Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Introduction

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sonia bellani says:

Pamela Rempel says:

Stress can be caused by negative emotions. One way to help with negative
emotions is using EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique or some call it
Tapping. There are many videos and information on understanding this
process.You can get free information in so many places on the web. It is
very simple to do and learn. Here is one link Emotional Freedom Technique
(EFT) Introduction
Achieving better health or even simply coping with our illnesses and
problems can be resolved by Tapping.

Kindy Kulosa says:

Amazing truth to watch

Liz O'Connell says:

Free yourself from fear :-0)

winddancer8 says:

Thanks so much for sharing this on YouTube. I wish you all happiness
returns to you that you have given out with these teachings

dovetouched says:

What a gift you have given to us bless you! I too cannot afford the EFT
classes and I suffer immensely with so many things it would take several
pages to list. I followed this but attempted to focus on two things I was
feeling. The first one left right away (anger at myself, I can’t even force
it to surface) the second one a constant feeling of fear and heaviness in
chest with breathing was more stubborn. I repeated to the end of the video
and though I still have some it lessened quite a bit.

sbscace says:

Fantastick! I came home from work completely stressed out and now I feel
like I could go dancing! Thank you!

adnyara says:

thank you from Indonesia!

imdad28 says:

This is a fantastic video, really helped me. Thank you so much 🙂

wanderingswordsmen says:

Thank you for offering this to everyone.

digitalsoul18 says:

guys, this is the real deal. After dealing with a fairly traumatic
traveling experience two years ago I was instilled with a general fear to
travel outside my city, I used EFT this yesterday morning before my flight
and for the very first time in two years I actually enjoyed my trip!!!! To
gray craig (founder of EFT) and mangu, you guys are ultimate saviours…
EFT forever!!

BinAlaDiN says:

I find that it works really good but my biggest problem is doing it in
public places or around people. It’s usually at these times when it seems
like tapping would help the most, but at the same time people are looking
at you like you have ten heads..

WildWestRosie says:

OK, this is amazing. Last week, my child molesting ex caused such a ruckus
that I pretty much went off my nut. I’ve been a basket case ever since, but
after just the first two rounds, I feel better than I have all week! Thank

Matt Vriesen says:

wow, this is amazing how did you find this out? excellent video!

mojoelem says:

Even if it IS a placebo effect, which i doubt, it still seems to work and
that’s the main thing. We are constantly bombarded by negative energy. It’s
a force field of cell phones etc so this does make sense. I’ve got to say
Magnus explains it wonderfully.

fred four says:

Thanks for posting! EFT is fascinating. I have a question about the
“reminder phrase.” Isn’t it counterproductive to state an affirmation in
the negative? Doesn’t that reinforce the issue at hand? How about thinking
of what you do want instead and affirming that as the “reminder phrase.”
Just curious what the logic is behind stating something in the negative
multiple times.

aliciadanielle101 says:

EFT is very effective by itself. When combined with other techniques, you
can create profound transformation. For more info, search hatherapies.

Cleda DeFreitas says:

this makes me really tired for some reason. Is that normal? Like I get
exhausted after this.

Ahbelina says:

thank you. I heard about EFT but it never worked for me. I did the tapping
with your video and i noticed some difference. Please can you tell me what
the side of eye corresponds to lots of blocked energy there for me. Many
thanks. Om Shanti

pmartindta says:

Fantastic–thanks so much!!

Ahbelina says:

I found this very helpful as i was trying to overcome several issues. Thank
you very much. Om Shanti

mojoelem says:

sketch2k; Yes, i thought it was abit too easy like frontal lobe popping
back in the 60s but then we are just a big subconscious electrical field
filled with 60% water! SSRI drugs basically redirect electrical impulses in
the brain except with serious side effects.The same thing. So this could be

Annsanity2go says:

I just learned about EFT last week. What a find your videos are. Thank you
so much. I’ve shared it with the people who have been teaching me EFT. I
fully intend to share it with others and introduce them to EFT, too. I felt
so much better after going through your training video only one time.

nophonies says:

Very nice. I didn’t think it would work. I kept waiting for the punch-line,
but it never came. So far, I have. 1)Cleaned my desk 2)Taken care of a bill
I have avoided for months. 3)Dealt with some difficulties in my acting
career (although I am still trying to deal with this. 4)Gotten to some home
improvements… And this is in only 3 days of tapping. You are providing a
great public service. Keep it up! Joey

kealan8010 says:

yeah this really worked for me. Truely. It’s like you’re trying to get it
back but you just can’t but you know the event happened which caused you to
feel what you did but you just can’t feel it. Great stuff. Thanks Gazz

furnie6269 says:

Does any one find it weird that there is not one negative comment or
criticism on this video??? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of EFT and
find it works very well but, I have to say I thought there would be a lot
more skeptics out there. What do you think?

czlen says:

Thanks! A straight forward teaching for basic EFT!

shostacowitch says:

This is great. Thank you! – Wisconsin

Mayara Lima says:

very good, tanks

icanhp says:

This has been so helpful and enjoyable and it works great! Thank you, icanhp

shamanicvisions says:

Thank you for posting all the videos. I have wanted to try EFt for a long
time but found it too expensive to do so here in Australia. You’re videos
are thorough and easy to understand. Thank you so much!

ikhoudvanmij says:

I feel great.

bigeyearts says:

i have a problem being addicted to SI, can i use tapping to get rid of it.
i have used it before…

thewrapstar says:

Your video works for me the first time I did it. It is amazing, I will send
this to my brother perhaps the entire family so they will benefit from your
tapping techniques. More power to you! I hope all inhabitants on earth
knows about this video.

BinAlaDiN says:

Are you supposed to focus on the bad feeling the entire time, or just
during the karate chop?

yoofang says:

Running through the video just once has left me with a calm and peaceful
feeling and indifference towards the person who still, after all these
years, made me feel angry inside. I hope it lasts and will be using EFT in
my work with drug & alcohol users. Many thanks

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