Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Demonstration

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http://eft.mercola.com/ EFT Practitioner of Dr. Mercola’s Center for Natural Health Julie Schiffman shows a tool which can help in various aspects of life, i…


Omar Gro says:

Why wont most physicians recomend this? Even if you are sick of something
else having a relaxed mind its very iportand share the video lets improve
everyone else life.

Sambista Nega do Samba says:

Wow, you are an angel, thank you, it feels like my anxiety has diminish to
a 4, thank you.

Ella Birt says:

Holy WOW! I went from really tense to smiling and optimistic. I’m not an
easily persuaded person, but I’m open to new experiences. EFT definitely
worked for me.

Midnight Sonnet says:

Thank you so much! I’ve been dealing with generalized anxiety and panic
attack disorder since I was 15. I’m now 31 and still suffer from it, not to
mention my high levels of stress on a day-to-day basis. Your EFT technique
helped clear my head, focus on what’s important, and relax. I will be using
this everyday. Again, thank you! I will share this with loved ones.

consumedbyfire13 says:

This actually worked. It was very easy.

Alicia Raquel says:

this has seriously brought me to tears! i can’t thank you enough and will
be adding this to my daily routine :]

Spirituality1980 says:

Thank you! I tried it and it works! I’ll be telling the people I know about
this and I also subscribed! Thanks again!

Ross Sense says:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Demonstration – Emotional Freedom
Technique (EFT) Demonstration

Aaron Dunn says:

You have given me a wonderful gift with this video. Thank you. : )

alkazami1000 says:

God bless you.

YogaNorman says:

Julie, You do such a great job of explaining and demonstrating EFT Tapping
that I put this video on my website so that my followers can benefit from
your expertise. This video is always so relaxing.
Thank you so much,


I just shared this excellent video on Transplant Friends

Hildegard Maria Koob says:

Thank you so much for reminding me to use this wonderfull method to heal.

Mak lay says:

Thank you very much..really helped a lot..!!
My had was on fire…now i feel like I am on the beach so relaxed…!
I am very thank full 

Subconscious Mind Tools says:

EFT is a wonderful tool that I use with my hypnotherapy clients all the
time. Very effective, quick, and easy to do. I highly recommend everyone
try this wonderful tool. I do it a little differently, but I use the same
principles. If anyone is interested, I posted a video on my channel. Thank
you for sharing EFT with the world!

J Soto says:

This is very powerful. It took me by surprise. Immediately other layers
came up, even things I didn’t know that where there. This really works!

Anadel Velasquez says:

i love her voice and the way she explains it, it really makes me feel more

Svetlana Untershats says:

thank you! I was a bit stressed out and this helped completely!

Bob Roger says:

That’s for bringing this up Dr. Mercola, This will help me in giving me the
means to help others releasing their emotions, since I can help them
knowing what emotions they have to deal with, by doing a color and
handwriting analysis for them.

Nathan Langhans says:

WoW! This helped me so much. When ever I am sad, I do this. It helps so

Diana JQ says:

thanks so much! i just learned this today and this video really help me
again to memorise the steps

Maricruz Cahue says:

Will continue to practice this method 

JOE D says:


Craig King says:

I did this twice and on the second time , It brought me to tears which I
think is confirmation for me that this process works in releasing the
negative self thoughts, I’m going to keep using this technique and am happy
to finally be doing something healthy for myself.

serbiangirl29 says:

Felt euphoric during the first ’round’ and then just felt calm and happy
after the second. It REALLY works!!! 

mastermoneystar says:

great video beautiful girl…thanks for uploading… :-)

blasketroots says:

Thank you to Dr. Mercola > Mercola.com. for sending this to me and Thank
you Julie. Blessings

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