EFT Tapping Create Abundance Fear of Change part 1

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EFT Tapping or the emotional freedom technique is a personal development technique approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) and is like acupuncture but without the needles. In simple terms, acupuncture points are tapped while the mind focuses on change.


LoveNFaith07 says:

I’ve been using your vidoes and I really love them thanks so much for all
that you do and your free post I will like to go to your site and then will
also buy some of these to use at home thanks again you are a wonderful
presenter and very powerful as well, you have gentle loving eyes

seaofclay says:


Rikk Morosini says:

and even if you pay for something so wanted to help you grow…whats wrong
with that yes?? The “needing” it to be FREE is showing the “lack” that
person has…thats why they are poor 😉

Huge MeniS says:

i hear you man,i feel you man !!!

Massage Ninja says:

I’m willing to do so for a week or more. I have nothing to lose and
everything to gain. Money is the one subject that I know getting on track
would open up SO many avenues for me. I have so much to give and keeping it
from the world because I “can’t” get this subject figured out is a cop-out.
I know that yet I haven’t known how to overcome it. I’ll try your method.
It’s worth my time.

Isabels100day says:

I love you. You rock! Love love love

realmanz says:

Good Stuff Man

Munir Bandali says:

wow… haven’t listened to your stuff for a while David, missed it!! Thank
you for sharing.

3alarm247 says:

Makes sense to me, great post.

TheCWM2010 says:

You MUST ‘feel’ and desire what you are trying to visually manifest into
your life, simply daydreaming about being rich will never work. I have come
from an extremely negative past full of violence and anger and only
recently have i began to apply the law of attraction and think positive.
Please check out my mindmovie on my channel and let me know what you think,
be nice its my first one.

Alexander says:

It is a great video to be inspired, but you also have to act, to change
your mind also the unconscious mind and to learn from those who have
reached their goals. Watch also liveyourlifenow.info

cmdriasonmink says:

What an incredible labor of love you have given all of us David. You are
brilliant. Life’s choicest blessings be yours for that which are giving to
us all…

lucasjins says:

I love your voice…I wanna kiss your voice box! lol 🙂

Estor pai says:

Thank you for this. I am getting rich across the spectrum just listening to
this. I want wealth mentally,spiritually, financial,health WISE and in my
relationship with the human race especially my family. I have claimed my
will, for it has been done. I AM RICH ACROSS THE SPECTRUM.

Robin Matutino says:

Good Stuff!

Heyco87 says:

Must have a reason why I suddenly found this AMAZING video!!! I love
it…Life, here I cone!!!!!! 🙂

AthenaMarina2 says:

This looks fantastic. Love your videos, have added this to my playlists &
look forward to watching it through. Like what i have seen so far. Thank

Rikk Morosini says:

So true brother. Carry on the good programming, and lets get everyone aware
of KILLING these blocks of resistence that STOP so many to receiving THE
RICHES we are all given at BIRTH! WE ARE ALL WEALTHY< start be willing to receive it NOW! 🙂

David Childerley says:

cool… thanx for watching!

PianoBiker says:

thanks Dave! Great Info.

Vivi bascuñan says:

Hola David de Chile te envio este mensaje para que ayudes a tantos
hispanoparlantes de este lado del mundo para poder entender estos videos,
supe de eft por internet pero no entiendo ingles. Que pena que solo los
pongas en ingles. Podrías por lo menos poner la traducción. Gracias , Vivi

fullpotentiality says:

You don’t have to pay anything if you read the site carefully!!

GusBounas says:

actually sociologicaly and psycologicaly (the freudian psycology) this is
totaly right … actually is a bit what freud wrote on his books … nice
video though

MsSweetpete says:

Thanks so much for your videos! I LOVE them! I just came across them last
week and I’ve been doing them every night. I already see a difference!
Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne4149 says:

Thank you David, I have been saying these things to others for some time,
and you do it very well. You sound very genuine and compassionate. Suzanne

Scarlet SINema says:

you are the coolest nicest guy EVER.

karishmen says:

fucked up accent!

Esotericaaa says:

This is actually a very nice explanation. A bit long, but worth watching. I
think that there is something behind EFT, it doesn’t take long to do it,
but effect can finally change all the bad outcomes into good ones. We
deserve only the best!

kohversohver says:

@faze3todd might be,but i stay clear from that stuff,i medicate myself and
i’m the only person i know who is so mentally challenged with no positive
outlook on life.Well i should be talking of it in past form because i
subconciously took over myself and it’s improving.Also it might have been
an extreme case of puberty,and childhood traumas because my past hasn’t
been very positive.Cant give up,not until the universe is clear.

Todd keeping says:

@madinventor13 its all about positive thinking and changing your core
beleifs that limit you

Todd keeping says:

@kohversohver chemicals in our water, air, food, vaccines, aspertane,
flouride, ect . . .

Farrell Rose says:

I’ve been doing this for a about a week or so and noticed a big change in
my attitude..I no longer get afraid when dealing with or thinking about
money because I know I deserve it. I haven’t been too consistent with it
(twice a day), but I will…and I’m sure you can add all kinds of your own
affirmations (“I am a good mother/father/boyfriend/insurance salesman”
whatever). Thanks for this wonderful gift, I am truly grateful!

Natalya Elchibekyan says:

Thank you very much, for your hard work to help people to heal… I will
much happier now..It`s work for me…

athletichunta says:

@WatchToddPattison your face is rubbish.

rafikimetalperu says:

youre a nice human being

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