Developing Inner Power

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Positive Thinking With inner strength and clarity, we are able to free ourselves from the negative influences imposed on us by external sources, as well as b…


Young ByChoice says:

Positive Thinking With inner strength and clarity, we are able to free
ourselves from the negative influences imposed on us by external sources,
as well as by our own weak thoughts, and so recognise and fulfil our true
potential. This series of positive thinking commentaries, helps us to
create a new positive sense of self through which we can transform our
vision and therefore the world. These commentaries can be used
independently, but is particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with
the positive thinking course taught by the Brahma Kumaris.

Surender Garg says:


S P I R I T I L L U M I N E S S E N C E says:


Rajeev Kulkarni says:

Developing Inner Power

Positivitiology says:

My energy for the day starts with the time I take to be still and in the
moment completely. For me to ask another to do the same when they come and
ask for my help/advice etc. I must simply be honest with them as well as
myself by saying, this is an act that takes endless practice day in and day
out. Some days I can knock this out of the park, other days I tend to fall
apart by 10am. When that happens, it is up to me to stop, and remember the
positivity within me, so I start saying thank you for all the people,
moments, opportunities, things etc. in my life, take a deep breath and keep
moving forward, while also reminding myself of the importance of
remembering to start my day the next day by being still.

Raj Kumar says:


Meditation says:

Nice Guided Meditation

lala donato says:

shine on :))

AstrologerSatish Kumar says:

Dear Friends; Must watch this video and share among friends.
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Azezzun Zahraah says:
Ave Maria says:

Peaceful and silent to develop Inner Power.

Mafarah Baharom says:

Developing Inner Power

Matilde Kempf says:

Enjoy it !

Scullybabe says:

Lovely and so peaceful do you have the name of this please

princessofbalance says:

this made me think of all the people love and having the power to protect
them and it alms tmad eme cry from joy.thank you


@ZeroGravity60 I speak into existence the fact that you are inspiring
millions to truly find inner peace. IJN, Amen!!!

RippoTheWane says:

all in all is all we are

Balaji Jallipalli says:

Very Nice video…PLEASANT!! and Inspiring. Balaji-Sydney-Australia

TanyaGCW says:

One word BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9prakhar9 says:

@Davlavi give ur email adrss and i will send u, 🙂

Shruti chintamani says:

i also do have anxiety

Bonitadj says:

So soothing.. Such powerful words.

Ramsesee12 says:


silvio bianculli says:


Davlavi says:

Is there a place I can buy this to put on my ipod?

missosq says:

This is very relaxing, I love it 😀 I’ve been very tense, working a lot
here lately, been moving into a new place as well. I closed my eyes and
just listened, my body is now extremely relaxed. I feel great, thank you so
much 🙂

Vas Onica says:

This is amazing – thanks very much for sharing it with us!!!

martin lee says:

…many thanks 🙂

aydenstorm says:

This really helps me release the stress when I get a little too agitated at

hiRyouIfind says:

Wow, love this video. Beautiful , that’s how I feel sometimes. Knowing that
a glowing light in me, that save me from getting procssed

nichola615 says:

this is deep

Elise Marianne says:

I love this video, thank you so much,. Beautiful oxox

Hugo Oliveira says:

Be Love

jetwyw says:

Wonderful! Thank you! Namaste.

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