Deep Sleep Programming: Stop Procrastinating Overnight

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Yettility bambam says:

An open letter to procrastination. Dear Procrastination, this relationship
of ours is not working out at all. It is a one sided relationship that’s
not beneficial to me, my elementary biology taught me that a relationship
is best when it is symbiotic NOT PARASITIC LIKE WHAT WE HAVE RIGHT NOW!! So
let’s break up, don’t call me, don’t look at me if you see me somewhere,
don’t even think about me!! Have a gr8 life, seriously i mean that.Bye

The Brain Garage says:

We have a new sleep-related vid that can help you remember your dreams as
well as experience lucid dreaming: Lucid Dreaming Meditation – Theta Wave
Prep Session for Your Grand Lucid Dreaming Adventure

Mandy Bell says:

When you say ‘overnight’ is that another way of saying ‘stop
procrastinating tomorrow’?

Mandy Bell says:

Only kidding! It’s a great vid, thank you!

Kryston Simon says:

I will save this and listen to it tomorrow. 

Abraham Park says:

will this really help get rid of procrastination if i listen to this when i
sleep? im scared that i’ll get hypnotized and do something dangerous or
stupid. im 15 years old and am i too young? will i have to listen to this
to a particular amount of days or something before i get rid of
procrastination. i already talked to my parents and they said to try it. i
want have a bad problem of procrastinating and i think this will help but i
dont know what will happen if i try this

Eric Miller says:

can you tell me how to find out if hypnosis tracks have silent subliminals
that are negative? i have heard this is common in the hypnosis scene how
can we protect ourselves against this and are there any silent subliminals
in your tracks?

nebraskatpp says:

over and over stop procrastination playlist

55dbau says:

Could you make a video for loosing foreign accent when speaking English ?

Cherise54321 says:

The voice in this sounds so much like Charlie Sheen I am having trouble
focusing! I have this mental image of Charlie Sheen giving me
procrastination suggestions lol. I will still listen though just thought
it was funny 🙂 

Kristina Reed says:

you need a magnesium supp, and probably some niacin as well.

AscendedMasters says:

Awh i could help you with that easily, i’m 17, planning on keeping my lucid
dreams. Easy steps, throughout your day you want to make sure your
breathing deeply in and out through your nose and out your mouth, and
before you go to bed meditate yourself to sleep and use the breathing to
relax yourself you’ll see shinny bright light follow that, it may take a
couple tries(depending how clogged your pineal gland is) but i believe you
could do it! oh yeah and stay away from your t.v. (:

The Brain Garage says:

If you are under 18 years of age and under the care of an adult guardian,
parent or otherwise, please consult with them first. Period. I am the
producer of this channel and a fuddy-duddy. Probably older than your
parents. While I believe hypnosis and our videos in particular to be safe
for general consumption, if you are here asking for advice, let me repeat:
ask your parents.

The Brain Garage says:

I am so glad this helped, thanks for commenting and yes you can continue to
listen for 30 days. We have an EXCELLENT hypnosis for weight loss program,
which you can find by going in the search box on our channel. We used it to
lose 52 pounds, which we also covered in a video. You can do whatever you
want, good luck.

The Brain Garage says:

Helo, thanks for your interest and taking the time to comment. I have been
looking at apps/platforms and still have not found something that works. If
you have any suggestions, I would love to learn more. I want an app for
this channel, not sure how to go about it.

Saraforever90 says:

I want to try this hypnosis but im scared something bad will happen, like
maybe i’ll be hypnotized into doing something dangerous! Im 16 years old,
am i too young to try this? I have been needing to focus and study for the
ACT and i think this video will help! Do you think its safe if i use it?

kieren chambers says:

thank you for this video

rastahat23 says:

Strangely, it actually helped. Thanks. 🙂

PowerMindAlchemist says:

I’m also quite interested in learning how to meditate. But I’ve heard of
various ways to learn how to lucid dream, separate from that. It’s not all
that easy, though, so I was wondering if I could find some shortcuts… But
anyway, thanks for the advice on meditation! I’ve been wondering about that
as well.

Persephone9ish says:

Thank you for your support.

The Brain Garage says:

Glad you like it, Jamie, thanks for taking the time to comment, we really
appreciate it.

erin sherar says:

Have’nt found out yet If this works 4 me, I’ve had sleep probs and probably
phycological probs so If This helps out Then Great, Also found out That
melatonin promotes deep sleep

The Brain Garage says:

PMA, thanks for commenting. I am very interested in this, could you write
back and give me some more details about what you are looking for? Glad to
work up a few sessions on this, TBG.

PowerMindAlchemist says:

Oh, yeah, sorry for replying late! I don’t really know, though. Details?
I’m just interested in learning and making my mind used to lucid dreaming,
to realize when I’m dreaming at night and, to take it a step further, be
able to exert some amount of control on the dream from then on.

The Brain Garage says:

Hey Rasta, glad to hear it! It is an unusual concept to be sure, thanks for
watching and commenting.

Persephone9ish says:

For a few days last week I experienced a rebellion by “my inner beach bum”
who claims to be a human being not a human doing. During those days, I did
nothing I was “supposed” to do whether it would have potentially been for
my benefit or not. Of course, I had to fight off a guilt attack. So, I let
the beach bum have its way and then got back to the one item ‘to do list’
and accomplishing things I’ve wanted to for months – some for years. Thank
you, and you too, my beach bum. I needed downtime.

The Brain Garage says:

You are welcome!

Melissa W says:

Use the youtube app and search for this video–problem solved 😉

Beatty500 says:

I like your honesty. Your comment had “life” or “vibration”to it. Keep up
the good work.

ucjoprojects says:

Do you have an app for this?

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