Equalibrum – Time Management (Akai Mpd24 Beat)

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Dylan Madru says:

When you’re triggering the “ahh” sample, what is the fader doing? Is it
cutting like a normal crossfader? Thanks and sorry for asking about an old
vid, I like your newer stuff too.


dude,,,saw this years ago…this is still so dope…great work

OldDezy Dezz says:


Wolf Unplugged says:

very well performed!



realscummy says:

how did u do make it so once u hit the pad it plays the whole sample
without having to hold it? ive been trying to figure it out…

deathjr36 says:

yo, could you or some wonderful person, make this into an hour loop or so
for study and homework, i will do unspeakable things in the void for you.
Love for all the artists who do what is in their heart!

1337zi says:

@James Giovanni, so agree’d…so inspirational video! i want this mpd! T_T

waxinspektor says:

24 carat black – poverty

BigL BkNy says:

Damn that is an old ass keyboard. I bet that bitch is mechanical. old

Vandal ism says:

What software do you use this with?

Isak Mohamed says:

I jizzed my self 

drex48239 says:

where do you get samples for singers, and drum sounds

Balance says:

finally that in ad isnt on this beat

Gunars Graudins says:

interesting machine


i said it before maybe: that is so fukcing awesome…i think its the best
vid in the “livebeatmaking-on YT-video” EVER!!!

andressanimal says:

As you do these bases? That is the program you use on the computer? What
are the basics that I have to have / buy to create these pieces of music?
Thank you.

Al Breaker says:

Hi man question sik beats an alll i wanna know im thinking bout gettin a
mpc but dont know what i should get i like this alot but aside from which i
should get how does the beats work? like do u download certaint sounds into
these things?


How to download this orginal music ??

spamlesscoffee says:

371 people are deph… Great job man I love the simplicity

Паша Дмитренко says:


Equalibrum says:

@redamahdi huh?

Bob Haze says:


MrSerchOner says:

hey bro i know a bloke who does this shit for Ex and a few boys from carlo,
im always spittin over there beats, thinking about getting into beat
making, what would be better for this same sort of stuff your doin, and
whats the main diffrerences between the two. So would the MPC range or the
MPD range be better. Cheers bro, nice beats, were freestylin to this beat
atm, killin it. keep it comin aye

Equalibrum says:

update.akai released the mpc Ren which IMO kills the maschine tho its a bit
more pricey. Worth it tho if you ask me. Check it out.

sergio inostroza says:

saludos equakibeats, hace como 3 años atras vi este video y me gusto como
mezclas y le das variedad,.- al estilo clasiic hip hop,.- desde chile un
saludo y suerte en todo,.-

Constantin Diedrichs says:

how do you scratch with your mpd? btw the beat is dope

SuperMRtom123 says:

your best one in my opinion haha and i seen all your video

nicolasbruschi says:

5 years old? respect.

Equalibrum says:

“24 Carat Black – Povertys Paradise”

gehzella says:

This was the very first video I saw on YouTube when I discovered it back in
2007. I thought of this tune last night that sent me to sleep, I asked
myself this morning, “What on earth was that insanely good tune that
drifted me off?”. I couldnt think, but I was just skimming across my
Facebook news feed and read a friends’ status that contained the text “time
management”… now you know how I got back here! A truly remarkable tune,
many respects.

eient706 says:

hey nice vid , i have a question and i hope you can help or wouldn’t mind
helping, but I’m getting started into making beats i want to use pre made
loops to make the beatsbig city loops to be exact im using sonar 6 and an m
audio interface will the akai mpd 24 be able to arrange the samples/loops
i’m a novice obvisiously but if you could point me in the right direction
please it will surely help before i spend obscene amount of money on
equipment i my not need do you suggest any other equipment

kwakukwakuwii says:


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