Doubling Your Brain Power (Part 1 of 4) – The Super Consciousness

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Master Your Mind, Master Your Life! When people think of exercising it often involves physical exertion to strengthen mus…


gabriel chihak says:

People have mastered their brains have used lsd now it sounds crazy but
what if someone mastered their brain with lsd

patrick smith says:

i have a crush on a Girl at School my mind and heart tell me if she will
be absent or present when iam still at home

Wyatt L. L. says:

oh… you are getting one hell of a subscribe my good sir. Finally someone
who skips the bullshit and gets straight to the facts. Im all about this
third eye shit and sublime concioussness. But i hate how people mix in
reading the future and telakanisis which are the most improbable things to
decide to bring up in assosiation to the topic. And not what im interested
in at all. Im probably the most dedicated new musician of this coming era
that i’d end up on this page today in search of new ways to expand my
abillities. and i know exactly what you are talking about. In the times
where i write my best music it just comes naturally out of nowhere as if
the music is writing itself, even tho just minutes earlier i may have
experienced the greatest writers block of all time. Its a constant
progressing upwards the ladder of success. Also when i freestyle, it can be
incoherent or completely out of wack one second. Than the next i spit shit
that comes from absolutelly nowhere yet is lyrically diverse and un
reserved by other rappers even. am i experiencing creative subconcious
taking over every time i spit a legendary flow? I can only get better. I’ve
spent literally all day and night researching all kinds related topics and
just thinking. Thought is the power of gods and i get more than enough of
it. shit i didn’t intend for this comment to get so big. But just know that
i am very enthusiastic to be getting stream from you.

Anupam rao says:

Do you make these costly mistakes in your diets? Copy And Paste Into Google
Ready Set Ripped to find out.

Antoine Carter says:

The same as what Napoleon Hill wrote in Think and Grow Rich 

William Mary Magdalena says:

You’re talking like brain power and success are the same thing. Perhaps
these videos should be entitled “success”. You are absolutely correct about
connecting to the superconscious. You provide many examples to credit your
notion. But you don’t provide a lot of instruction. That’s ok. In my mind,
I have gained connection with this superconsciousness. The strange part is
that I wasn’t given knowledge until I gave up trying to figure it out with
my conscious logical reasoning. The thing I most focused on throughout my
life was for me to comprehend the universe (ie. go further than anyone
else). Brain power (logical reasoning) only goes so far. The logic must be
in combination with feeling. It is the feeling which connects us to the
higher consciousness. so this superconsciousness comes to us via feeling,
and then is brought through our conscious logical brain to manifest
physically. The moment I gave up trying to figure out the universe, the
universe immediately went to work to make my dream my reality. So now I
have the answer to everything I always wondered.
Its a long story….But anyhow, the first step the universe gave me was to
drastically improve my brain power. I had no idea this could be done. And
to top that, I had no idea it would happen. Ok, to be fair, I surrendered
to Jesus. And also, I was (still am?) very smart; but, not nearly smart
enough and not nearly happy enough. I’ll tell you about a certain highly
illegal plant that did turn my brain into a supercomputer-while at the same
time giving me much joy-so that my mind became a playground for
entertaining thoughts. I could think! so I began writing having no notion
of what I would write. But I could not come close to writing down my
reasonings as fast as they were given to me. And while my mind became
crystal clear, so did my body. In fact my body became perfect also
(chiseled). And then this magic food was taken away from me and now I am a
regular non spectacular person again. But I have retained and continue to
build on (very very slowly) my knowledge of the universe. I didn’t have to
read books or pray or even think about it. It was automatic. Ok, I’ll just
share this one thing, which was way more powerful than any other single
thing, that brought me into close union with this superconscious thing. Ok,
“thing” is the opposite of who the universe (milky way galaxy) is.
Superconsciousness has a name. HER NAME IS MARY. Nevermind that. How about
turning the brain into a supercomputer? I ate coca leaves all day everyday
for over a year. But after three weeks I was cleaned out. It cleaned all
the fat from within my brain and body. As the fat was cleaned out of my
insides (beneath my muscle, internally), the fat disappeared from my
outsides. And when the fat was cleaned out of my brain…I could speak and
think. And of course I gained that sixth sense thingy…pretty handy. But
as I became smater, I also became nicer, as divine love and divine mind go
hand in hand. You can’t halve one without the other. Perhaps the only
reason the coca plant is here on earth is for my benefit and no one else’s?
What does dopa mean? Is it what Mary wanna? Now since I have joined with
MARY, it seems silly to me to want for myself. I have a higher cause to
want for. It is Mary’s cause. She wants to Mary Jesus. I want what she
wants. All life in this universe are simply figments of Her imagination. We
are set back in time to work out all the tiny details of Her dream so that
some day soon, her dream will be reality. Or perhaps Her reality already
is. And we are the dream before Her (eternal) reality. Want eternal life?
Then simply do what Mary desires! Mary Jesus! Everything else is a
The galaxy works the same way our body does. Happy, happy, happy. Or
better, Merry Mary Marry. Got Doubt? All one need do then is to try and
prove me wrong. The only proof that this is right is that it cannot be
proved wrong! Time and space.
Rhyme and reason. Feeling and logic. 0 and 1. X and Y. Man and woman. Dog
and cat. It’s all the same thing. The way of one is the what of the other.
Each is half of the whole. You can’t have 1 without the 0 (Ther). Row, row,
row your boat….Mary had a little lamb. She really loves that lamb. I’m
gonna help Her find Him…

C4Instincts says:

This does work… My IQ increased to 2 from 1. xD

PeaceLoveHappiness says:

Loved this video! <3
Wish the guy spoke with more enthusiasm though.

