Dynamic Meditation Workout

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Jesus Solano says:

“hes wandering if there’s a special meditation (smoke weed)” hahahaha XD

Pedro Cardenas Arauna says:

Puede un robot meditar? o solo se instala un turbo inyeccion , conducta
adictiva? . Can a robot meditate? or just a turbo injection, addictive
behavior is installed?

Mike Kofler says:

if elliot smokes imma smoke 

suparni says:

Shantimex is right, Dynamic meditation IS a great tool but it is designed
to be done right after you wake up in the morning. Kundalini meditaiton
(allowing the body to shake, dance, sitting, laying down) is designed for
afternoon. In my experience these do work beautifully but better to do
them at the time of day they are designed for – more effective and less
likely to distrurb sleep (wide awake 3am is not always the best…) Thanks
for sharing!

Johan Gurdzijef says:

Osho suggested that it should be DONE IN THE MORNING!

Msleoberlini says:

This is soooo cool, love the way you explain it!

Jon Hollingsworth says:

Yo Elliot your my go to man for building muscle… Osho is my go to man for

MrZordag says:

Like this peaceful-warrior-stuff

rocklobster900 says:

(Smoke weed)

MrSweatish says:

I love this but I live in a fucking apartment

webds says:

good stuff

jeffrey rodriguez says:

does elliote hulse smoke weed?like

Tribune of The Plebs says:

I guess we’re gettin loose then… Do it right…. Take me back to Houston.
That’s a nice beat she took the heat…don’t usually do this, not that
swing. Didn’t really miss it. That’s a nice beat she took the heat. 

pappi 35 says:

hi mister elliott your’s videos are the best of youtube thank’s alot , if
you send a message i will told you some thing very important peace

mixas6678 says:

now that was good

DamnSon says:

This needs way more views.

Bestbetbuying says:

Where are the resources for the meditation technique and music? Can someone
show me..

scottie pippen says:

hmm, ill just to stick to smoking weed *)

jmarcus fonda says:

hahaha ooh man i love this guy

Yulianna Katz says:

its very evident that u have high Emotional intelligence…im enjoying your
channel and videos very much , cheers!

Jon Navarro says:


e15s says:

i smoke plenty of the green, i just dont go around telling people 😉

shantimex says:

The Osho Dynamic Meditation should be done first thing in the morning,
right after you wake up!

Wise One says:

[continued] I know of people who literally put their weed smoking on a
schedule (like smoke a bowl only at 8pm on Fridays, or once a day, or once
every 2 weeks, etc.). They know how much they can smoke before it gets in
the way of their priorities. This may be something you wanna do lol. It’s
up to you. All I can say is, weed is there to be enjoyed and as soon as you
stop really enjoying it, you’ve probably started misusing it. Use it to
make your life better, not worse. Just remember that.

MrTruffleslam says:

did he just say that lol

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