Effective Meditation | Manifest what you really Want NOW!

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Manifest your heart desires is my latest meditation (or shall i say my latest manifestation). It is a truly relaxing and powerful experience. Feel your energ…


ORANUM says:

Guided meditations are lovely way to escape from the troubles of the
everyday’s life and re-connect with yourself! Thank you Lilou for this
video! Oranum- the Spiritual Community would be glad to utilize your
expertise! Check us out and reach million of clients all over the world
that need help and guidance! http://www.oranum.com

Liza G says:

Works like a charm, every time :)

Kira Rose says:

I can appreciate this…but co-creator of my life? Dont think so. Co-author

James B says:

I’ve been trying different ways to get to that point and really feel the
energy, different methods to mediate but I can’t achieve anything, yes I
feel relaxed and less tense but I feel my body, all I feel is that my eyes
are closed and is quiet but nothing else. 🙁 

TJK Accounting Services says:

A meditation to help you to increase the energy within that will help you
to manifest your desires. Effective Meditation | Manifest what you really
Want NOW!

Iceyumi says:

Thank you so much for this! It is a beautiful experience. (:

darkness190 says:

I did this an hour ago when I was done I was crying a bit and I was happy
then 5 minutes later I could hear my hart beat what does that mean?

Dieslo Steinbach says:

need little a lot help so good wishes in the mind of you all i now whil
help thank you all ans all ready the best wishes for 2014

Elina Zunde says:

You aare so sweet, Lilou! Lot of thanks!

Stacey M. says:

enjoyed very much. Thank you for sharing. 

William Thompson says:

Thanks wonderful

Sonja Rathke says:

You surprised me with your voice, your softness resonates, beautifully
Thank you

10908070605040302 says:

Manifestation is 100% without doubt a reality. You can manifest anything
you want this is true. As you guide in this video, find stillness, build
energy, and Visualise what you want. Really see it.

This is what the bible meant when it said ‘Pray’ to god. God (Love) is that
sanctuary of never ending energy in us all.

More people are waking up, this, is the next stage in our evolution as
human beings.

gordan2555 says:

Co-creator??? No no no…you are THE creator of your life

At This Time the news magazine says:

A very calming and relaxing meditation to help you to focus. Effective
Meditation | Manifest what you really Want NOW!

Kat says:

Did this before I fell asleep and manifested everything I desired the next
It made my vibration THAT HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I love this
Going to use this every day
And five times a day if I could

felix beatnic says:

I’m curious about that too, I don’t want to waste a bunch of time just to
feel good for a little bit.

Lea Lash says:

@PresenceDeVie thanks, yes it is pleasent it did work for me 🙂

Tina Bush says:

Very nice.

avalonandon says:

OMG so good. Thank you for all you do Lilou!!!

Jacob Vang jacobsen says:

Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well
what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that
leads to wisdom. ~ The Buddha

TrueStory says:

Oh my god, Lilou! You have the most beautiful voice. I wish I could get you
to do every guided meditation in the world so I could have an infinite
library. This was preceded by two other morning meditations, but oddly I
began at the start of yours to visualize the exact energy pull suggestion
you have near the end. I’ve never experienced something like that. Thank
you for existing.

christine ketchen says:

was wonderful, i cried during it….first time that happened. i found even
though i go about life , my heart is still broken ( my husband passed away
18 months ago. that what i need is acceptance, love & understanding. i only
wish it was a little longer, maybe just 5 more minutes. i wasnt ready to
come back yet!

harpster19 says:


Jane December says:

I downloaded this for my BlackBerry and I listen to it as often as I can {:

Jillian Arena says:

This is an amazing meditation. Thank you!!

lynn arveson says:

thank you! i felt so much joy and that is the key vibrationally. love the
music. can you tell me the artist? blessings always.

videosfromderelix says:

@TaraZatara I will but I think it takes some actual work too. Then again
maybe praying or wanting it to happen enough will motivate enough people to
do some good in the world. Who knows, all we can do is try.

Fred Harper says:

@TaraZatara stick with your comment

Maggie King says:

i loved this 🙂 Thx

Rafał Radecki says:

Very good manifestation meditation. Sense of love, calm and hope filled me.
Thank You!

Hanan Dirsb says:

i completed the meditation at 12 am and now it’s 2 am. I can’t sleep. didnt
drink any caffeine. Is it due to the meditation i did earlier? Btw, like
your voice.

ainsheea says:

@deeznuts1776 cities are the epicenter of all population…sounds like you
need a country retreat!

Angela Warrington says:

Love this! Thank you! <3

Taurean85KSA says:

Thank you so much .. I feel so refreshed !!!Love it

Bill Williams says:

Can’t you take a joke???

rick dylan says:


Liliana Garcia Padilla says:

@Kaashi001 You can’t. You just can replace them either by emptiness or
joyful thoughts.

Gina Burton says:

I just have to leave you another comment. I am an intuitive and I used this
to manifest clients all day. I met my goal, felt grounded and connected to
source and most of all served my clients with spirit and heart centered
information. Thank you again JUST AMAZING!

iags1205 says:

how many times should I listen to it? And the flute helped a bit.

NYTimes#1best seller says:

Darling I know you want to sound mystical and thats fine. But some people
may be hard of hearing. You need to raise your voice so we can follow.

Ken Rushing says:

This is by far the BEST meditation I have come across yet for me. Thank you
so much and wonderful job!

naomivaughn says:

best meditation i have ever tried! ever.

mmarlkraig30 says:

Great meditation,i actually felt the intensity..i think we have a

John Mitchell says:

see_the_truth dot webs dot com

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