Brain Abundance Review says:

Great point at the beginning about children at an early age. I really
enjoyed this video a lot.

ed auva'a says:

Love it..sounds like a young Brian Tracy. Excellent.

Athena Fosher says:

It’s still shock me just how lots of people do not know about Geniuxole
System (just google it) even though lots of people increase their IQ of 20
points with it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about it. I have your IQ
score increased over 15 points.

Chris Fox says:

Mention Edison but not Tesla? :/

Luis Rocha says:

despite i am fully interested on the topic, a big mistake is spoken at
thomas edison, the greatest inventor of the modern age?????
In my opinion, do some research on Nikola Tesla and draw your own
As i learned from my own research, we owe our present technology to the
visions of this man….

Pablo Agustin says:


DalaiLamaNYF says:

Im too intelligent for my own good.

Bob schouten says:

This is not ! i repeat not! for hot blonde’s ^-^
please don’t make it harder for me
well unless you mean something else with “it”
if u know what i mean

jason cummings says:

from this video my map testing score went from 198 to a 209 that is 11
points and now i am getting strait a”s
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow that is amazing thank you lord

aidan d says:

Law of attraction

Matador Romeo says:

I wish U …
12 months of happiness
52 weeks of fun
365 days of success
8,760 hours of good health
525,600 minutes of good luck
31,536,000 seconds of joy
Happy New Year everyone!!

McShane says:

Tesla, not Edison!

C M says:

I didn’t learn anything useful from this video…:-(

train your brain and acheave all your desires says:

Doubling Your Brain Power (Part1)

Modupe Sarratt says:

I wish I know how to tap to my geniuses with taking multiple choices test
with my guesses. I wish my first impression of the correct answer if I do
not know the answer is right, if I can do that I will considered myself
genius, but sometimes when in doubt and change my answer I found out the
first choice is usually the correct answer. Equally, I have changed my
first guess to pick up a correct answer, and sometimes I did get lucky
changing the answer. I guess when in doubt, to stop maybe a form of genius.

Nina Jonassaint says:

Double Your Brainpower — Double Your Creativity.

Doubling Your Brain Power (Part 1 of 4) – The Super Consciousness

tayebi sophia says:

amisinig védio of the power of the brain 

05xxcameron says:

This is interesting, You speak of events where someone had a creative idea
but didnt think it held merit. Im a psych major and today we were
discussing intelligence, “either you have it or you dont.” when my
professor was discussing this subject I started to think about everything I
just heard in this video. I was watching the tv show “the human body:
pushing the limits” and the idea I had in class shot back into my mind. So
I decided to look it up and see if any bit of my theory has been talked
about. I never expected to hear every bit of my theory. Im not saying that
I thought word for word what was said in this video, but every concept of
my theory was discussed. Kind of Ironic one would think

Breanne Melley says:

Hi there, have you considered Geniuxole System yet? Simply just do a google
search. On there you will discover that a great suggestions about how
exactly you can improve your intelligence. Why don’t you give it a chance?
perhaps it can work for you too.

Mike schuldiner says:

There’s Chinese proverb says: ” hard work compensates dull brain”
(translated) . A person without high I.Q can still achieve his/her dream
if they put their minds into it. It doesn’t matter how smart you are you
will still have to work hard to achieve your goal… unless of course
you’re born into a rich family.

Trinity Joy Alhambra says:

Right.professiona commticius everyone wants to be a genius even kids to get
high grades like me a nine yr old girl,its me. I wanted to be smarter to
get high grades but the tendency of it is you will never go to school again
so i wanted my math equations to be done by my brain cant even count its
too hard to count and hard to think while doing this

Florin Drutu says:

Dhawal Banker says:

Aleksa Mitrovic says:

Disliked this video because of edison.

detroitrockcity22 says:

How do you know that you aren’t just really close minded?

Brandon Bridges says:

I’m in my 3rd year struggling but making it and never would have gotten
this far without sheer determiantion in my SPIRIT FIRST and letting that
guide my body on a natural course of encounters to help me through all the
way. Faith hasn’t failed me once yet and though it may not work for you it
did for me, so don’t ruin a potential blessing for other people. I MAKE
inner city High school. if not faith then what is that?

Michael says:

it seems to me that you think confidence is what separates a genius from an
ordinary person in terms of executing ideas, but perhaps its just money

zion domacena says:

what about alcohol?

Omni Potent says:

I can make my dick grow.

Shady Nasty says:

he’s just talking about developing and trusting your intuition

Fernando says:

He stole over 1000 patents, either he actually was an outstanding creator
or he was one hell of a thief 😛

MindPowerWords1 says:

if you want to train your brain to the max download this guide and your
brain power will grow up extreme. try this latest ways now. download this
now. getmyfile. org/file/0r6N_

courtlou123 says:

Do You Have Any Proof That it is not true? No. You dont!! So Dont Go Around
lying! It Is True! i know a lot about science, i know that humans only use
10% of there brain in a lifetime.

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