EFT Tapping Points – Shortcut Method

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http://www.tap4health.com/blog/ A Guide to the EFT Tapping Points. The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of psychological acupressure that using t…


Saint Mull says:

Can you just tap one area if you’re too embarrassed to do it in public? 

denise santoyo says:

Question for Rod Sherwin…How do I know or learn what to say to release my
anxiety? I’ve watched other youtube explainations and they use verbal ques
to release while tapping.

Tim de Jardine says:

I am playing video games and often find myself tapping the controller
rapidly with all my fingers what effect will this have? Also if I hand
gesture counting (e.g 1,2,3,4,5) using each finger during conversation what
effect would this have? 


Cool!! I think I saw a lady stopped at a red light doing that to her
head. She was tapping it just like you. My mom said that she was doing
that to place her hair and that is how she scratches an itch. Actually, I
have seen several women over the years doing the EFT tapping. I am going
to research it more and start doing it myself. 

B.B. Mercari says:

Free stress relief from tapping specific points. Watch this short video to
understand this Magickal clearing method.

celestial hollyday says:

Shortcut eft technique demonstration

FritzvanMeer Morgenlach says:

EFT Tapping Points – Shortcut Method http://youtu.be/X4EDgTc0AyQ

Rod Sherwin says:

@thinkngal I’m gald you are getting results from your first try. With
behaviourial habits, such as nail biting, there is the emotional component
and then the muscle memory from doing it over and over. EFT works on both
of these. Also, its great that you have developed the awareness from CBT to
notice the preceding thoughts. Keep me posted on your results.

Rod Sherwin says:

@butifarra61 I agree that your biochemistry plays a part in your emotional
wellbeing as does our emotions to our physical wellbeing. We need to
consider all aspects for holistic view of health. Maintream medicine
however has focused almost completely on the biochemical and ignored
anything more than basic nutrition and general coping strategies rather
than digger deeper and dealing with the core issues.

Rod Sherwin says:

@burninglotus Sexual orientation is not something that needs fixing so no
EFT will not help you with not being gay. It will however, help you achieve
self-acceptance with who you are and fully embracing this aspect of

menderfire9 says:

Good tutorial. Thanks. Just FYI, for women it is called a bra band, not a
bra strap. Bra straps go over the shoulders. (Gary had it wrong too.) I
love your work . Respect

tranacupuncure says:

As an acupuncturist I find the term energy system inconsistent with the
true definition of channels, qi and blood. I keep hearing this but it isn’t
exactly accurate as qi is not energy! We can measure energy with volt
meters ect.. There are no true volt meters in acupuncture though I have
seen them! Also besides the language I found this video very good!

markybgoode says:

I was looking for a video on how to play Eddie Halen’s tapping technique.
This video is cool for completely different reasons. I’ll move on.

HijaDelMar6 says:

Thank you. It really did.

bangarooo says:

Hey there!!! Thanks so much for the demonstration! I just started with this
and was a bit confused and wrong in my tapping. I really hope it will work
for chronic pain in my lower back that is driving me crazy for the last 5
years. Thanks again, you were very helpul! Monique

Rod Sherwin says:

@videosfromderelix My thinking is that I don’t really mind how it works as
long as I’m getting the resuls I want. Thanks for your comment.

Rod Sherwin says:

@boundlesslife12 The point is definitely K27 in acupuncture. It is between
the first rib and the collarbone. Hope that helps.

Rod Sherwin says:

@lovesarita There are two ways that “psychological reversals” are addressed
in EFT. One is by tapping on the karate chop point (or by rubbing the sore
spot – not shown in this video); the other is by making the reversal itself
the focus of a few rounds of tapping e.g. “Even though I keep sabotaging
myself when I’m starting to feel better…”

NexisFilms says:

Thanks for this video ! It;s funny @ 0:44 when you say “if I can hear it
echoing out of your mouth..” it really sounded like you said : “Fuck it
…. !” hehe great video , thanks !

Rachel Sahar says:

thank you, I’m going to try this for the first time and we’ll see what

lovesarita says:

@DashofMagical You may have something called ‘reversal’. google it for info
– I can’t remember the procedure to clear it – but it basically means your
system is blocked.

OfficialBBrapper says:

Didin’t think this would work.. But I felt VERY relaxed after doing this.
Thank you!!

Filmore87458 says:

Thank you. That was a great approach.

boundlesslife12 says:

@rodsherwin Thanks for that but there is still a little confusion. I see
where you mean but sounds like that’s below the first rib not between the
collar bone and the first rib?

Kolor Meyellow says:

I get really anxious every time I go out to eat with my friends, its so bad
that sometimes I see my hand shaking as i lift the fork up to my mouth. I
hope this works for me.

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