EFT Emotional Freedom Technique – with Krista Jane from Empowering You

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EFT Soul Sessions with Krista empower you to get your life back on track, fast! Focusing on personal growth, they are interactive and provide insight, clarit…


Krista Jane says:

@pretencori Shoot me an email through my website and I can help you with
some pointers..

TheBiloify says:

Still waiting for kristas respond on that question!!

Krista Jane says:

@calickbn Yes Australian. I think it’s a bit rough but not much I can do
about that!

Scott Maher says:

Good work young lady !!!

Krista Jane says:

@rhurati They say try it on everything, good for you!

jenny tavish says:

Love this stuff

Chloe Cash says:

After desperately searching through the interwebs for help with pain and
anxiety, I found this link. My headache went away as did the panic after I
had watched the video and did as instructed, Thank you so much.

Joe Nathan says:

SEARCH: “Become a Reiki Master”

Mardell Greenly says:

Interesting concept!!

Krista Jane says:

@sperfar pleasure

Krista Jane says:

@emingat Until you feel fried… When you start to get tired or can’t
concentrate anymore or if your number is no longer moving down then give it
a rest. Good question!

Krista Jane says:

@ankintswa That’s true. There are some interesting studies coming out on
that now too. Exciting times for EFT!

Sr Chris S says:

Thank you Krista… this was clear and easy to follow! well done! Pax!

Johnny Jackson says:

Think I will try this today after a shred session…

Krista Jane says:

@ovessessen So so true! Sometimes it’s hard to find your own aspects. Try
it on yourself first but if you don’t get anywhere then get in touch with a
good practitioner.

Thomas Palmer says:

Chinese acupressure has many fantastic benefits

Krista Jane says:

@stershers EFT is AMAZING as a compliment to medical and psychological

GamertagTOWELLIE says:

I thought that you were supposed to perform a positive phrase tapping
sequence after doing the negative tapping sequence to install what you
would prefer to manifest?

VAtti says:

I liked her style, thanks. EFT works, no doubt.

southerncross73 says:

@GamertagTOWELLIE Will pass this comment onto Krista.. 🙂

Krista Jane says:

@cherptie93 great news. I am so glad you gave it a shot. You can use it on
just about anything.

Snoogumss says:


Krista Jane says:

@untution The best news!!! Happy to hear. Keep truckin…

Krista Jane says:

Respond to this video… Glad you gave it a shot and even more tickled that
you were happy with it. Keep using it!

Snoogumss says:

@GamertagTOWELLIE Ya, I did more of the positive than I did negative! Made
more sense to me to acknowledge the problem, then move on.

Krista Jane says:

Thanks so much for all of your comments. It’s so exciting to know that you
guys are out there changing your own lives… For those of you still
getting stuck shoot me an email through my website and I can give you some
pointers.. kj

Krista Jane says:

@cherptie93 There are some great new scientific findings if you need some
harder evidence than just feeling better. Do some googling or shoot me an
email through my website and I can send you some links.

coupleofqties says:

Great explanation.. will try this.

Thomas Palmer says:

I have been doing this now for quites a few months and am finding it very

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