EFT Tapping Create Abundance Affirmations

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Learn to use the Tapping technique to create new empowering beliefs.


David Childerley says:

Thanks everyone for 1 million views!!

Lisa Balash says:

I love this video. I was using this in 2011 when my Labrador became very
ill. I even used it on her. I was bringing in a lot of money to pay for her
medical care and I believe that this reall helped. Thank you David for
posting it!
Jalen loved it when I tapped on her! 

Cole Dillingham says:

Thank you! You rock! 

Jason Frandsen says:

Thank you David great information and video

Manoj Dubey says:

I am grateful to you David for sharing this.. what do you think if we tap
both the sides of our face and body and back of the neck..

James Eric Ratcliff says:

You know, The Art of Noise gets really upset when they don’t receive their
royalties. Heh, heh. This is so right on. Mental balance in general is
impossible without gratelfulness. No matter how bad things may seem for
me, I know I still have it a little too good. 

Dee Williams says:

I love this video, but do I have to repeat after you or can I just let you
talk and feel the emotions that go with it? My memory isn’t what it used
to be.


Stefanos Ioannou says:

David Childerley is a rockstar! 

Stephen Greenall says:

Good on ya Dave.

queseapaz says:

Thank you!!! from argentina. it is really efective and releasing. This is
my first day! Fernanda

Shannon McKay says:


Kat says:

Can i use this to manifest any of my desires in one day or a few more? like
can i say affirmations that say I am so happy now that i am wearing my *_*ring on my finger <3?

Jeannie George says:

Do you use the EFT technique? It’s a useful tool to change your thoughts
and the way you handle different situations you may be confronted with

Shannon McKay says:

You used to rap the crown in money mastery why don’t u so that anymore???

Louie Red says:

Tnx David for this free video,more power to you and God bless 🙂

melody tune says:

thank you for my brilliant self

TITSnASSmyFavy says:

I would like to know how the tapping has an effect?

EarlybirdMusic777 says:

love it;)

David Childerley says:

what goes round comes round 🙂 be in the flow

René Coen says:

@mariarosalopez hello rené from Belgium here, it will work better when you
say the words out loud, while tapping, greetings René

Crystal Jones says:

I love this technique. I feel so much better. God is good.

Jai Raj says:

PART 2 :- By PR i meant psychological reversal. Unless this is cleared, it
would stop EFT dead in its tracks. IF PR is NOT THERE, tapping the karate
chop point/ rubbin the sore point does no harm. so no cause for worry. Go
to google and type 9 reasons why EFT doesnt work. Ud get a clear picture.
The problem is not with EFT but with some of the mistakes you could be
making. Hope I helped 🙂 so first proceed to do that and then follow this
video. In ur case it looks like it is VERY MUCH there.

MsCasualviewer says:

I have been going through a horrible time lately but I just did this and I
said the words while I tapped and I found myself feeling happy and smiling
after the first minute!! That was amazing. I feel more hopeful again.

Jai Raj says:

PART 1 :- have you done the psychological reversal thingie first? this
video is superb but doesnt touch upon this, this may be the culprit. There
is a technique wherein you tap the karate chop point repeating the
affirmation for eg ” Even though my finances are very and im ashamed of it,
i deeply and completely accept and love myself” saying this , tap the
karate chop point vigoroustly and say this 3 times and THEN START THIS

Johan Sandgren says:

Starting, day 1! Join in people with your experiences, follow me doing this
for 30 days!

mybalou100 says:

Really love this video, have just discovered EFT, heard alot about it
though, and must say that David Childerderley is just so good, I do wonder
why I yawn so much through the tapping :-)) … I do feel so good
afterwards, and when I forget to do it, I feel the difference … THANK YOU

Paula Pothier says:

Thank you so much, David! May the blessings that you so generously send out
to the world through your wonderful work return to you
a-thousandfold…make that a-million-fold!!

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