cave minecraft World

Mikkel136 Gaming says:

You are not waisting time, Because it is fun to see your videos. And fun is
not waisting time!

gaige keeling says:

well you say watching tv is a waste of time. My argument is if your saying
wathing tv is a waste of time your urgeing people to not watch tv wich

TheBlugrassgreensky says:

Horses do naturally spawn, but they are VERY rare! 🙂

Mantolwen says:

This isn’t wasting time. This is relaxing after a long day of work.

Kyle Anime says:

Just be yourself that’s how you got all your subs man.

randomvideos725ify says:

Hourseis spawn in plans byome

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