Does holosync meditation really work???

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Close This video explains a tiny bit of my experience with almost 9 years of using holosync meditation everyday,


Sam Deacon says:

you really need to work on your english and the flow of your comments as I
had trouble following you, so perhaps use some bullet points to keep your
from trying to talk about five things all at the same time

Viggo Stokholm says:

I’ve tried holosync and it is a scam. Complete hocus pocus pseudoscience.
Placebo ftw.

Jan Tijmes says:

Search ‘ The day i threw away Holosync’.

Alwin Arnold says:

I’m on Flowering level 2 CD 2, and I think holosync works. I used to have
severe depressions and I don’t have any of them anymore. I’m calm and feel
like everything is okay. I must say I’ve come a long way.

FanOf311 says:

You’re hard to listen to. I swear a lot of brazilian dudes are identical
in their speech, way of thinking, annoying hyperactivity, etc. You are
annoying as hell to sit and listen to when I am trying to learn about
meditation. Do you give people panic attacks? sheesh. thumbs down!
Toxoplasma at it’s finest

techgeekmb says:

hey man dont listen to these fools .. i like your enerygy u seem cool

carla crust says:

Trying to detail the feeling of bliss with the English language is a very
hard thing to do , I’ve being using Centrepointe for 5/6 years now and it
works , you become smarter and more resourceful

Research the following chant and you will understand completely what he is
talking about
om sat chit ananda

The true / pure world 

valinor100 says:

Are you sure Holosynci is calming? Good lord!

Jamil Joukhdar says:

it really meiks sence on what u sed on ur vidio i would like to look more
into holosync meditation and read more about it, i dont know yet if it
would work for me, but i will soon find out

sahajasatori says:

Nope, not on them. Did try a few, buy cocaine never called my attention.
Sarcastic? Really. I thougnt it was kind of a joke but I thought it was an
interesting point to comment about. By the way I meant Holosync won’t make
the damage by cocaine worst and will not stop it either (I meant “nor”
intead of “now”). Why do you say I sound like I’m drugs? you mean the video
or the comment. I feel feel kinda high on life sometimes, though cheers

sahajasatori says:

@clickswitchh Yea I feel yah!, but… You gotta give them some credit, The
Prince of the Royal Secret was still …….. (asleep?, too young?, on it’s
way, who knows!) There are more fun things in life than trust, would you
dance with a Girl you don’t trust? Like a True Bro:.ther of mine told me
once, “Only if it’s TANGO!!”

Karolina Pjetri says:

if holosync makes people act like u i don’t want any part of it… ur

Rafa Garcia says:

Hola Luis ya me meti a tu link pero me aparece el sistema para autos que
esta muy interesante ¿no hay manera de consegirlo en mexico?. llevo ya casi
2 años usando holosync estoy en awakening l 2 y estoy muy contento pero
tambien me interesa la informacion que tienes sobre otros programas de
binaural beats y ese asunto. un abrazo y felicidades!!!

timi0000 says:

I hope I don’t become this annoying after using Holosync.

FUKC GEWGLE AND YT. keptemailsfrommetill i joined youscumbags demanded that i join u says:

does it work?

Hans Wurst says:

Holosync fried his brains. This isn’t a recommandation, this is a serious
warning. Wow, the guy is so spaced out!

TommyC503 says:


joan Jones says:

Get to the point man.

tripz123 says:

your a very very odd man with your mannerisms and weirdness, thanks for the
review though.

sahajasatori says:

@clickswitchh For who Centerpointe?….. I WISH, I’ve been applying since
July …2000, Breitenbush ORegon(pardon my spelling) Working with Bill is
the H:.ighest H:.onor My Friend!

Zonlander says:

Man, i dont know what you were like before Holo Sync, but i think the stuff
has messed you up a little. You remind me of meth addicts with your facials
and expresions.

Nevawake says:

@jmesr1234 Yeah. And if the dexamphetamine seems to not be working as it
should. It may mean that sleep needs its sleep. Also Vlad the impaler
couldnt impale Shakespear as some believed he never was the real
Shakespear! I know for a fact that when i died i was afraid the few seconds
before the lights went out. So i take comfort knowing it wont happen until
the year 2012. Thankyou.

HijamaTeam says:

Where did you download it from? I want!

Angelo Letsome says:

This is an infectiously humorous video, while at the same time quite
brilliant, and somewhat informative; I like it; very original

Nevawake says:

@sahajasatori I do believe you. Id buy a car from you.

sahajasatori says:

@Abobojo Delta? how about some G:. Force or some Properllerheads songs! “a
bit of history repeating”

sahajasatori says:

make sure you send this to centerpointe, maybe it will be a glowind
testimonial of the month (gosh I miss those), LOL

ladster3 says:

I’m on the 4th level, but I also will use Immrama Insight (Awakened Minds)
which seems a little more mellow – but maybe not as strong(?). It
supposedly uses harmonic binaurals and doesn’t need levels. Ever try it?

hikupoopoo says:

every one should read eckhart tolle

clickswitchh says:

You work for them dont you ?

Sety777 says:

you are living proof? I think you are an idiot.

Alan Mauro says:

I hoped it works for you, since you’ve spent thousands on technology that
you can buy or create for much less money.

sahajasatori says:

I just saw this. Really? wow cool tocayo. Cheers on your gorgeous name, jeje

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